William Bang

Dec 102017

Marvel Contest of Champions has just updated the game with the 3rd Anniversary prizes for players to obtain in the game. As you login to purchase the exclusive Summer’s Choice crystal which is available to players to celebrate it’s third birthday. You will be able to obtain a 4-Star hero for just $1 in the game.

Summer’s Choice Crystal

This Special Crystal guarantees one of the following 4-star Heroes: Iceman, Gwenpool, Hulk, Mephisto, Hyperion, Star-Lord, Archangel, Kingpin, Quake, Ghost Rider, Medusa or Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced).

For the Anniversary Week

Greetings Summers,

Thank you for logging in during Anniversary Week to help us celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Marvel Contest of Champions! We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for our game over the past three years and we will continue to build new stories, Champions and content for years to come. As a token of our appreciation, please accept these gifts!

You have also earned one or more of these special titles based on how long you have been playing The Contest:

SHIELD Agent – For summoners who have been playing for under one year

Avenger On Call – For Summoners who have been playing for over one year.

Seasoned Summoner – For Summoners who have been playing for over 2 years.

Howling Commando – For Summoners who have been a part of the Contest since the very beginning!

The MCoC Team would like to thank you again for your continued support in The Contest, and we look forward to entertaining you for many years to come!

Dec 082017

My Singing Monsters players can brace themselves as the Festival of Yay is now available in the game. The Festival of Yay celebrates the upcoming holidays witha  series of returned Rare Monsters including the Yool and Rare Yool that is available in the cold island. The new update also adds various monsters decorations on the Cold Island for the Festival of Yay. Monsters in the game can now level up to Level 20 and monsters above level 15 have a chance to find special currencies like Keys and relics.

A new treat is now available in the bakery, it’s called the Big Salad and it gives even more food than any other food available for you to bake. New max level cap has been increased to level 75 for the player to reach new heights in the game.

What’s New in Version 2.1.3

A heartwarming Festival of Yay celebration!

The Festival of Yay has begun on Cold Island! Celebrate the season with festive decorations and cozy winter outfits for your favorite Monsters, plus the return of the jolliest Seasonal Monsters: Yool and Rare Yool! You can now give your Monsters the gift of an all-new healthy Treat from the Large Bakery, and level them up even more than ever before. When a Monster achieves the new max level 20, it will radiate a special glow. What’s more, every level your Monster achieves above 15 increases its chances of finding bonus items like special currencies, so keep leveling up!

In this update:
• Cold Island and various Monsters decorated for the Festival of Yay
• The Seasonal Monsters Yool and Rare Yool available for a limited time
• Monsters can now reach Level 20
• Monsters above Level 15 have chance to find special currencies, like Keys or Relics
• New Treat – Big Salad
• New Max Level Cap of 75 with new Monikers
• Bug Fixes and Optimizations

Enjoy celebrating the Festival of Yay, and Happy Monstering!

Dec 042017

From December 4th to December 11, a brand new Relic of Life dragon is now available for players to obtain through a series of events obtain the “Rare Artifacts” which will allow you to unlock the Reason Dragon immediately upon collecting 10. That means you need to collect 10x of the Rare Artifacts to unlock the dragon into your game.


There are multiple ways to collect Rare Artifacts for your game in Dragon City, there is a total of  5 different ways;

  1. Heroic Race, you can get a relic from competing in the heroic race and getting to
  2. Booster Card Packs, purchase a pack to get a Rare Artifact
  3. Decoration, purchase in Decor Store
  4. Theater, watch various trailers for an opportunity to get the Rare Artifact.
  5. Battles, battle in the quests to obtain a Rare Artifact.

Once you’ve collected all 10 Rare Artifacts you will need to reboot your game to get the dragon for your game. You may need to reboot multiple times before you get the dragon for your game. You may even need to reboot your device if you are unable to obtain the dragon.


Oct 242017

A new update is upon us in Marvel Future Fight, dubbed the Thor Ragnarok update, the new update is based on the new movie that is going to be available soon from Marvel; Thor: Ragnarok. In the new update you can be expecting a series of new characters and uniform that you can purchased based on the movie. One of the new characters that you can be expecting is Valkyrie, a sword-wielding character.

You can also be expecting to find a new uniform for Thor, Hulk, Loki, Hela. There is two new unconfirmed characters, one of which appears to be Hiemdall.


Oct 232017

The popular mobile fighting game, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has updated their game with brand new Zords to battle with. The new mode is similar to regular battles using Power Rangers but in it’s place are huge giant Megazords that the rangers call upon when they need power most.

This new update adds four different type of Megazords from the Power Rangers series, the four Megazords available to players are:

  • Dino Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Mega Goldar (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
  • Predazord (Power Rangers Wild Force)
  • Thunder Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)

In under to unlock these Zords, you need to collect Zord Shards that are split into various parts that forms the complete Megazord.


Oct 152017

There is a new Skull Dragon and Event available in Dragon City that allows you to claim the exclusive dragon for absolutely free, as long as you collect 10 skulls during the event. In order to collect the Skulls for the Skull Dragon Event, you must complete multiple tasks from battles to watching trailers in the game. There is a total of 5 different ways you can do this and we will list all 5 ways on how you can obtain these Skulls for your game.

  1. Watch the Trailers
  2. Complete the tournament in the battle coliseum.
  3. The chest in the Apocalypse Island
  4. Buying the Booster Card Packs
  5. The decoration section sells each skull for 50 gems.

Those are all the ways you can get the skull dragons in the game. If you want to get it for free, then you would only focus on the ones that do not require money.