Dragon City: Flame Crystal


The Flame Crystal is a building in Dragon City that allows your dragons to earn revenue faster. You are limited to four crystals per game and each crystal has a certain radius which covers a certain amount of area. If your habitat is within that radius your dragons will gain 20% faster income rate. You can stack all crystals together for a total of 80% increase but if they are not within the radius your habitat will not get the booster effect.

“The Flame Crystal will give +20% more income for each dragon on the Flame element.” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Flame Crystal

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Buying Price: 250,000Dragon City Gold
Selling Price: 125,000Dragon City Gold

 How to use

Just build and place near a Flame habitat for the item to take effect. Please keep in mind that if you do not see it’s effect then that means your habitat is not within the radius and you need to place it closer. The more you stack the better and this does not improve breeding rates. It also does not improve your attacks.

  4 Responses to “Dragon City: Flame Crystal”

  1. my flame crystal is done building but there is a red barrel icon above it and it is right next to the flame habitat but it has no effect on it

    • Same here, it says its done building, I’ve collected the experience points, but there’s a red barrel icon above it, and it can’t be moved into my storage or moved around on my island. The same thing is happening to my earth crystal only instead of a barrel icon, its a food icon. If ya figure this out, let me know.

  2. Same problem here, I completed it, when I log in it says XP on top of the crystal and click on it but then turns into a red barrel and no experience and nothing happens when you click on it.

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