Batman: Arkham Origins – Batman Beyond


The Batman Beyond Suit in Batman: Arkham Origins for mobile devices is a suit you can unlock in the game after you have met all the requirements to obtaining the suit. To obtain this suit you need to complete a specifically stage in the game and beat the boss to unlock the suit for purchase. 

This futuristic, high-tech Batsuit is brimming with advanced gadgetry.
Batman Arkham Origins – Batman Beyond
Suit: Batman Beyond
Tier: Power Tier 4
Advantages: All of Batman’s Special Attacks can be used 20% more often.
Buying Requirements:
Purchase Price: —-Batman Arkham Origins Upgrade Points
Premium Price: 460Batman Arkham Origins Waynetech Points
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Overall Suit
Rating: 3.0/5 (1 vote cast)

Batman: Arkham Origins – Batman Beyond Suit

The suit is the Batman Beyond suit which can be unlocked when you beat Deathstroke in the mission called “Termination” found in Downtown Gotham section of the game. After you have beaten that stage the suit will be unlocked for purchase.

This suit can only be purchased using WayneTech points in the game.

Design Analysis

This suit is from the future and looks different compared to every other Batman Suit in the game. There is a red bat on his chest and a specialty belt made specifically for Batman Beyond.

Special Advantages

The advantages of this Batsuit is that it increases your ability to use special attacks by 20%

Unlock Requirements

Unlocked after beating Deathstroke in the mission “Termination”, found in Downtown Gotham.

 Batman Beyond Suit Trailer

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