Oct 182012

The Pumpkin Dragon has just been released into Dragon Story islands and it is a Limited Edition for players to breed. Last week we were introduced to the Witch Dragon which has expired and now we have another Limited Edition Dragon.

Dragon Story Pumpkin Dragon Baby

This Limited Edition, dubbed the “Pumpkin Dragon” is only available for 80 hours from Oct. 18 2012. That means there’s about 3 days left before this dragon disappears and has expired for quite possibly the entire year until next Halloween.

Players probably want to know more about this Pumpkin Dragon, so we’ll try to let you know the important details. The dragon is a Super Rare dragon which means it will be super difficult to obtain (but still possible) through breeding. You can also purchase the dragon for 500 gold. The dragon is a two element hybrid dragon.

How to breed Pumpkin Dragon (Learn more)

If you want to breed the Pumpkin Dragon, there are a few things you should know. The Pumpkin Dragon is a two-element hybrid that is classified as super rare, this means its super rare to breed. The dragon has been designed to look similar to a Pumpkin so it’s definitely a great dragon to have in your Isle.

Breeding the Pumpkin Dragon will require you to have a Fire Dragon and an Air Dragon. That is because the Pumpkin dragon combines the elements of Red and Yellow to create this spooky dragon.

After you have bred the Fire Dragon and the Air Dragon in your breeding den. Look for a 7 hours breeding time which represents this dragon.

For new players, keep in mind that breeding the dragon left or right does not matter. The level of your breeding dragons also does not matter, it is up to your game to give you this Pumpkin Dragon or have another pending dragon to sell in your Dragon Story Isle.

Dragon Story Breeding Video

  19 Responses to “Dragon Story: How to breed Pumpkin Dragon”

  1. I have one in breeding I got it on my first try yeah

  2. I got it!!
    It’s on the breeding den now.

    Add me: Dollymari

    PS: I used a fire dragon in level 10, and a air dragon in level 10, just try. 🙂

  3. But mine is 13 0r 14 hours

  4. I got it on my 2nd try ! With both lv7 air n fire dragons ! Add me storm id : javuskai27

  5. i try about 5 times i don’t get it help me please!!! add me : princesscherry1990

  6. Im breeding for one right now. Add my Storm ID: GregAllen

  7. please help me i cant get it send me gold every day i send back plzz add me id: allanzeki

  8. I got one as well signing into my original Dragon Story account as opposed to the New Dawn. Currently a level 52 and playing daily with my son – he loves the dragons. We’ve got lots of rare and super rare Epic level 10 dragons and the only money we’ve spend is for a 2nd nest. My son begged for it on his birthday and I relented. Feel free to add us, Spro3 and the name of our island is Dragon Bottom. Good luck, all!

  9. I try its doesn't work for we, in what level the breeding?

  10. I’ve got this dragon)))Add me if you want:GoD0FCry

  11. get it with scorpion and laserlight! 😉

  12. Yeah i’ve got it in the third try with hOneybee lv 4 and wild lv 7.add me antriet

  13. I got pumpkin from lv 7 sunrise and lv 7 fire!
    Please add leneve2200 i send gold everyday

  14. I got mine breeding eagle and water

  15. Add me Zuziolek1

  16. I have 3 Pumpkin dragons now. Fire and Air. I used Fire first then Air and got it 1st try. Flipped the order and got Titan. Flipped it back got another pumpkin. Flipped the order and got FireFlower. Flipped again and got another Pumpkin. I was actually trying for the Camelot. No luck yet. So the order of Fire then Air gets me the Pumpkin.

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