Dragon City: Cateye Flower


The Cateye Flower in Dragon City is found under the “Decor” section of the game. It is more specifically known as a Decoration. Decorations in Dragon City are merely cosmetic items that allows you to decorate your city and make it look the way you want. Basically customizing your islands to create a city.

“Make walking around your Island more fun with some decorative tiles.” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Cateye Flower

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Buying Price: 1000Dragon City Gold
Selling Price: 500Dragon City Gold

XP: 10xp

Decorations and Myths

There are multiple myths and rumors in the game about Decorations in the game but none of which are true. Different players will find they have a certain attachment or attraction to certain decorations thinking they will increase the chance to breed certain dragons or improve your dragon city on a technical level but it does not.

  • Decorations will not affect your breeding rate
  • Decorations will not have any effects on your item other than graphical appearances.

If you ever have any doubt about the decorations having any affect on your city then simply read the decoration to understand if the developers have added any special bonuses. If there are not special bonuses mentioned then please treat the item as a cosmetic item only.

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