Doors&Rooms: Stage 6-10


Welcome to Stage 6-10 of Doors and Rooms guide. In this guide, we”ll be giving you the answer and solution to beating this stage so you won’t get stuck at on this level. When you begin the stage you’ll notice that this stage is similar to that of a spaceship, in fact, it is a spaceship. You’re actually in outer space which means after opening the door you’re going to wonder where you’re going to go next.

Begin the stage by picking up the hammer and the gun at the bottom of the screen.

On the right panel tap on it and bring the brightness down to see the numbers “3852“. This is the password to the capsule. Tap on the capsule to the left of the panel and punch in the numbers. It will open and pick up the item.

Doors and Rooms Stage 6-10 Screenshot 1

Select the Gun and the Hammer in your inventory and combine them so the hammer will smash the gun open. Dismantle and take the red crystal.

Head over to the left side and place the red crystal into the light. Go to the right side and place the item you got from the capsule onto it.

Doors and Rooms Stage 6-10 Screenshot 2

Basically what you need to do is find out what numbers do each color represent. This will be used for the panel on the door with the colors.

Doors and Rooms Stage 6-10 Screenshot 3

The colors on the panel are Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Pink, Teal, Green. Find out what numbers represent each color then tap it into the panel.

The answer is “4371562”

Doors and Rooms Stage 6-10 Screenshot 4

That’ll open the door to the spaceship and you’ve just beaten stage 6-10 of Doors and Rooms.


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  1. For those wondering how the final code was surmised look at the color picture looking like a triangle. You get the number 3(yellow), 6(teal), and 5(purple). Turning this into a tripiece math puzzle ylw=red+grn, prpl=red+blue, and teal=blue+grn. When you solve it out you get 3 more numbers 1, 2, and 4; from there im sure you can figure out white =7.

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