Dragon Skies: Obsidian Dragon


Obsidian Dragon is a Water and Magic type dragon in Dragon Skies. It combines the elements of Water and Magic to create this dragon which is also called a tri-element or tri-brid dragon in the game. This means you need three elements to produce this dragon.

This dragon’s scales are as hard as rock, but it can still fly with the best of them.~ Game Description

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Dragon Skies Obsidian Dragon Baby

Release Date: Oct 9. 2012
Release Version: 1.0

Breed Time:
Type: Water/Magic/Life
Stable: Water/Magic/Life Stable
Level requirement: 2
Buying Price: 800dragon skies gem

Egg:Dragon Skies Obsidian Dragon egg


Toughness: –
Reach: –
Recovery:  2/10

User Rating

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Breed Rate
Rating: 3.6/5 (6 votes cast)

Dragon Skies: Obsidian Dragon Key Features

  • Water/Magic/Life element dragon
  • Three element dragon

Dragon Skies: Obsidian Dragon breeding guide

To get the Obsidian Dragon, you must breed the Typhoon Dragon and the Timber Dragon together in the Dragon’s Den. You can also use any dragons that add up to the three element Water, Life, and Magic in your game.

Please keep in mind for beginner breeders that the breeding order of the dragon selected on the left or right will not affect the breeding process.

The level of your dragon will also not increase your chance at getting specific dragon for your game. However, you need to be at least level 4 to be able to breed dragons together, it is recommended you level your dragon up to this level before attempting to breed for dragons.


You can evolve your dragons through training them and then leveling them up.

Earnings per hour in Dragon Skies

Level Earnings Level Earnings
Level 1  960 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10

Price to train the dragon

Level Train Price Level Train Price
Level 1 Level 6
Level 2 Level 7
Level 3 Level 8
Level 4 Level 9
Level 5 Level 10
  • Tammy

    I have tried every combo and still can not get the obsidian. I even tried the typhoon with the legendary timber(life) and still keep getting typhoons and others. And my stone of legends is full also.

    • wizz

      how do you get legendary timber??

      • Megan

        Two Timbers…it helps if you’re at least at Tier 1 on the Stone of Legend 🙂

      • Tammy

        I bred timber and cloud but my stone of legend was full and when I sent them to breed it emptied the stone. So I knew I had something good.

    • Kent valdez

      I have cheat in dragon skies

  • Tammy

    Can someone please tell me what combo of dragons gave them the obsidian? Still have not been able to breed it.

    • mundaetraversa

      Hi all, I bred an Obsidian using Leo + Tlarin + three offerings to my Stone of Legend. Try that!

      • Bryan

        What is leo and tlarin?

  • Robert

    I have tried every combination with water,life,and magic I breed the typhoon dragon and timber I keep getting everything else but the obsidian dragon

    • Chaz

      maybe you have to complete the stone of legends.

  • Kent valdez

    I know a cheat in dragon skies

    • Kent valdez

      Just change the time and date example its 2hours you just advance your time in 2 hours then your egg is ready

  • Tammy

    How exactly does a date time cheat help me with getting the obsidian dragon breed combo? Going to have to save gems and buy it I guess. I have tried every combo of the three elects and none of them have worked. None

    • Elizabeth

      You have to keep breeding typhoon and timber together, eventually it will work. And the date thing can help because if you get a dud (not obsidian) then you can speed the clock ahead and try again

  • Tammy

    Three elements not elects

  • Ead

    I just kept breeding together the timber and the typhoon dragon. I had my stone of legends up to tier two when I got the obsidian. AT&T first I kept getting random ones, but eventually I got it. The trick is to not give up.

  • Elizabeth

    I just kept breeding together the timber and the typhoon dragon. I had my stone of legends up to tier two when I got the obsidian. AT&T first I kept getting random ones, but eventually I got it. The trick is to not give up.

  • Dragon1238

    I got an obsidian that’s a legendary… First try. And it is a red, white, and green egg. Its stats are so good and i think i got a normal obsidian. Ooh and what will happen if i breed them together? Another legendary one or normal? Does it depend at all? And does a tier of stone of legend give me a higher chance?

    • Tammy

      Dragon1238: what two dragons did you breed to get the legendary obsidian? Please.

    • joblox23

      I got legendary too, but I bread lengendary and normal and got a siren for the 1 millionth time

  • Mufasa

    I just bred two random dragons together and the time was 24 hours… Please tell me what I got because its driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

    • Tammy

      Did it empty your stone of legends? If it did then its more than likely a legendary dragon from one of the dragons you bred.

  • D

    Does anyone know if your chances are better if you breed legendary timber with legendary typhoon or is it better to stay with regulars?

    • Tammy

      Don’t have a clue. I tried every combo of timber and typhoon as well as legendary timber and legendary typhoon with no luck. I ended up with 18 typhoons. So I bought the obsidian. They displayed that ur chances were better last weekend and still no luck.

      • D

        Same here, just keep getting legendary dragons but no obsidian.

  • Robert

    That time cheat does not work

    • joblox23

      you need to turn off wifi, although I dont do it my sister does

  • Robert

    To get obsidian you must breed thorn and legendary river also your stone must be full

  • Coolfish037

    What is the breeding time

  • o

    i keep trying it and i keep getting typhoon eggs

  • Impelling

    I’m about to try this, also, how do I activate my stone of legend? I have more than enough gems and coins but both offer buttons don’t work? Am I missing something??!

  • Brandi

    Anyone know what rune plus legendary blizzard with a 32 hour breeding time is?

    • Random Genius

      Probably a Gale. They take FOREVER!!!!!

  • Rhiannon

    I just breed a rune with a leviathan dragon and it drained my whole stone.. Do you think it’s an obsidian? It’s only 2 hours….

  • Ruby Blue

    How do you bred a legendary Reef

    • Samuel

      Maybe you breed ledgendary timber with river!

  • Samuel

    This takes forever to get an obsidian

  • Saphire

    Which combo is obsidian cuz thats the last one i need to get!!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruby Blue

    Hi am on level 30 and now my XP level is not moving can anyone help

    • Vickifeisty

      Touch your level indicator bar. It will tell you how many points you have out of how many points you need to make the next level. Sometimes at the end of a level it seems to take forever but this is a way to know where you are at. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  • clkeck

    I just breed legendary timber with legendary typhoon and got a legendary obsidian! I’ve been trying for months just to get a regular obsidian. My legend stone was not lit at all. It’s a 30 hour breed/hatch time.

  • amber

    I used thorn and phantom dragons while my rock is full and it says 30 hours. Anyone happen to know.??

  • Anonymous

    How to breed an Obisidan Dragon:

    Breed a Thorn or buy it
    Make your Thorn go to level 4
    Buy a River Dragon, 10grand
    Make the River level 4
    Breed them… let nature take its course.

    How to breed a Thorn:
    Rarity: Rare

    Way 1: Buy the Thorn with 80 gems

    Way 2: Breed it with a Timber and Rune
    Hint: Look at the time to see if it’s 10hrs. of breeding time and 18hrs. 30min. hatching time.