Dragon City: Recruitment Tavern


The Recruitment Tavern is a building in Dragon City where you need to invite your friends and hire them to open. It is a building that will help you gain some extra goods in the game.

“Recruit your friends to get some extra goods. ” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Recruitment Tavern

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Buying Price: 1000Dragon City Gold
Selling Price: 500Dragon City Gold


  3 Responses to “Dragon City: Recruitment Tavern”

  1. my friends removed their dragon city game from their facebook games apps, I sent to them the requests to get my Medieval, they accepted it and I got, will my dragon dissappear or something because they were playing it but they removed it. reply please.

  2. For some reason I can’t recruit because the friends I have on the list for the tavern do not play DC and the friends who do play are not listed, could some one please explain how I can fix this, as I am missing out on dragons etc.

  3. What’s the best dragon to get out the recruitment tavern for combat? I want to say its between blue dragon and glacial dragon but just don’t know

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