Sep 282013

It looks like the Goldwing Dragon is now in Dragon Story player’s market, though this is not available for every player yet but those that do see the Goldwing Dragon in their market will have the ability to obtain one of these dragons through purchases from the game. If you do not see this dragon in the market then chances are you will not be able to access this dragon until later on in the game when the developers updates your game.


Dragon Story Goldwing Dragon


The Goldwing Dragon is a treasure type dragon that has the ability to generate gold in your game. The Dragon itself cost 1,800 and the only possible way to get this dragon is through buying the dragon in the market. Like all other treasure-type dragons you do not have the ability to breed the dragon unless a breeding combination has been unlocked at a later time.

The Dragon goes into a special treasure habitat where it may be shared with the Treasure Dragon, Stainglass Dragon, or the Midas Dragon. The habitat itself cost about 8,000,000 and holds from 5-10 gold depending on the version you have. There are two versions, A) holds 5 Gold, 1 Dragon or version B) Holds 10 Gold, 2 Dragons.

The Hatching time for the dragon is about 27 hours.

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