Jun 122014

Dragon City is celebrating the World Cup with a World Cup Island that is available for a limited time with two brand new dragons and a field habitat to obtain for your game.

The First Quest in the World Cup Island is The Training Field which is an exclusive habitat made available to players to get during this event. You must complete the requirements for this quest to get the habitat and then move on to obtaining the dragon.

Dragon City World Cup Island Habitat

 How to Get O Rei Dragon

The first dragon that you will see that is available on the World Cup Challenge is the O Rei Dragon which is the second quest, called The Old Glory. You will need to complete all of the requirements for the quest before it expires to get the O Rei Dragon for your game.

Dragon City O Rei Dragon

How to get Ney Dragon

Dragon City Ney Dragon

The last dragon available for the World Cup Island in Dragon City is the Ney Dragon which is considered the better dragon of the two for it’s difficulty and rarity to obtain. To get this dragon you must complete all of the requirements for this quest and the previous quest – or you can buy it with gems which will only unlock this dragon for your game.

How long is the event?

World Cup event in Dragon city was made available today on June 12, 2014 and will stand for roughly 7 days and counting. Once this timer is up the island will disappear and it is unknown when the island, event, and the dragons will reappear.

It may or may not reappear in the future so it’s best to get the dragons while you still can!

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