Dec 042017

From December 4th to December 11, a brand new Relic of Life dragon is now available for players to obtain through a series of events obtain the “Rare Artifacts” which will allow you to unlock the Reason Dragon immediately upon collecting 10. That means you need to collect 10x of the Rare Artifacts to unlock the dragon into your game.


There are multiple ways to collect Rare Artifacts for your game in Dragon City, there is a total of  5 different ways;

  1. Heroic Race, you can get a relic from competing in the heroic race and getting to
  2. Booster Card Packs, purchase a pack to get a Rare Artifact
  3. Decoration, purchase in Decor Store
  4. Theater, watch various trailers for an opportunity to get the Rare Artifact.
  5. Battles, battle in the quests to obtain a Rare Artifact.

Once you’ve collected all 10 Rare Artifacts you will need to reboot your game to get the dragon for your game. You may need to reboot multiple times before you get the dragon for your game. You may even need to reboot your device if you are unable to obtain the dragon.


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