Doors&Rooms: Stage 3-5


For Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5  you are in the operation room where it looks like there’s someone waiting for an operation. If you want to beat this stage quickly then the main things you need to do is take the knife, open do the combination, obtain the card, then use the swipe the card and password to get out of this room. However, if you are looking to play it all the way through then follow along as we go through the objects in this stage.

Scroll over to the right side of the screen and there will be a x-ray film in the sink. Pick it up.

Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5 Film

Select the x-ray film and place it up to the lights to read the hint for this stage. You’ll also notice there’s a number of other things you can tap in this game and we’ll move on to it on our next step.

Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5 on Lights Film

Scroll down a bit from the screen and then pick up a knife off the stainless steel tray.

Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5 Knife

Once you have the knife in your inventory, take the knife and then reveal the bear under the blanket. Cut the bear in the center to reveal a toy heart where you will need to punch in some numbers to get the objects hidden inside.

Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5 Bear

Input the numbers 9075 into the heart and you’ll be able to unlock a security card to use on the door.

Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5 Bear heart code

After you have obtained the card, select it from your inventory then swipe it on the door on the right side. The power for the door will turn on and then you’ll be able to enter letters into the keypad.

The letters you need to enter are U. H. P . S then the door will unlock allowing you to beat this stage.

Doors&Rooms Stage 3-5 Keypad unlock code

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