Leon Evans

Jun 302016

The developers of My Singing Monsters has released a brand new update packed with content including one exclusive new wublin for players in the game! Dubbed and named the “Tympa” monster, this monster is a Wublin class that can be purchased in your game then powered-up so that you can enjoy the amazing sound it creates for your island.

msm tympa wublin

In addition to a new Wublin for the Wublin island, you will also be able to access new monsters called “Dipsters” that live underground and will sing as you place them into your game. To obtain these Dipsters, you will need access to a new currency called “Keys” which can be obtained from your friends as your friends help you by providing you with keys so that you can purchase these monsters from the shop in your game.

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Jun 242016

Social Point, the maker of Dragon City has released the famous YouTubers Vanoss and H20 Delirious dragon is now avaialble for a limited time for players to purchase in the game. Unlike their previous offers of discounting dragons to 100 gems, this new offer is quite expensive compared to all the other offers available before. For a price of 250 gems, you can collect either the Vanoss Dragon or the H20 Delirious Dragon available for a limited time. Like all premium discounted dragons, you can rarely breed for these dragons but there is always a chance that may happen in the future!

dc vanoss sale

If you have not checked out these two new offers available in the game for both mobile or Facebook, then why not now? Remember the dragons are only available for a limited time and once it’s gone, it may not reappear at the same price. The price may be increased or decreased depending on the developers next installments of sale prices.

You can check out a video on this event for documentation purposes. Once the event is gone you will not be able to see it in your game!





























































































































































































Feb 142013

Dragon Skies joins the celebration of Valentine’s day with a brand new update made specifically for Valentine’s day. Although there’s not much visual changes, there does seem to be a couple of new dragons that weren’t listed in the notes.

Dragon Skies valentine icon

The notes from the developers for this new update talks about the skills you can gain for your dragon from spending stars you’ve earned when racing your dragons. It is also noted that a brand new cup has been added into your coliseum for you to tackle! The Atlantis Cup is is the cup that was added into the new update. Now try your skills at the stages in this cup.

There has also been a few dragons added into the update including the Heart Dragon, Mythic Dragon and the Neptune Dragon. There may be more but those secrets are for you to uncover in the game.

You can further check out the notes from the developers below and happy Valentine’s day! Have a good one.


What’s New in Version 1.08

* Racing Research! Spend stars earned through racing to get powerful skills for all of your dragons!
* The Atlantis Cup! Test your skill in the brand new coliseum cup!
* Bug fixes!

Feb 142013

My Singing Monsters is back with a brand new update right before the end of their Valentine’s monster. This new update brings brand new features that will simply make you adore the game even more! The new update brings a brand new feature that deals with the daily scratch and win game. This time, you’re not only getting coins, food, or gems but you’ve also got the opportunity to win monsters! Simply amazing.

my singing monsters 103 icon

The idea of scratching and winning monster is already a captivating idea but it seems that they’ve added the opportunity to win those limited edition seasonal monsters if you’ve missed any! Yes! That means if you’ve joined the game late or weren’t able to breed one of the monsters, now you can! Well not exactly but you can try and win one of them through scratching (odds are unknown).

Other features include the ability to rate other islands, the scrolling of the islands seems better, zoom seems better, and some bug fixes in the game. Other features are listed below from the developers.

My Singing Monsters Scratch for monsters updateMy Singing Monsters Better Zoom




My Singing Monsters What’s New in Version 1.1.3

• Rate each other’s islands!
• View top islands!
• Weekly prizes for top islands!
• Memory mini game!
• Scratch and win monster game, win seasonal monsters!
• Anonymous login!

Feb 132013

It looks like Smurf Life updated quite recently with Smurf Village and has brought some brand new features into your game. The developers have dubbed this update as “Smurf Life gets a little homier” in this new version of the game.

Smurf Life House icon

The reason to this is because now you get to have your own Smurf hut where get to hangout and enjoy the comfort of your own home (in the Smurf World anyway). It is truly an amazing addition to the game knowing that you have a place of your own in the game and you can decorate it till your heart contents.

You can do a number of things actually in your home like customize the walls and floor decorations from other smurfs and this includes being able to build “additional” floors and rooms depending on your design sense. Of course you’ll be able to decorate your room with tables and whatever you like.

This is the bulk of the update and there’s minor improvements to the game that is not visually apparent for players like bug fixes and changes.

Smurf Life Personal House 1Smurf Life Personal House 2

What’s New in Version 1.3.0

Smurf Life Gets a Little Homier in Version 1.3.0

– Settle in to smurfy comfort in your very own Smurf hut
– Customize your home with wall and floor decorations from Vanity and Painter Smurfs
– Upgrade your smurfy pad by trading in tokens or moondust to expand your personal space
– Turn your smurf hut into a smurftastic mansion with extra rooms and second floor additions!
– Visit Vanity Smurf daily to discover new items to dress up your amazing abode!

Feb 132013

Valentine’s day is tomorrow while for some players on the other side of the world, it has just begun. This is the last call for the Valentine’s Fish in the game and if you don’t breed for one of these fish, you’ll miss your opportunity to get the fish until next Valentine’s day.Fish with Attitude Valentine's Fish icon

How to breed Valentine’s Fish

The fish is an limited edition fish made available for Valentine’s day. So be sure to check the market if its available for breeding. If its not in the market then chances are you cannot breed for this fish in your game until next time.

If the fish is currently found in the market then you can begin breeding for this Valentine’s Fish. To breed the fish use the Flirty Fish and an Dancer Fish in the breeding tank for a chance to get this fish.

The breeding time should be 8 hours which should show 07:59:59. Look for this breeding time then wait until they’ve completed breeding to see the egg and it should take 4 hours for the egg to hatch.

Please keep in mind it does not matter which side you select to breed for the fish.