Oct 112016

NEW Clamble & Krilly Update 1.8 in My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire

In the new update for My Singing Monsters 2, Dawn of Fire, the developers have updated the game with an all-new island called the “Party Island” that is now available to all players in the game. You have the ability to move various selected monsters into the island and start your very own party. Additionally, 2 new monsters have been added into the game during this time for players to breed, the Clamble (Baby Version) and the all new monster “Krillby”. You can breed both of these monsters in the game using their elements. Check them out on our pages.

On top of those two important news, the second cCastle has been activated and you can place even more monsters into the Continent island than before. A new hotel allows you to put your monsters into the building, giving you more space. You also now have the ability to receive coins from monsters in the outer islands and some cool Celestial Monsters that should be coming our way.

Come on over to Party Island!

To celebrate 1 year of My Singing Monsters: Dawn of Fire, we’re throwing a party – and you’re invited! Come on over to Party Island, an all-new Outer Island that your Monsters can teleport to, right at Level 5! That’s not all though… two new Structures have been discovered, a handy Hotel to help organize your Monster collection, and a second Castle that unlocks even more Beds on the Continent! These little miracles come just in time for you to breed two new Monsters, the ‘king of clang’ Clamble, and the never-before-seen Krillby!

In this update:

• Party Island: A whole new Outer Island for your Monsters to discover!
• A Second Castle: Place more Monsters on the Continent than ever before!
• A new Hotel Structure: Check in your Monsters to make room on the Continent!
• Receive Coins from Monsters on your Outer Islands!
• 2 new Monsters – the fan favorite Clamble and the crustaceous Krillby!
• New Celestial Monsters released monthly!
• Updated Tutorials and improved Gameplay Balancing
• Bug fixes and optimizations
Thanks for playing, and Happy Monstering!

Oct 022016

October is here and that means there’s a new monster in My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire. We’re not talking about any old monster but a constellation monster, a monster that is available every month for a limited time. This monster represents the constellation of players in the month of October, and if this is your month, then be sure to get this monster for you game! The monster we are talking about? This month’s monster is dubbed the “Torrt” monster which appears to be a turtle appearing creature and plays the drums.

The description for this monster states: Drawn from the reaches of the Earthen Constellation. The Torrt measures time for all eternity. This monster echoes the heart beat of every earth elemental keeping each firmly grounded in their worlds and their souls. Its carapace shields it from the cacophony of the cosmos, even as it amplifies its own never-ending rhythm: transmitting to its terrestrial descendants an infinitude of groove.

Check out the Song of the monster here

Oct 012016


Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile devices has now released the new Earth 2 Solomon Grundy Event for you to compete in to get the character into your game. This new character is similar to the previous Solomon Grundy but is an entirely new skin with a move for the Second attack of the character. The first and final ultimate attacks remain the same as the previous Solomon Grundy Characters and you can expect to see similar animation when you obtain this character for your game.

The challenge for Earth 2 Solomon Grundy is available from Oct 1, 2016 to Oct 13, 2016 12:00pm. If you are viewing this at a later date, you may need to obtain the character from the special packs or wait until the challenge returns for your chance to obtain this character into your game.

SPECIAL 2 Attack:

Can’t Stop Grundy: Grundy overwhelms his opponents with a quick series of mauling attacks.


Oct 012016

A new Wublin is now available in My Singing Monsters, this new monster is certainly a monster to listen to on your island and has an melody that will just keep you in your game longer. The Wublin is available for you to purchase using coins but you will need to fill it up to awaken this monster into your game.

In it’s un-waken state the description for the monster states: This wublin statue has been carefully crafted by its mysterious maker, down to the finest detail. Now all that’s missing is the spark of life! Instead of sending them to the nursery, zap the monster eggs you’ve bred on your other islands, and they’ll transform into the Electrical energy required to wake up this wublin.

Once you’ve waken the monster up into your game, it will tell you more about the Whajje Monster: For a wublin, the Whajje is almost dainty. Named for its distinctive ‘whajje-whajje’ cry, it can most often be found standing on tippy-toes so that its song rings out above the heads of other monsters. Whajjes scrupulously preen their feathers to create a sort of dish to amplify the sound of their voices. Other supernaturals are always daring it to join in their capers, but the whajje is better-behaved than most – a trait for which it cryptically credits its furry feet.

Check out this video of the Whajje to hear it’s song and see what it looks like in its fully waken state!

Sep 042016

My Singing Monsters Shadowed Glare

A new constellation monster is now available in My Singing Monsters Dawn of Fire – The “Loodvigg”. A constellation monster that can only be obtained by completing the constellation map in the game that is only available during that month for a limited time. You do this by rolling the dice and each time you gain a “step” pattern on the dice, you will take a step towards the egg at the end of the map. Once you’ve reached the end, you will be able to obtain the monster in your game.

If you’ve missed the monster, there is no other way to get this monster until the next time it returns in the following year. So be sure to get this monster before you lose the chance and have him sing in your Constellation Island in the game!

You can see more about the Loodvigg monster here!

Oct 042015

Jurassic World Game - Sea Mosasaurus Update
Jurassic World the mobile game for Apple iOS and Android users have released a brand new update and it includes some amazing new content including the highly sought after aquatic dinosaur that took down the Indominus Rex in the movie, the Mosasaurus. Included in this update is also a two new dinosaurs including a new pack as well as two brand new hybrids for your game.

The biggest and baddest sea dinosaur the Mosasaurus is now available for players to obtain through the tournament. The tournament is separated into multiple tiers and the higher you go the better the spins (this does not include increase in the Msasaurus pack).


  • top 100% – Mystery Pack
  • top 50% – Common Pack
  • Top 25% – Rare Pack
  • Top 10% – Super Rare Pack
  • Top 5% – Legendary Pack
  • Top 1% – Mosasaurus Pack



Jurassic World Game - Sea Mosasaurus Spin

The Spin

Being in the dominator tier does not mean your rates for getting the packs will increase. In fact, the rates for obtaining the Mosasaurus packs is insanely low and there are the lucky individuals that are able to land on the pack itself. Whether it is pre-determined or not and the spinner is just for animation purposes, one thing is for sure, this pack is very difficult to obtain.


Jurassic World Game - Sea Mosasaurus PACK