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Becoming a Sponsor for the Gameteep Network will put your brand in front of visitors that want to know about top App developers and games. Gameteep visitors find help, news, updates, reviews, and important information about top Apps in both worlds of Android and Apple iOS.

When you become a Gameteep Sponsor, your brand is placed into our Sponsors page being recognized for supporting app knowledge about games to players around the world. Your brand will be seen as a supporter of app advice to top players that helps build brand development and social influence to other mobile players.

Our Sponsorship acceptance begins at $500 per month and your brand/logo will be featured for up to 3 months on our “Sponsors” Page. If you would like to increase your Sponsorship please contact us directly at gameon (a)

Please note that Advertisement Sponsors are not included in the “Sponsors” page of our site.