Dec 072012

If you are a  Dragon Story player then today is an exciting day for you. Super Dragon is here to save your world. Well not really save but at least be in your isles. This is probably one of the coolest dragon to have in your Isles because it just simply symbolizes heroic, courage, and all that good stuff. And it’s not that difficult to breed since it’s only classified as rare.

How to breed Super Dragon (See more here)

Breeding the Super Dragon is super easy. See that was sort of a joke there. Okay maybe not so funny… What we meant is that compared to dragons like Infinity Dragon or the Diamond Dragon this three element dragon isn’t hard to breed at all. You just need a bit of time, which is usually about a week, whereas we’ve heard players breeding for 6+ months and still can’t get a diamond dragon.

To breed a Super Dragon, we have concluded that you need at least Red, Blue, and Purple in the breeding process for a chance to get the super dragon. We’ve confirmed the Coral Dragon and the Fire Dragon as a successful combination. The breeding time is 17 hours.

The egg looks like a ruby in the middle with two orange horns with a blue tip. Or better yet something like this

Dragon Story - Super Dragon Egg

Once you’ve hatched this dragon you can place him into any Red, Purple or blue habitat.

Keep in mind that the order you select to breed your dragon (the right or left) does not matter. The level of your dragons will also not affect your chances to getting this dragon. Just continue breeding until you obtain this dragon.


  40 Responses to “Dragon Story: How to breed Super Dragon”

  1. Got it first try with athletic and magic

  2. Add me im on daily snkaggs

  3. Got it second try with charm and mistmoth bost level 10. It’s stil
    Breeding but I got 17 hours so I know it’s super dragon. For lots of help with breeding add shootingstarrose
    If u need help with breeding then message me on my wall! I send gold to neighbors everyday and I expect so back though.

  4. I used an athletic and magic dragon trying to get a super dragon but i got a diamond dragon lol

  5. Add me! DemonZypher I am on every day multiple times!

  6. got it first try with titan dragon and magic dragon <3 awwiee im loving itt! pls add my storm8 ID: nadiyarahardjaa andddd send me gold if you're kind enough and ill gift backkk! ;D thankssss

  7. Got it first 2 times using charm and water both lvl 10

  8. I got it 1rt try with water end planet

  9. I got on second try with univers and athletics dragon

  10. Got it first try breeding Athletic and Magic! Feel free to add me also if you’d like, zNighteyes. =)

  11. I got it first try with AETHER and FIRE

  12. breeding for the planet Dragon water and charm dragon

  13. Add dissarn ill send gold everyday!
    i got it on first try btw!

  14. I got it first try charm and water

  15. Charm on right water on left very easy to breed. Add topazbamby, I send gold And mystic maps

  16. I too, have gotten it on first try. Add me storm8destinygurl. This dragon is a bit like the white dragons with their high food requirements at Adult stage. I’m on level 8 and it costs me 12500 food to level it to level 9. I wonder what level 9 food requirements are going to be.

  17. Aether and magma storm 3rd try

  18. Lol nevermind

  19. I breed it in first time with water dragon+charm dragon

  20. i got lucky, first time with FIRE and CORAL

  21. First try with aether and fire

  22. I breeded my poison dragon with my water dragon, and the breeding time is 20 or 21 hours what could it be? Please reply.

  23. lvl 4 fire dragon+lvl 4 coral dragon got it from first try

    Add me :leoahmad10

    • I tried firestorm and water and got fireworks. Now I’m trying lv 4 fire and lv 4 coral. Hopefully it works.

  24. Finally got it! Fireworks and Charm! 17 hours 🙂

    • Thanks, got it first try with that combination! Athletic + fairy = diamond, or mirage + light. Those got me 2 diamonds. Add me: CatLover111

  25. I got it with pink+magic…LOL!!

  26. I was trying for a diamond :/ but this is cool too

  27. Got it with mist moth and fire dragon

  28. Tell me plz the recepie o try4times just got serpent

  29. thank you so much I m trying to breed super dragon for last 6 months but I don’t succeed

  30. add me my storm8 id is mukesh_dewangan

  31. Hyvä peli :O

  32. thank you! I have been trying to get a super dragon and a diamond like forever!

  33. Planet and magic=super dragon but I got diamond dragon lol

  34. First try using fire and night dragon

  35. I got the Super Dragon by Breeding Aether and Laserlight on my second try. Tried to get a Diamond Dragon

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