Nov 222012

It looks like Dragon Story developers are actively pushing content out even on Thanksgiving! The Mirage Dragon has been released to players around the world today (November 22 2012). It’s Thanksgiving today, so we’re surprised that Dragon Story developers chose to release this dragon on a holiday! Yesterday, we just had the release of the Storm dragon and the Scarecrow dragon, so you have quite a bit of dragons to breed for your game.

Dragon Story Mirage Dragon baby

Along with the release of these new dragons, there is also a contest for 5,000 gold for your Dragon Story game so if you haven’t seen that then definitely check it out.

The design of the dragon is orange and red with a unicorn-like horn. The horn itself takes after a golden-style design. In it’s baby form, the dragon has a single horn but once you evolve this little creature into it’s epic form it would have grown that into a pair of cool horns. If you want to see the epic form of the mirage dragon then check out it’s page here.

How to breed Mirage Dragon (Learn more)

The mirage dragon is a three-element dragon like Dragon Story’s recent line of dragons. That means you need three different elements to breed for this dragon. The elements are Red, Yellow, and Blue.

We recommend using the Firestorm Dragon (easiest to obtain) and the Water Dragon. This ensures you are directly using the elements that make up the mirage dragon. Continue to breed for this dragon until you see a 11 hours breeding time (Can be Athletic or Mirage). This means you have a mirage dragon breeding in your game!

After you have bred the dragon you can place him into any red, yellow or blue habitat. The breeding order of your dragons do not matter. The level of your dragons do not matter. It is up to luck for you to get this dragon into your game.

Learn more about the Mirage Dragon here

  18 Responses to “Dragon Story: How to breed Mirage Dragon”

  1. I think im breeding one mirage dragon.I used firestorm and water and it says 11 hours!Yay!

  2. For the scarecrow and the atom dragon, it says unlock by goal. What does that mean?

    • I just read an article – I hope I can help you.
      If you are on an Android device, like me, then we have no chance.
      There are 2 updates available for Dragon Story – but only for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad…)

      With this update, you get storage space and an album where you can keep track of your progress and goals.
      When you finish certain goals, you get a Scarecrow egg and a Storm egg free as a reward.
      I saw one person post that they got both just from the update itself.

      I visit a lot of people who must have the update, because they have some great new island decorations!
      I have no choice but to be patient & wait for a game update to be available for my Kindle Fire.
      I hope I helped. I found that info from just browsing these forums.
      Good Luck!!

  3. I got one with a fire and mind volt in that order. First time of trying! If only it was this easy to get a diamond! Still haven’t cracked that one!

  4. I got a egg that is blue with gold wavy things on it 14 hours to hatch.. What is it?

  5. That is misty dragon also

  6. Hey their gamers if you still don’t have the diamond I breed a level 10 titan and a level 10 sea breeze took me 2 tries hope this helps

  7. As a point of note:

    “Continue to breed for this dragon until you see a 11 hours breeding time. This means you have a mirage dragon breeding in your game!”

    The Athletic Dragon is also an 11 hour breed time. =(

  8. Once you have your mirage, breed it with a light dragon. It got me a diamond on my first try! Good luck!
    My ID is CatLover111

  9. I had honestly gotten so frustrated trying to get a diamond and gave up! Then i bred a charm dragon with a fireworks dragon and got a diamond!
    Ps: my id is Scythia if anyone wants a neighbor 🙂

  10. I uses firestorm and water. Got me a magic.

  11. I really want a mirage dragon! Unfortunately I have my fire and water dragon breeding right now. They make a magic dragon if you were wondering.

  12. I got mirage dragon by breeding rainbow + tropic…..

  13. dragon city is the best

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