Doors&Rooms: Stage 5-3


Stage 5-3 on Doors and Rooms is an extremely frustrating stage. Not at the beginning though. At the end. The beginning is quite easy and any veteran puzzle solver will find all the hidden items and piece them together.

We’re going to begin this level 5-3 in your Doors&Rooms game by highlighting all the key items you can pick up then try to walk you through it step by step if possible.

  • Open the drawer on the right and pick up the bottle
  • Uncover the blanket on the bed and pick up the item
  • Head over to the eagle and take the item off its feet.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 1Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 2Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 3

Once you have all those items.

  • Dismantle the pig to reveal the other have of the golden scissors
  • Combine the one from the pig and the one from the eagle to great the pair of scissors
  • Head on over to the bottom screen where there is a statue wrapped up in its own shirt. Use the scissors and cut it.
  • Take the heart.
  • Use the bottle on the chain on the left
  • The thing on the ceiling will come crashing down
  • pick up the golden horse
  • Dismantle the horse
  • Combine one half of the horse with the heart.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 5

  • Use the key on the door and then pick up the mask from the door
  • Combine the gem/heart with the mask and use it on the window to reveal the solution to the box beside the bed

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 6Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 7

  • Once you do this the chest will open.
  • Pick up the item then dismantle it
  • Use one half of the piece on the door with the circle and you’ll need to do a puzzle.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 8

The objective of this puzzle is to match all the colors and the door will unlock. Unfortunately there are millions of combination to completing this puzzle and you’ll be able to solve it by playing and tapping through it.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-3 Screenshot 9

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  1. The solution to this door puzzle is as follows. I found it elsewhere and saved it but don’t know where from now! Sorry.

    First, memorise the position of the three red lion pieces you see. 1:1, 3:2, 4:3 are the coordinates of the red pieces.

    Press the three red lion squares, from top to bottom. Tap the blue square at 2-4 to make it all blue with just one red. Now hit every square from top to bottom and moving left to right. Every tile will be red, except one blue eagle remains.

    At this stage do the pattern from the beginning again of the three tiles: 1-1, 3-2 and 4-3. Six red lion tiles will stay on screen. Their red tile positions are 12, 13, 31, 33, 41 and 42. Press these positions, moving from top to bottom and left to right. Essentially press them in the order I just listed above. Every tile will transform into a blue eagle. Press every tile again to unlock the door and exit the room.

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