Dooors: Stage 22


Dooors: Stage 22 will be difficult for beginnings or first time players. This stage took us quite a while to solve and it was no easy task. First there is a secret covering on the bottom floor on Dooors: Stage 22. When revealed you will find a magnify glass allowing you to examine different parts of the walls if there are anything hidden. After you obtain it, take the orange ball and place it above the door circle in Dooors: Stage 22. You will then notice there are six other color switches, each with the color red, green, yellow, or purple. Sounds fun right? well this Dooors: Stage 22 took us quite a while but it isn’t that hard once you solved it. On the far right side there is a secret drawing that will help you solve this. Use the magnify glass to reveal this on the far right of the tiger. When you look at the drawing on Dooors: Stage 22, you will see a bunch of fruits which eventually you use to make out what the color switches needs to be. The switches needs to be set in this order from bottom left to bottom right.

Green, Yellow, Red, Orange (Orange Ball), Yellow, Purple, Red.

dooors quest 22dooors quest 22

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