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Dark Avenger is a hack-n-slash dungeon crawler mobile game from Gamevil Inc. released on May 2 2013.  It currently features a single play-able character, including a character in development.

Play as a Templar in the world of the Dark Avenger where the forces of darkness has been gathering to spawn into your world. Heroes must rise to the task of sending the forces back into the depths of hell in order to bring peace to the world once again. Battle your way through a number of dungeons, modes, and equip yourself with some of the most powerful weapons and armors found in the world in Dark Avenger.

Dark Avenger Review Screen

 Gameteep Rating: 4 Stars

Dark Avenger icon

App Name: Dark Avenger
Seller: GAMEVIL, Inc.

Release Date:
May 2 2013Apple iOS
May 2 2013Android OS

Genre: Action/RPG
Gameteep Rating: 4/5

Platform: Apple iOSAndroid OS

Gamer Rating

VN:F [1.9.20_1166]
Overall Rating
Rating: 4.7/5 (6 votes cast)

Dark Avenger Gameplay

The gameplay for Dark Avenger is fairly simple. It is a dungeon crawling game which means you’ll be moving through dungeons to dungeons battling enemies. It’s similar to games like Diablo or any other dungeon crawling game.

Battle System

The battle system in Dark Avenger is essentially a hack-n-slash game. You control your characters with an invisible analog stock on the left side (similar to Square Enix’s Final Fantasy III) and have attack buttons on the right side.

Your special attacks will be unlocked as you level your characters in the game surrounding the main attack button in the game.


There are four modes in this game, however only three of them have been completed in development.

SINGLE PLAYER – Single player modes allow a players to enter a dungeon and have a quick battle.

INFINITY TOWER –  Monsters keep spawning until you die.

DEATH MATCH – You get to battle again other plays around the world in a death match.

BOSS RAID – Raid bosses

Dark Avenger Graphics

The theme of the game is similar to that of Diablo. There’s a dark gloomy feeling that the creatures are from the depths of hell. That’s why the coloring chosen for most of the characters render are darker than other games.

Graphics on the other hand are 3D as most of the monsters are fully illustrated but don’t be too excited as you will be viewing the enemies or your character from a distance and angle making any details you want to see irrelevant.

Dark Avenger Sounds

There are some good soundtracks in this game that makes it connect to the theme and design of the game.

Dark Avenger Round-up

Dark Avenger is a great title for players that love dungeon crawlers or anything with a dark theme. It plays smoothly as a hack-n-slash game and provides quick battles and stages for the average players to spend their time if they want a taste of action on the go at an internet cafe.

Like most Gamevil games, unfortunately you are required to be connected to the server where this means you’ll need to be connected to the internet. Despite only two modes in the game requires you to interact with other players, the other modes like SINGLE PLAYER and INFINITY TOWER does not but still requires you to be actively connected to an internet area to be able to launch. If you are not connected to the internet, you will be forced to close the app upon launch.

Speaking on the user-interface, the game cannot be rotated at this current version 1.0. You can only play on one side that’s made specifically for playing, if you rotate it 180 degrees, it just stays in the same position.

Despite the problems, Dark Avenger is a great dungeon crawler game with quite a hack-n-slash experience for the average mobile player. Everything is smooth, and best of all is the DEATH MATCH mode that allows you to battle against other players around the world using the character you’ve been training. This is probably the most addicting reason why Dark Avenger possess such great value for player.

Stay tuned as the developers update the game with more features.

Dark Avenger Screenshots

Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 1Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 2Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 3Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 4Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 5Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 6Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 7Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 8Dark Avenger Review Screenshot 9

Overview of Rating

Review Rating
  • Smooth action-pack experience
  • DEATH MATCH, ability to battle other players
  • The weaponry appearance changes according to the item you are using.
  •  Requires internet connection to launch.

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