Doors&Rooms: Stage 5-4


Stage 5-4 in Doors and Rooms like the other stages have gotten frustrating especially with the last stage where it’s nearly impossible to find a all-in-one solution for players.

If you’ve made it past stage 5-3 then don’t stop now because we can get you to the end of the stage fair easily but there is another one of those puzzles that you’ll need to solve with some help from the community below. So be sure to comment if you know an easy solution for the last puzzle on this stage.

Let’s begin the stage by collecting the essential items in the game.

  • First, scroll to the right and pick off one of the fish on the wall.
  • Tap on the carpet to reveal an item under it, pick it up.
  • Now head on over to the top left to see the bear, go into your inventory and select the fish and put it on the bear’s mouth.
  • You should be able to open the drawer under the bear, pick up the item.
  • Scroll to the bottom left and pick up one of the items there.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-4 Screenshot 1Doors&Rooms Stage 5-4 Screenshot 2Doors&Rooms Stage 5-4 Screenshot 3

Once you have those items, scroll down to where the harp is. Tap on it and get ready to play it.

  • If you’re wondering where the solution for the harp comes from check the clock at the top right.
  • Pick up the key that opens from it then use it on the drawer.
  • Pick up the notes and the chess piece.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-4 Screenshot 4

Now that you’ve gotten most of the items. Be sure to dismantle anything we’ve haven’t told you to like the tea set or anything else.

Head on over to the chess table and align that with the map or scroll you picked up from the drawer. This is the solution to the combination on the chest above the drawer.


Due to time constraints we have already constructed the solution in the diagram for you.

Due to popular discussion:
The answer to the below comes from the five chess pieces. You need to examine the coordinates written on them and the scroll (based on movement range of the pieces).

Queen (D4)
King (B4)
Dishop (G2)
Knight (F4)
Rook (A8)

What you need to do is check the chessboard that is in the center of the room for the clues and find the Safe Zones. Once you do this you need to enter them into the box. For easy solution we have created the diagram below.

  • A – Leave it
  • B – 5
  • C – 7
  • D – Leave it
  • E – 1
  • F – Leave it
  • G – 3
  • H – 2
Pick up the knife from the open chest then dismantle it.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-4 Screenshot 5

Now take the knife and insert it into the hole on the left on the door. The objective of this puzzle is to get everything the same in 9 moves. So it’s one of those puzzles that can take a bit of time. Once you solve it, you’ll be able to move onto the next stage.

Doors&Rooms Stage 5-4 Screenshot 6

  13 Responses to “Doors&Rooms: Stage 5-4”

  1. “Due to time constraints we have already constructed the solution in the diagram for you” is code for “we have no clue how to actually solve this puzzle. Fail.

    • The only thing you need is the solution. Nevertheless I’d like to know the answer too so if you can explain it in detail? Thanks.

    • My apologies. We’re not the developers. We provide solutions and help others where we can.

      The hint is from the notes you’ve picked up from the cabinet. Along with the chess pieces, and the chess board.

      We do encourage community contributions and if you would like to explain to reader each solution, know in confidence that they will appreciate it.

    • You know your comment is just as useless?

    • If you are not going to fill in the problem don’t add a useless comment like geesh

    • The chess code is solved by placing the black pieces on the board and then working out safe squares for a theoretical white to go. Ie in column A there are none so leave blank ( the black rook at A8 threatens all A and row 8. Though square B5, c7,e1,g3 and h2 are safe, hence those numbers on the code in those columns.

  2. Lets be honest. No one needs to apologize to anyone. No one needs to explain how anyone got the solution either. It’s your job to play the game so if you can’t beat it then pay the developers. So you fail.

    • what r u talking about idiot? People just want the explanation to how to get the code.
      I, for instance, dont care wtf the answer is, I want to know how to get to the answer

      • Lol idiot? Well if I’m an idiot then please please explain it oh bright one (pss don’t make a fool out of yourself).

      • Oh my goodness, you mean you want logic instead of solutions? That’s madness!
        Since no one can give any logic to this puzzle, I have a hard time believing anyone here actually solved it instead of looking up the answers, which is a shame cause I’d like to actually solve the puzzles instead of looking up every answer, because really, what’s the point of actually playing it if not to try to figure it out. Even with the solutions I cannot figure out the logic behind it. It’s incredibly frustrating to not find any help only solutions.

        • I figured out the chess code on my own no hints or walkthrough, so there 😛 It took my drawing my own chessboard on paper & marking out the unsafe zones. But I did it. It says safezone on the box so thats a clue by itself. It has logic if you know chess. Did you still want an explanation of how to work it out for yourself or are you past the curiosity? Now I just need someone to give me a tap by tap solution for the door. lol That damn door puzzle just deflated all my pride from figuring out the chess puzzle. Some genius I turned out to be. 🙁 Has anyone taken the time to write down their taps for the door yet?

      • here here. me too

  3. It’s easier if you write it out. Make an 8×8 Grid like the chess board and mark an x where the swords on the chess board in the middle of the room were. Now observe each chess piece and mark down where they would correspond on your grid. For example: the queen has D4 written on it so put a Q on d4 on your grid. Now mark an x where any of these pieces could move. If you don’t know how chess pieces move, observe the scroll you found. For example: the rook has A8 written on it, so write an R on A8 and mark an x on the squares in its range of motion, which would be eac square in row 8 and each square in column A. Once you mark down where each piece is, an x in the squares that correspond to their range of motion and include an x where the crossed swords on the chess board in the middle of the room you are left with 5 blank spots. These are your safe zones.

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