Dragon City: Terra Crystal


The Terra Crystal is a building in Dragon City that allows your dragons to earn revenue faster. You are limited to four crystals per game and each crystal has a certain radius which covers a certain amount of area. If your habitat is within that radius your dragons will gain 20% faster income rate. You can stack all crystals together for a total of 80% increase but if they are not within the radius your habitat will not get the booster effect.

“The Terra Crystal will give +20% more income for each dragon on the Terra element.” – Dragon City Description

Dragon City Terra Crystal

Release Date:
January 10th 2013

Buying Price: 250,000Dragon City Gold
Selling Price: 125,000Dragon City Gold


  8 Responses to “Dragon City: Terra Crystal”

  1. was wondering if this also works for the hybrid Terra dragons like the mud or volcano dragon?

  2. how long do the crystals last? I bought a flame one and it seemed to be gone the next day

  3. HOw to sell crystal ??

  4. the ones I built now wont let me collect the exp. and they are showing an oil barrel over the fire crystal and over the electric they are showing food??? don’t understand this one

  5. I just what if you have 80% what doe it do increases a dragon

  6. Let’s not forget that Double Terra Dragon gets twice the benefit of Terra Crystal

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