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Chaos Rings 2 the amazingly beautiful game but it’s no walk in the park for an RPG. You can spend hours tapping on your iPad or tiny iPhone or iPad Touch so that’s why we’re here to show you what happens at each stage throughout the game. Well not everything, because that would be spoiling it for you but just enough for you to get past the portions you really need or maybe what you wanted to know at the end of the skills for those Sopia.

Welcome to the Chaos Rings 2 Faqs, Guides and Walkthrough for Chaos Rings 2, you will find all you need to know about Chaos Rings including complete walkthroughs, strategies, and guides here simply check out the link you need information on.


 Chaos Rings Guides

Chaos Rings 2 Complete Walkthrough/Guide

Walkthrough Sections:

Chaos Rings II Part 1

  • The End Begins
  • Falls of Archeron

Chaos Rings II Part 2

  • Drifting Sorrow
  • The Curfew Tolls
  • Beyond the Rift
  • The Land Desolate
  • Forest Thickets

Chaos Rings II Part 4 [Ceremony of Selection]

  • Li Hua [Ophan Li Hua]- The Land of Desolate
  • The Remains of Faith
  • Araki [Ophan Araki] – The Curfew Tolls
  • Conor [Ophan Conor] – Beyond the Rift
  • Ophan Marie – The Falls of Acheron
  • Lessica [Choices]
  • Neron
  •  The Allseeing Eye
Other Chaos Rings II Guides

Chaos Rings II Panda Gang Guide

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