Dooors: Stage 33


Dooors: Stage 33 is a tricky stage that probably has items in places it shouldn’t be! You will see a laser protected door with a rabbit on the ground and a duck above. The first thing you will notice is the drawings on top of the door which will most likely provide you the solution to solving and opening this Dooors: Stage 33 door so you can advance to the next level. Well unfortunately, this stage can be brutally hard if you aren’t focused enough into understanding what the top symbols actually mean but that’s why we are here. First what you want to do is cut the laser protected door with the knife. Just slice the bottom right wires to take out the lasers. Once you do this you would think your deal is with the rabbit and duck but it is not.

To solve this puzzle you must slide the door right, left, left, left, left, right,right. That’s right there’s nothing to do with the jumping rabbit, it’s just there to confuse you from advancing through to Dooors: Stage 34.

dooors quest 33

  5 Responses to “Dooors: Stage 33”

  1. Yes the rabbit and duck show the sequence. the fact that the rabbit hops is incidental.

  2. I did exactly what this says 6 times and it’s not opening the door.

  3. I tried it first too without touching the rabbit – nothing happend.
    but let the rabbit jump once and then start over again with the described sequence.

  4. The right, left, left, left, left, right, right coincide with the direction the rabbit and duck are facing…

  5. Its the directions the animals are facing.. It has EVERYTHING to do with the animals!

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