Jun 242016

Social Point, the maker of Dragon City has released the famous YouTubers Vanoss and H20 Delirious dragon is now avaialble for a limited time for players to purchase in the game. Unlike their previous offers of discounting dragons to 100 gems, this new offer is quite expensive compared to all the other offers available before. For a price of 250 gems, you can collect either the Vanoss Dragon or the H20 Delirious Dragon available for a limited time. Like all premium discounted dragons, you can rarely breed for these dragons but there is always a chance that may happen in the future!

dc vanoss sale

If you have not checked out these two new offers available in the game for both mobile or Facebook, then why not now? Remember the dragons are only available for a limited time and once it’s gone, it may not reappear at the same price. The price may be increased or decreased depending on the developers next installments of sale prices.

You can check out a video on this event for documentation purposes. Once the event is gone you will not be able to see it in your game!





























































































































































































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