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Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern) is a character found in the game DC Comics Legends for mobile devices Apple iOS and Android. It can be downloaded from your local app store and is a free-to-play game.

Jessica Cruz (Green Lantern)

 CLASS: dc-comics-energy
How to Obtain/Get Character: Premium Pack.
As the first Earth Woman to earn a Green Power Ring, Jessica Cruz fights to prove herself a worthy lantern. Aftere barely escaping a criminal gang that murdered her friends, Jessica Cruz struggled with crippling fear and guilt. This made her the target of a power ring from the anti-matter universe that fed on her fears and controlled her actions. But Jessica fought back, breaking free and earning a place in the Green Lantern Corps. Now as a rookie recruit, she fights her self-doubt while defending the Earth from cosmic threats.
 Affiliations – Green Lantern Corps.
 Powers – With her Power Ring she can build defensive shields and when under pressure, deliver a devastating construct attack.
 Shield-Powered Blast (Damage to an enemy, 2 intelligence down to target if all allies are shielded.)
 Construct of Hope
 Survivor’s Will
 A Proud Tradition (Team Leader: All Team gains 6% Shield if 2+ allies take damage from an attack, shield gain is doubled if 2+ allies are critically hit by damage)
Upgrade Fragment requirement
 1 Star – Initial Amount
 2 Star – 15
 3 Star – 25
 4 Star – 40
 5 Star – 60
 You will need to collect fragments and legendary Essences to advance your character to become Legendary. Legendary Essences can be obtained in the heroic stage as first drop (seen in heroic stage 5).
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