Dragon City: Legend Habitat


The Legend Habitat is a habitat that allows dragons with the Legend element to be placed into. It is like a home for this element and only dragons with this element will be able to be placed into the habitat.

Each habitat has their own cost, build time, and most importantly, the max gold it will hold in your game. By having one of these habitats you will be able to hatch your Legend type dragon eggs and have them start earning revenue for your game. You may upgrade your habitat once you’ve reached the required level for unlocking the bigger Legend Habitat.

“This is where the legends live and grow. IT’s a magical place with an incredibly light atmosphere that will certainly tempt some legendary dragons!” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Legend Habitat

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Habitat: Legend
Max Gold: 750,000
Max Dragons: 1
Buying Price: 750,000Dragon City Gold
Selling Price: 75,000Dragon City Gold

Build Time: 2 Hours

Dragon City: Legend Habitat Key Features

  • Holds Legend Dragons

How to place dragons into Legend Habitat

Placing Dragons into the habitat is easy. Simply select the egg and hatch the dragon, if the dragon is of the Legend element then just tap on the habitat.

Each habitat also has a max number of dragons they can hold. So if you already reached the maximum you must remove a dragon before you can place new dragons into the habitat.

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  23 Responses to “Dragon City: Legend Habitat”

  1. i know but when i bought the legendary habitat at lv. 18 they told me that i must wait till i reach lv. 24 to buy another one

  2. i am level 21 and i havent bought any legend habitat.it says that i must be level 24 to buy one…

  3. how to buy legend habitat at level 21?

  4. i am level 20 in dragon city but i want to buy legend habitat but they told me level 24 to unlock

  5. I am at lvl 18, I want a legend habitat too, lot of my friends have them at lvl 21 or 33 but for me it says that I must be lvl 38 to get the legend habitat, I can’t wait that long :/

  6. I have two of legend habitat, and I am only in level 28 .. and wth 40 MILLION GOLD !? omg, I will never be able to have three of them -.-‘

  7. History shows that people have purchased the legendary habitat at level 18, it is even a mission goal at level 18. After doing so, these players have raised their legendary dragon to level 15 and are now using them in the combat league. Since the level and monetary amount has been changed NO ONE has been able to purchase a legendary habitat or defeat ANYONE with a legendary dragon.

    I have a friend at level 50 and she does not even have a legendary dragon because of the ridiculous changes to the game. I have purchased every crystal available and still cannot create enough income to purchase the light, war, big light, pure, big war, and the legendary habitats. I checked into the legendary habitat before it was changed and the purchase price was 750K, please change it back and the level too. Whoever made changes to the game made it so current players cannot enjoy the game the same as those who have been playing; essentially making it unfair.

    • yes your right, its more unfair for those who play dc this days than who had played early , i am level 34 but i havent a legendary nor a pure habitat im always online colecting gold because the habitats are so expensive now i have 8 m im hunting 22 m for pure habitat.luckyly i have pure dragon that cause 15 m which i spend it for three days in nonstop collecting gold. huuuuuuuuuuh grrrrrrrrrh. im online in every 3 hours colecting 840 thousands gold only. GM hope youll change the purchace price.

  8. I am level 30 i have not got legendary habitate what must i do to get legendary habitate please some one help me to get legendary habitate ,so kind of you if you help me

  9. I think its stupid that you would change the price and lvl im pretty far into combat im lvl 22 im getting beat because people have legendary dragons people still have them at low lvl u should change it back so everyone has a legendary dragon

  10. Some say that by breeding gummy and soccer dragon you get legendary dragon….

  11. I am very disappointed you changed the purchase price of the Legendary Habitat to the unmanageable price of 40 million gold. You have removed all anticipation of acquiring Legendary Dragons.

  12. It took me a week to save up to 16million to get light habitat. I am trying hard to be able to get archangel dragon to put into it. I breeded archangel twice and didn’t have the habitat to put it in so I sold it twice thinking I can get it again and. It’s taking so long. I am also looking into the legendary dragon and habitat. I want to get the habitat first so when and if I do I have it I don’t have to wait two weeks in order to save enough money for it. But I can’t get it till I’m level 38!!! I hate it when I battle my friends and they have a legendary dragon and with lower levels and yet I still have to wait for mine knowing that they can have it and keep killing my level 15-16 dragons because they have legendary dragons and I don’t. Yet their level 32 or less. It’s unfair for new gamers. If the creators are going to do changes at least make it fair for everyone.

  13. Its just as bad for those who had it early as I have 2 of them and I can breed legendaries but I cant place them.Also when the the game started (on facebook) it took about 5x longer to lvl. So level 18 was extremely high

    • This is stupid i see people with legndaries that are lvl 22 it won’t let me get it and I’m lvl 37

  14. I think all the fuss over the legendary dragon is crazy because any dragon that can attack with CRYOGENIC FREEZE can easily defeat legendary dragon. I will get legendary and pure dragons but won’t use them in battle because if you know the right attacks to use against them you can defeat any player no matter what level you are. I am lvl 39 and I defeat player level 99 all the time.

  15. Pure dragons are easily defeated with cryogenic freeze attack. I use soccer, cool fire, because they both have cryogenic freeze attack,my third dragon in battle is the Leviathan with the astro attack or something of that nature. But any way I do well I both stadium and vs mode with three dragons right now all 3 of these dragon I have at level 17 and climbing.

  16. Right now I’m on level 37 and I bought many light habitats to get to this level and the light habitats now are 385 k and you can breed 2 pure dragons to get a legendary one

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