Dec 292012

Dragon Story has released a limited edition dragon for the New Year named the Fireworks Dragon! The fireworks dragon is a three colored dragon that will surely ring in the New Year for you during the count down and is a highly collectible dragon to have in your Dragon Story islands.

The dragon itself looks like a blue and yellow dragon with red coloring on tips of its body. I’m not sure if players can make out it actually represents fireworks but above its heads are stars which quite possibly represents just that. That being said, how do you imagine the looks of a fireworks dragon? Other than that it looks like a normal blue dragon getting ready to fly high into the skies in your Dragon Story island.

Dragon Story Fireworks Dragon icon

How to breed Fireworks Dragon

The Fireworks Dragon is only available for a limited time so check in your market to see if this dragon is available for breeding. If it’s not then you need to wait until the dragon has been re-enabled for players to breed or purchase. If you do see it in the market then continue below.

To breed the Fireworks Dragon, you must understand that this is a three element dragon which has the elements of Blue, Yellow, and Red. When you breed for this dragon you will also have a chance at getting a magic dragon which has the same breeding time. So don’t be too happy until you see the egg.

The recommended breeding combination is using a Firestorm Dragon and a Water Dragon for a chance to get this Fireworks dragon. The breeding time is 20 hours. Keep in mind you might also get a Magic Dragon so wait until you see the egg to know the final results.

Please keep in mind the breeding order of your dragon and the level of your dragon will not affect the breeding process. Continue breeding until you get this dragon. Good luck breeding!

  17 Responses to “Dragon Story: How to breed Fireworks Dragon”

  1. I used a coral and a fire and its breeding for20 hours too, is that a combination too?

  2. Can you get three of these dragons at one time? I got 2 can’t seem to get three though add my I’d called duty if you give me gold I will surely give back when possible

  3. Add me i will send gold to you if you send to me 😉
    Storm8 id: omar38

  4. I got it with the water and Eagle dragon! add me thiagoprimo

  5. Add me I.d holday 🙂

  6. Thanks for the advice on combinations! I didn’t find this posting until just now, so I’ll probably run out of time…

    My ID is RoseLippdMaidn if you want to add me

  7. I just made a mirage with my first try but my second is 20 hrs! -crosses fingers- I hope I got it!
    Add me id RoxasJagashi

  8. Add me angelchronic (: send me gold i always send back

  9. I think I got it but I’m not sure if it firework or magic but i bred clown and snowman

  10. I used a level 4 winter dragon on left and a level 7 firestorm dragon on right.

  11. I used a mindvolt and an life dragon and got two fireworks. Add me 2012JLee and my other file JLee2012

  12. i keep breeding a firestorm dragon and a island dragon. first time i got a mirage dragon, second i got a firework dragon, and their breeding again right now!!! YAY

  13. clown and super trying for a diamond

  14. Diamond dragon is level ten wizard and level ten fairy dragon. Also can use level tens island and firestorm dragons.
    Add mustafakhan1

  15. I got my fireworks with water and honeybee in my first try..happy..happy

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