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The Legendary Dragon is a special dragon in Dragon City Mobile. It requires a set of very unique dragons to create this dragon for your dragon city. This also means you need to use the breeding mountain to get this dragon or buy the dragon from the store and lots of luck.

“This Dragon is so legendary that no words can do it justice. Be aware though: your life will never be the same again after encountering th is creature made of legends.” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Legend Element

Dragon City Legendary Dragon icon

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Rarity: Super Rare
Unlock Level: Level 18

Breed Time: 48 Hours
Hatching Time
: 48 Hours
Buying Price: 2,500Dragon City Gems
Selling Price: 100Dragon City Gold
Habitat: Legend

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Dragon City: Legendary Dragon  Key Features

  • Legend dragon
  • Legend element

Dragon City: Legendary Dragon breeding guide

The Legendary Dragon is a special dragon with a very special element called the Legend Element.  That mean the dragon is super rare to breed for and there is a random chance to getting this dragon with the right combination.

To get this dragon you need to breed together any two of the dragons below  for a chance to get this dragon into your game. The breed time should be 48 hours and that is the same for the hatching time.

  • Gummy Dragon
  • Cool Fire Dragon
  • Armadillo Dragon
  • Poo Dragon
  • Soccer Dragon
  • Petroleum Dragon
  • Any Pure Type Dragon with another Pure Type Dragon

Please keep in mind that the it does not matter which side you select your dragon for breeding. The level of your dragon also does not matter. None of these affect the breeding process and its ultimately up to luck given you have the correct combination. You can get any other dragon that are made up of these elements.

Dragon City: Legendary Dragon Evolution Guide

The Legendary Dragon will evolve once you have fed him to a certain level in the game. It starts off with an dragon egg where after you have hatched him he will become a baby dragon in the game.

It evolves at level 4 again after you have fed him enough food where he will gain a more powerful form to battle enemies in your game.

This means the stages are separated into

  • Dragon Egg: This stage is when the dragon is still being hatched
  • Baby Dragon: This stage is from level 1-4 when the dragon is still in his baby form.
  • Teen Dragon: The dragon evolves into this stage when he reaches level 4 to become even more powerful.
  • Adult Dragon: The dragon evolves into its adult form at level 7.

Dragon City: Legendary Dragon Revenue [Per Hour]

Level Revenue
Level 1 32 Level 6  182
Level 2  62 Level 7 [E]  212
Level 3  92 Level 8  242
Level 4 [E]  122 Level 9  272
Level 5  152 Level 10  302Dragon City Gold

*[E] = Evolution

Dragon City: Legendary Dragon Food Chart

Feeding your dragons will allow your dragons to evolve into more powerful forms in the game.

Level Food Cost. Level Food Cost
Level 1  5 Level 6  160
Level 2  10 Level 7  320
Level 3  20 Level 8  640
Level 4  40 Level 9  1280
Level 5  80 Level 10  2560

Dragon City: Legendary Dragon Evolution, Forms, Pictures, Eggs Chart

Egg Baby
 Dragon City  Legendary Dragon Egg  Dragon City Legendary Dragon icon
Teen Adult

  25 Responses to “Dragon City: Legendary Dragon”

  1. i really want it so i don’t know if you can but pls could u send me a gummy dragon and 5.9k gems pls thanks

  2. I did compact to win legendary dragon and won level 1 dragon, where is it I don’t see anywhere in my game?

  3. I’ve seen some people have legendary dragons at level 18, but you can’t make the habitat until 24. How did they do that? Is there anyway for me to do that?

  4. Im breeding a gummy with poo dragon which will take 48 hours to hatch. Ive read it could be a legendary, mirror or crystal dragon. Is this true or could i just get a rare hybrid dragon like soccer or cool fire ect…? & ive breed everything to get a pirate dragon except rattle snake & lantern fish but cant even get a rattle snake dragon. Have you got any ideas? Ive lost count ov how many combinations ive tried & how many times #veryfrustrated

  5. Well now u get da habitat at lvl 36 and u can get the dragon by breeding coolfire and coolfire,soccer and soccer, coolfire and soccer, ect

  6. I could really use some gems , food , & gold!!! I play everyday! I’m level 30 now! I’ve tried so hard to get a soccer dragon… No luck!!! I’d live the Queen dragon! Any help would be appreciated! Ty

    • Snowflake + Flaming Rock

      The outcomes are:

      Terra Dragon
      Flaming Rock Dragon
      Volcano Dragon
      Cool Fire Dragon
      Soccer Dragon

      For me,
      That is the most efficient way to get a Soccer or Cool Fire.

      Flaming Rock, Volcano and Terra only take 30 secs to breed and hatch, so hardly any waiting involved.

      As for Cool Fire and Soccer, just keep trying with that combination and you will eventually get Soccer or Cool fire. I got it on my first try.

      To get Snowflake:

      Ice + Terra

      Flaming Rock:

      Flame + Terra

      • I also got a soccer dragon on my first time buy breeding

        elements dragon and

        terra dragon

        to get elements dragon log in to facebook and it only takes I think ten or twenty seconds to hatch

        • when you breed a dragon with a element with a dragon that also has the element it gets rid of that element unless their the same dragon because then you’d get a nothing dragon

    • Element dragon (to get log on to facebook) + terra dragon

  7. Im level 53 with every dragon except legendary, wind etc etc. Ive tried everything to breed them. Mostly pure fire and pure ice both level 15 but I only ever get another pure dragon. Ive tried soccer and cool fire…nothing. getting really frustrated with it now.

  8. this page is highly outdated: the breed and hatch time for legends was increased to 54 hours, and legends are now bred using pures(previously pure was gotten by breeding legends, while this is still possible since pure is no longer a wildcard and legend still is, the main way to get pures is by buying a pure dragon for 15 Million gold(pure, war and archangel dragons cost 50% of the price of their element’s habitat, compared to 100% for elementals of “normal” elements, legends are not affected by this because legend dragon wasn’t changed to an elemental as legend is still a wildcard and not a “proper” element)

  9. tell me how to breed a unity dragon it can be at the sanctuary but ive tried breeding penguin and sea dragon can it be?? or does it works?? some one tell me how

  10. Gemas

  11. Heya if n e body is still here please I could really do with some help with gems please. Would really help if there is help out there. Lol. Thanks.

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