Jan 032013

Dragon Story players are probably excited about finding out the winners of the last Dragon Story Christmas Contest for FREE gold. If you haven’t checked out your Dragon Story game, you should. The developers have released the official winners of the contest for breeding the most Snowman and Elf dragons. The winners of the contest does get a handful of gold as their prize so these winners are definitely happy for winning!

The objective of the contest was for players to breed as many Snowman Dragons or Elf Dragons as they can. Players that have bred one Snowman Dragon or Elf Dragon will get one entry for each dragon they breed. If players leveled these dragons to level 10, they will get 10 entries. It can be quite difficult to win these contests and the results on how many breeds or evolution are unknown. However, some players have reported they have over 10 Level 10 of these dragons and still failed to win a place as the winner.

That means if you are entering these contests or trying to at least win a place in these contests you really need to spend a lot of food to level those dragons to level 10!

The winners of the Christmas Contest for Dragon Story are:

  • Hansaland
  • Ohana
  • Rosie
  • DragonJulio265
  • Pern
  • Josie’s Island
  • Kzommey
  • ReignRiver
  • Raye
  • Cici

Dragon Story Christmas Contest Winners

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  1. Cai dat lai game Dragon Story choi lai

  2. How do u already know the winners? It isn’t even over yet??

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