Aug 272013

Dragon City just released a brand new Castle Island event! In this new Castle Island you will again be greeted with two brand new exclusive dragon that is only available through completing the event in the game before it expires. The new dragon are known as the White Knight Dragon and the Black Knight Dragon. You can only obtain these dragon through this special Castle Island event, there is no way to breed these dragons in your game.

Castle Island Event

Dragon City Mobile Castle Island

The Castle Island event began on August 27 2013 and is an event that lasted for 30 days. During this time you will see castle-like island in the middle of the game and you can go into it to view the dragons and what’s available during this event.

White Knight Dragon & Black Knight Dragon

Dragon City White Knight Dragon Black Knight Dragon

Available during the Castle Island is the ability to get the exclusive White Knight Dragon and the Black Knight Dragon. You must complete all the quests to obtain the Black Knight Dragon while to get the White Knight Dragon you need to collect at least 200 points for the quest. The Black Knight Dragon requires 250 points.

Castle Island Quests

Dragon City Castle Island Quests

Like all island events there are a total of 6 quests for you to complete to get the two unique dragons during this event.

  • BATTLE (10): You need to battle dragons and win to get points here
  • FLAGS (90): You need to collect gold
  • CROWNS (90): You need to collect food
  • MEDALIONS (26): You need to battle in the combat world
  • HELMETS (15): You need to breed dragons
  • HIDDEN OBJECTS (20): You need to tap the collect button in the quest menu.

  32 Responses to “Dragon City: White Knight Dragon & Black Knight Dragon! Castle Island!”

  1. I was lucky to get gems in Daily Bonus so after a couple of tries I got both of the dragons.

  2. What dragon do I use to beat the white knight dragon?

  3. Okaaayyyy it depends on what lvl u r

  4. Terra is good

  5. i beat the black knoght dragon with my pure dragon lvl 30

  6. do you know any trick to collect crowns easily?

  7. Hey i’ve got 200 points how do i get the white knight dragon???plzz help

  8. I completed everything for white dragon (200/200) but how do I actually get him so I can use him?

  9. But is this available for Android??? I don’t see any quest on my app.

  10. Why do we see these games with people we play against but we can’t play because we’re not ios?

  11. Does anyone know how to get helmets? Does it matter which dragons i breed?

    • I think it does matter what you breed because I can’t get helmets either. when this was on Facebook I could only get 1 helmet.

  12. My game is messed up I can’t get white knight dragon have 200 points can’t get daily bonus either an wont let me rite a report help ASAP

  13. I need lots of fb friends on dragonCity. To unlock islands. Help me. My fb is ‘Nuu Onee Ali’. Please add and accept requests. As I’d do the same back for you.

  14. I just finished the castle island quest, and received the black knight dragon egg. However, I get the message “You cannot have any more buildings of this kind” and it won’t let me put it in the hatcher. What the…??!??! I have room in both my dark and flame habitats. Why can’t I hatch the dragon? Does my level (29) somehow come into play?

    • I’ve had that problem. log out for a while and log back in and try again. if you’re on your phone clear the cashe for the game.

    • Hi Guys,

      Why I can only get 1 helmet? I already breed many times but I still can’t get helmets i already get the white knight but I think I’ll never get the black knight without the helmets. So if u know what is happening in my game pls reply ok 🙂 Thx Guys

  15. How much food and gold I need collect

  16. What ever i breed dosent count. Any ideas?

    • I am the same – I have bred level 20 Dragons and high point Dragons etc etc and still not one point – I have almost finished everything else no problem – can someone help us or is this a sneaky way to make us buy Gems? – if so this is stealing and cheating!!! HELP,

  17. How do I breed ? To complete the quest

  18. Hey?why i can’t get helmet??!!so difficult to get helmet

  19. Helmets- how do you get helmets??

  20. Hi there I am doing the castle quest but can’t get the breeding do u have to breed then put in ya city

  21. Pls friend me on Facebook I need help to get metal habitat. FB is wis higiu. Also, my game crashes ever time I try to fight in the leagues. HELP!

  22. Why cant i get the helmets iv bread over 10 dragons and i got 1 helmet somone help me out please!!!

  23. I used my spicy dragon level 15 to beat black knight dragon

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