Dec 162016


Dragon City has released a new Tower Dubbed the “Glacial Tower” for players to play through. Available for 24 days this tower event will be available through Christmas and possibility even the New Year.

The tower comes with multiple dragons (new and old) that players can claim through a new process where you collect a new premium currency for use. You’ll that premium currency to roll a dice and then move your dragons left and right up the Tower. Along the way is dragons scattered across the far ends of the tower where you collect pieces like previous event to gain the dragon for your game.

Some of the new dragons you can obtain in the game include the Icewind dragon, Dark cave dragon, Mawahaha dragon, and more. Be sure not to miss the dragons in this event for your game!

Note: you cannot breed any of these dragons.


  One Response to “Dragon City releases new Glacial Tower”

  1. I am appalled that parents and the gaming community allow this game. This new tower climb is straight out gambling; and unfair gambling at that. Nowhere does it tell you that as you climb closer to winning the dragon at the top, each roll will cost you more and more “money”. My son wanted to get to the top so he calculated how much money he’d need to get so many rolls. The calculation was based on the cost the game had been charging him, 150). Then as he moved up higher and closer to the prized dragon, each roll increased in price. So now the game that originally charged 150 to roll is now charging him 450. He is 12. It’s immoral people with only greed in mind and no self regulation that prompt government intervention. Now I’m all for the government stepping in to correct this. This is outrageous.

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