Doors&Rooms: Stage 5-1


Welcome to Doors and Rooms stage 5-1 of the game. In this level of the game you’re going to be completing a series of things including two puzzles and finding multiple hidden objects to solve this stage.

We’ve broken the stage down into steps of collecting all the required objects then solving the puzzle.

  • Begin by scrolling over to the right and opening the drawer where you will pick up an item.
  • Now scroll over to the bottom left where there will be an item to pick up. At the same time you can place another item on the barrel to release the liquid inside.
  • Go into your inventory and select an item that looks like a valve then place it onto where it looks liquid will come out of then turn it after placing it.
  • Pick up the ballerina doll
  • Head back over to where the drawer is and find the chest. Use the key to open the chest then use the ballerina doll on the chest to reveal the key for the piano. Save it for below.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 1Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 2

  • Scroll to the top area then pick up the mace and the sword beside the knight on the top right.
  • Take the sword and use it to slice the rope holding the carpet.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 3

  • Use the sword again the ground to reveal a wooden club.
  • Now use the mace to smash the box on the lower end of the screen to reveal the metal end of an axe.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 4

Now head into your inventory and tap on the note you pick up to reveal the keys to notes on piano.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 5

What you want to do now is to use the key you got from the chest for placing the ballerina doll. Open the Piano with the key and get ready to use solve the puzzle.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 7

What you need to do is to tap the piano keys in the order following the note. Or check out the guide below.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 6

  • Once you have done this, the piano will open giving you a circle ring. Pick it up then combine the club with the axe head if you have not already then smash the barrier on the door.
  • Now you’ll need to solve another puzzle in the game. Tap on the door.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 8

  • When you tap on the door you’ll be greeted with this screen.
  • Go into your inventory and tap on the ring you got from the piano and use it on the circle to activate the arrows
  • Now what you want to do is to get the arrows from the right to the left.
The solution
  • Blue Arrow
  • White Arrow
  • Middle White Arrow
  • First Blue Arrow Again
  • Second Blue Arrow
  • Third Blue Arrow
  • Tap all the white arrows over
  • Tap all the Blue Arrows over
  • Continue to tap them over and the stage will be solved!

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 9Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 10Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 11Doors&Rooms Stage 5-1 Screenshot 12

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