Dragon City: Pure Terra Habitat


The Pure Terra Habitat is a habitat that allows dragons with the Pure Terra element to be placed into. It is like a home for this element and only dragons with this element will be able to be placed into the habitat.

Each habitat has their own cost, build time, and most importantly, the max gold it will hold in your game. By having one of these habitats you will be able to hatch your Pure Terra type dragon eggs and have them start earning revenue for your game. You may upgrade your habitat once you’ve reached the required level for unlocking the bigger Pure Terra Habitat.

The most amazing and rare dragons live in pure habitats.
Find out how to breed them. Only a few combinations will make it!” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Pure Terra Habitat

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Habitat: Pure Terra
Max Gold: 50,000
Max Dragons: 1
Buying Price:  1,500,000Dragon City Gold
Selling Price: 750,000Dragon City Gold

Build Time: 2 Hours


Dragon City: Pure Terra Habitat Key Features

  • Holds Pure Terra Dragons

How to place dragons into Pure Terra Habitat

Placing Dragons into the habitat is easy. Simply select the egg and hatch the dragon, if the dragon is of the Pure Terra element then just tap on the habitat.

Each habitat also has a max number of dragons they can hold. So if you already reached the maximum you must remove a dragon before you can place new dragons into the habitat.

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  1. Why I can’t put my terra dragon into pure terra habitat?

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