William Bang

Jul 182017

Injustice 2 just updated their game with a brand new update making it version 1.5 on the iOS and Android devices. The new update bring a four new frosty characters that includes Captain Cold, Sub-Zero, Aquaman (Gold), and lastly Aquaman (Silver).

Sub-Zero can be obtained immediately as the challenge is available to players that want to obtain the character. You will need to clear the challenge multiple prior being able to unlock the character for your game.

The second Chapter of Injustice 2 has also been unlocked into the game and you can play the second and see what happens next in the story mode of the game.

What’s New in Version 1.5

Chapter 2 has arrived! Play as Harley Quinn and experience the next chapter in this epic DC storyline. Don’t forget to collect those story mode rewards!

Beat the summer heat with Captain Cold, Sub-Zero, and two versions Aquaman. Each new character brings a unique fighting style to any roster: Freeze enemies in their tracks as Sub-Zero, slow an opponent’s power regeneration as Captain Cold, or go for a high damage special attack with Aquaman’s signature Trident Rush.

Version 1.5 contains many new UI features to help players better navigate Injustice 2

– New class wheel in pre-fight screen that shows advantages and disadvantages based on character class
– Tap on any item to view a detailed pop up message
– Moves list located in the pause menu
– Switch button layout in order to play with one or two hands via the pause or settings menus

Campaign Mode has been reworked to feature new character and gear drops as well as changes in difficulty in chapters 4 and 5.

– Fixed combat blocking bug
– Improvements to all Supermoves
– No more losing energy if you are disconnected while entering fight
– 3 New chests: Silver, Gold, and Legendary
– New Chest unlock celebrations

Jul 162017

One of the most highly anticipated villain in Transformers has been released into the mobile game TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. Megatron, Optimus’s enemy since Cybertron is now available in a all new crystal called the Enraged Crystal which will give you a chance at getting the character for your game.

Available in 3 and 4 Stars, Megatron comes from the universe of the movie Revenge of the Fallen. As a result the design of the character is based off the movie and you can expect it to look a lot like the one seen in Revenge of the Fallen opposed to the later ones.

Description from mgame

All Hail Megatron! That pretty much sums up the Decepticon leader’s ambition… and his minions’ fear-induced feelings. Pity those that stand in the way of his eternal struggle against his sworn enemy Optimus Prime.

You can only get this character available for a limited time from the enraged crystals. It will be added into the premium as time progresses.

More on the character in this video.



Jul 062017

New Crystals have been added into Marvel Contest of Champions based on the upcoming movie Spider-Man Homecoming. In these new crystals you have a chance at gaining the popular new character Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced). The new Spider-Man is another new addition to the line of Marvel Contest of Champions rooster but make no mistake, it’s no reskin of the original Spider-Man but has brand new skill sets for you to learn.


Most kids Peter Parker’s age rush home after school to play video games or do homework, but not for New York’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Donning his new suit with high-tech web shooters and some awesome upgrades courtesy of Tony Stark, Peter protects his home city of Queens. But a new threat has risen from the ashes caused by the Battle of New York and Parker must look beyond his own desires and understand the true meaning of great responsibility.

The character can be obtained from the all new crystal which gives you a chance at getting Punisher 2099 or Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced). The crystal is called the Wall Crawler Crystal.

Jul 062017

Spider-Man Unlimited, the endless runner game from Gameloft has updated their game in celebration of Spider-Man Homecoming that will be arriving in theatres on July 7th 2017. In the new update you can be expecting to see a new boss like the Homecoming Vulture and sooner or later you can probably be expecting to see the Homecoming Spidey to be available in the game. You can also be expecting the next chapter of the Symbiote Event to be released soon  for you to complete. Perhaps the newest thing about the new update is the “Infinite” class character card rarity that has been added into the game which should be a tier above the Titan class.

What’s New in Version 3.3.0

Hey webheads! Don’t miss this exclusive chance to swing into action as the latest, greatest Spidey to join the Spider-Verse. Experience the Spider-Man: Homecoming update now, with loads of content straight from the movie.

Will the Vulture take control over the whole city? Well, that depends on you and what you can learn from Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man!

– Meet characters from the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, including a new version of The Vulture to battle.
– Enter the next chapter of the Symbiote World event and save the world!
– Discover the unfathomable power of the new “Infinite” character card rarity.
– Get even more buffs when you select a team with the same Genome and boost your event results!

And as usual, enjoy more UI and stability improvements for the best experience possible!

Jul 062017

Netmarble, the creators of Marvel Future Fight for the iOS and Android has released a brand new update in celebration of the new movie Spider-Man Homecoming. The new update features brand new uniforms and characters inspired by the new movie and is accessible to all players of the Future Fight universe. Not only have they added new characters and uniforms but also brand new stages inspired by the Spider-Man Homecoming Universe. That means with the new update you can be expecting to fight in some new stages specifically based on Spider-Man characters.


There is a total of six brand new characters from the Spider-Man Universe and they are as follow:

  • Rhino
  • Vulture – Special Daily Biometric Selector.
  • Kraven, The Hunter
  • Lizard
  • Mysterio
  • Sandman

Each character can be obtained through their special Spider-Man stage or through biometric selectors. Unlike the new X-Men characters, these characters will appear in old biometric selectors for you to obtain.


There is a total of three new uniforms in the game for the new Homecoming Update, they are listed below.

  • ANTI-VENOM: This uniform is for Venom. 30% Rate, Applies to all allies, Recovers by 15% of Max HP. 5 new skills.
  • SPIDER-MAN Homemade Suit: This uniform is for Spider-Man. Applies to self, increases Dodge Rate by +25%. 3 new skills.
  • VULTURE (HOMECOMING EDITION): This uniform is for the Vulture. Increased damage dealth to SUPER HERO type characters by 25%. 5 new skills.


New stages are found in the special mission section of the menu and is under Spidey’s Rogue Gallery. It has stages for Sandman, Lizard, Kraven, Rhino, Mysterio.


Jun 302017

A new Ranger has been added into the game and it’s none other than the exclusive Green Ranger version 2 that was only previously available to Loot Crate owners. Now you can purchase the “Dark Dragon” Morph boxes which will allow you to get a Guaranteed 1-10 Shards out of the boxes. Once you receive 10 shards you will be able to unlock this Green Ranger V2 into your game and make him a playable character.


The Dark Dragon Morph boxes is available for a limited time at a price of 720 Power Crystals. The boxes guaranteed 1-10 shards of the Green Ranger v2. We’ve tested these boxes and unfortunately you will mostly be getting 1 shard of the Green Ranger per box. That means you will most likely need to buy 10 boxes at 720 power crystals each which means a total of 7200 power crystals is required.


Attacks include Power Beatdown, Challenger Kick, Flying Assault (Blue), Nightmare Charge (Red)

Description – From across the multiverse, an older, more-seasoned Tommy Oliver joins the battle!