Chaos Rings 2: Complete Guide Part 3


The Land Desolate

When you enter this area, follow the path until you reach the passage between space then find the magician rod and equip it to Marie. Follow the path out of the passage then head north on the next screen into another passage between space follow the path out of it north. Follow the path and you should reach the Firedrake dragon really soon and prepare yourself for the first battle that is actually challenging.

Boss Firedrake
Element: Fire
Level 10
Notes: When he gets ready to fire put all your characters on guard.

Chaos Rings 2 - Gameplay Firedrake

After a series of scenes it’s time for you to enter the portal to the next area, Destiny’s Heights, and this time you get to bring Li Hua along. I’m not going to go in-depth on this map because it is pretty straight forward. Once you make it to the lily pad section of this dungeon go right and jump up and out to the north. You will see a huge rock and a scene then follow the path.

If you get lost just keep heading north and you should run into your next boss battle with one of the four housemen, Conquest

Boss Conquest
Element: Normal
Level: 12
Notes: His element shifts between Fire, Gale, and Aqua

Chaos Rings 2 - Gameplay Conquest

Once Conquest falls you will return to Bachs and he will tell you everything you need to know about the four horsemen from the Destroyer. You will also learn about Li Hua’s relationship with Orlando including Araki so after all the talk a new horsemen is spotted, go there.

Forest Thickets

Chances are that you can probably choose level 11-20 monsters now and it is highly recommended as they will help you level your characters extremely fast. Make your way through the next area until a two way split for north or west. Go north enter cyber space the grab the mission edge south east then head out east.

Keep following the path, which shouldn’t be too difficult then you should meet one of the four horsemen named War.

Boss War
Element: Fire
Level: 15
Notes: Guard when he has his sword up for the next attack.

After the battle you will unlock Araki’s second special attack. Then head back to the ship talk to Lessica, remember that she will ask you to proceed with the Ceremony of Selection. If you do proceed one of the characters will be killed so when you are ready then do it.

When you are ready to select which friend will die you will watch a long scene then battle Bachs Guardian. There’s no point in putting effort you can’t win…

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