William Bang

Sep 232017

I’ve played some bad games in my years of gaming but Wrecker’s Revenge -Gumball takes the cake. Before beginning the game, I had high hopes of something fun similar to the show or previous Gumball games but this one frustrated me till the point where I just finished the video and closed it so it will never be seen again.

You play as a character from the Gumball universe and you supposedly “zip” from one point to another looking for the exit. That’s basically the entire game in a nutshell. Unfortunately, when you are playing it’s very hard to get a clear view of where all the objects are so you have to be zipping left and right until you find the exit. During your time going from left to right, you will most likely die. After that, you are forced into a brand new stage doing the exact same thing!

The game is definitely made for hardcore fans, but if you are a gamer, it’s not much of a game. Much frustration. More details on the game can be found below.. check it out.

Dr. Wrecker zapped all of Elmore into the Void! Only Gumball is crazy enough to try and save them.


Fling Gumball from one floating island to the next as you rescue the citizens of Elmore and get them to safety. But be careful! Miss one jump and you’ll be lost in the Void forever!


Dr. Wrecker’s plans are about to get wrecked! Rescue Darwin, Anais, Richard, Nicole, Banana Joe, Penny, Anton, Carrie, Masami, Bobert, and all of your favorite characters from “The Amazing World of Gumball.”


Wanna save the day? Time to get ridiculous! Swing around on a giant Gummy Hand. Rewind time with the Universal Remote. And fire up the Hairspray Rockets to get yourself back on course!


The levels in Wrecker’s Revenge are different every time you play. So you’ll never play the same game twice!

Help Gumball save Elmore in Wrecker’s Revenge!

Sep 212017

Despicable Me Minion Rush has updated their game with a brand new special mission. Episode 3 of their Minions Special Events in the game is now available for players to beat. In the new episode, there is 17 new stages for players to run through and obtain pieces of MEL CARDS to unlock the minion Mel from Despicable Me 3.

On October 13, a brand new special mission will also be available in celebration of Halloween in the game. So be sure to tune in and check out what’s new in the game! You can see the official update notes from below.

Here is the cutscene from the new update

What’s New in Version 4.9.0

The Minions’ strike was unsuccessful, so they’ve decided to leave Gru and seek villainy elsewhere. After an unexpected turn of events, the Minions end up on stage in this all-new update for Minion Rush!
– Perform your heart out in the “SHOWTIME MINIONS” Special Mission.
– Get the new CANCAN DANCER Costume and be the star of the show.
– Keep collecting MEL CARDS to unlock Mel, the all-new Minion from Despicable Me 3.
– Play the spooky Halloween-themed Special Mission “GOOD TO BE BAD” — going live on October 13.

Sep 152017

Marvel Future Fight is bringing X-Men’s Age of the Apocalypse into the game with brand new characters, world bosses, and uniforms for you to collect.

New Update

In this new update you will find the new characters Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Cable, and the all powerful villain Apocalypse in an all new Apocalypse Event where you will need to test your skills by slowly unlocking each character and tactical what’s ahead.

Get ready to Challenge Apocalypse and other new world bosses featuring the new characters. This will truly be a new challenge as you face off with one of the fiercest characters in the Marvel Universe. Each new world boss is locked and you will need to slowly unlock them in the game by completing event tasks.

Four new uniforms have also been added into the game. Not right away but they will be slowly released as the game updates. It begins with Cyclops & Beast. These four X-Men will have new uniforms inspired by Age of Apocalypse
– Cyclops
– Wolverine
– Beast
– Rogue

Sep 122017

Power Rangers Legacy Wars has updated their game with some improvements and news about a new upcoming character that will be available for your roster. The character that will be released is Udonna from Power Rangers Mystic Force. She will be available as an Epic Character in Leader or Assist form.

A new league has also been released, League IX: Zord Graveyard, will give you the ability to obtain Black Dragon as an Leader or Assist character in the game. There has also been changes to the amount of medals you require to obtain various leagues. Please see the chart below.

What’s New?

Warriors, League, and more….

New Warriors

  • Epic Leader: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15)
  • Epic Assist: Mystic Force – Udonna (Releasing: 9/15)
  • 1 Mysterious Warrior Leader & Assist

(New) League IX: Zord Graveyard

We wanted to reduce the 900 medal gap between League 5 and League 6. This is why we put League 9 at the previous medal count of the old League 8. By closing the gap between League’s, people will be able to experience more variety while playing through the game.

Increased Rewards

This new League gave us the perfect chance to add increased rewards in Morph Boxes. By adding League 9 but not changing the max number of medals to reach the top League, all players above 3000 medals will be seeing a League promotion. So if you were in league 7 before, you will now be in League 8!

Push Notifications for Challenge Windows:

If you turn on push notifications you will be messaged each time a Challenge Window is open!

Aug 312017

The Inhumans update is now live in Marvel Contest of Champions, in this new update you can find a brand new event that includes battles with Medusa, the Kingpin and a search for Lockjaw.

In this update, you will also be able to access the 3 Star to 5 Star premium crystal dubbed the “Grandmaster” crystal if you have completed Act 5, Chapter 2. You will also be able to collect 6-Stars Crystal shards from awakening your 5-Star characters.

Have You Seen This Dog?
After a long hiatus from the affairs of The Contest, the Inhuman King Blackagar Boltagon has sent his trusted envoy Kamala Khan to bring the Summoner to him for a meeting. Greeted by the Inhuman Queen, Medusa, the Summoner learns that the Inhuman Royal Dog Lockjaw has been taken for ransom. Medusa implores the Summoner to help the Inhumans locate whoever stole Lockjaw and bring them to justice, but while the answer may seem simple at first, a new breed of criminal has entered the Contest to show Black Bolt he’s not the only King in town. Who is behind this dog-napping? What secrets will the re-emergence of the Inhumans uncover? Find out in this brand new Event Quest starting August 30th!

Alliance Wars have received a huge update!
• Prepare your Alliance for war on a brand new map
• More to explore! The new map is 1.5x larger than the previous Alliance Wars Map
• Alliance War energy now replenishes every 60 minutes, instead of 90 minutes
• Traverse the map with portals!
• Earn skirmisher rewards for every opponent defeated in Alliance Wars

Glory Store
• Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments have been added to the Glory Store

The Loyalty Store has been refreshed!
• 3 Brand new Alliance War Boosts have been added to the Loyalty Store
• Class boosts in the Loyalty Store are now more powerful

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue that caused the Next Series button to disappear from Arenas after achieving the last milestone
• Fixed an issue where Nebula was not always gaining Shock Charges while Blocking
• Fixed an issue where Karnak was not able to chain into special attacks from a combo

Jul 212017

nWay, the creators of Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has launched a brand new update that includes a special exclusive chance for you to get Black Dragon, the Zord. The Black Dragon Challenge is available for 3 days and has attracted some of the toughest challengers across the battle realm to fight for its zeo shards.

The challenge itself has a few requirements that players will find difficult to battle through unless you purchased a lot of Power Crystals to develop your rooster. One of the requirements is for players to have 3x unique teams where you will be forced to battle with one at a time. That means a total of 3 unique leaders and  6 unique assists. The next requirement is for your teams to win a total of 12 battles. You can only lose 3 times until it resets. You will have to start all over again if you lose all 3 times.

Battles from stages 1 through 5 can be completed easily unless you bump into a player of higher character levels. Stages from 5-10 is where the real battle lay. You can die consistently and then have to replay the entire event again. Stages 11 and 12 are where players are put to the test against level 10s and players which might higher stats that could kill you in only a couple of hits.

This event is highly rigged. You have been warned.

Luck also will play a role in your winning.