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Remember the Gemstone Dragons in Dragon Story? The ones where you need to use the spell shop to “craft” them because they were from a different dimension or had some special properties where you could not breed for them? Well it looks like the developers had a change of heart and now you are able to breed for these gem type dragon in your game.

The Symbol

Dragon Story Gemstone  Element

The Gemstone element is represented by a colorful triangle symbol with the colors of purple, red, green, and yellow. Don’t go thinking that to get one of these dragons you need to combine these colors though because there’s a brand new dragon for that.

Gemstone Dragon

Dragon Story Gemstone Dragon

The Gemstone Dragon is the key dragon required to obtain other gemstone dragons in the game. To breed the gemstone dragon you must understand that it is not 4 colors like the symbol. It requires the colors of Green and Blue like it shows in the Spell Shop. You can use the Forest Dragon and the Water Dragon for a chance to get the gemstone dragon in the game. Then you can begin getting Gemstone type dragons!

The breeding time is 12 hours and it’ll take another 12 hours for the egg to hatch.

Other Gemstone Dragons

  12 Responses to “Dragon Story: Gemstone Dragons Now Breed Enabled”

  1. Got mine first try with water and island dragons 🙂

  2. ID Bradley6288

  3. I got it in my first try im actually level 10 only and i dont expect i will got it that easy wow im so lucky amazing

  4. I want this dragon help me if u have kik
    Message me at grizzly184

  5. i got it on my first try! 😀 but i didnt have enough coins for the gemstone prarie do i had to sell it >:(

    • I got it first try but my coins is not enough so i bought new nest to hatch other eggs but until now i still saving coins to buy a habitat for my gemstone dragon add drockvin106

  6. No you don’t have to sell it. Your nest will be full (also called homeless) so unless u have another nest, you can’t breed dragons.

  7. Need this so badly.. Add me magexlol

  8. got it first try .. u can get it with any dragons have the 4 colors : green . yellow . blue and red 🙂

  9. Got it first try level 7 water dragon and level 7 water dragon It was an accident I was trying to breed serpent dragon

  10. i really need gemstone dragon bt i dont knw hw to hatch one gem stone with wht combination

  11. I need this dragon and I haven’t been able to get it and its been driving me crazy. I’ve been doing non stop, constant breeding for the last month of my water and forest dragon just trying to get the gemstone dragon and I’ve also tried other dragons with blue and green element, and nothing. it just keeps giving me serpant and island dragons. And I’m at level 41 for Christ sake and it’s one of the early goals and I want to finish it so I can complete other goalsi have that are pileing up that I can’t complete without a gemstone dragon. Can anyone help me or give me any advice??

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