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Dragon Story Origami Dragon icon

The color of this dragon is somewhere in between purple and pink because that’s exactly what colors that make up this dragon. Most of the darkest purple are found on the tips of the dragon’s design like it’s horns, wings, and tail. The neatest thing about the dragon’s design is that there’s a horn on the tip of its nose. No other dragons up to this point has had a horn on the tip of its nose so that’s something new. This origami dragon is not a limited time dragon so find out how to breed one below!

How to Breed Origami Dragon

The Origami Dragon is a Pink and Purple Dragon. That means you need to have the main pink dragon, the Virtue Dragon. If you don’t have this dragon then please get one before attempting to breed for this dragon.

Are we still here? That means you must have the Virtue Dragon. Well then you are half way to getting the Origami Dragon for your game! The other dragon you need is the Magic Dragon.

To breed the Origami Dragon, use the Virtue Dragon and the Magic Dragon in the breeding den for a chance to get this dragon. The correct breeding time should be 8 Hours and so is the hatching time.

Please keep in mind that it does not matter which side you select to breed your dragons in the breeding den. The level of your dragons also will not affect the breeding process. It’s up to luck to get the dragon and the rarity. Just continue breeding until you get one for your game.

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  1. This website has came in very handy for me. I thought i had a origami dragon but i got a charm dragon

  2. U guys rock! Thx (:

  3. guys am confuse about ligth dragon and virtue dragon there are the same??? when i breed virtue + fire = crusade??? huh???

  4. Ughhh! I didn’t get it

  5. Ive tried a million times n only get dragons i.already have good luck!

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