Jun 302017

A new Ranger has been added into the game and it’s none other than the exclusive Green Ranger version 2 that was only previously available to Loot Crate owners. Now you can purchase the “Dark Dragon” Morph boxes which will allow you to get a Guaranteed 1-10 Shards out of the boxes. Once you receive 10 shards you will be able to unlock this Green Ranger V2 into your game and make him a playable character.


The Dark Dragon Morph boxes is available for a limited time at a price of 720 Power Crystals. The boxes guaranteed 1-10 shards of the Green Ranger v2. We’ve tested these boxes and unfortunately you will mostly be getting 1 shard of the Green Ranger per box. That means you will most likely need to buy 10 boxes at 720 power crystals each which means a total of 7200 power crystals is required.


Attacks include Power Beatdown, Challenger Kick, Flying Assault (Blue), Nightmare Charge (Red)

Description – From across the multiverse, an older, more-seasoned Tommy Oliver joins the battle!

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