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We weren’t sure if you were able to breed this Limited Edition dragon but you sure can! Some of our members were lucky enough to have bred this exclusive Witch Dragon into their Dragon Story isle and they’d like to us to share how to breed this dragon for your isle too.

Breeding this limited edition dragon for your Dragon Story island is no easy task. In fact, time is of the essence! If according to the timer, this dragon won’t last till Halloween because it will expire in 4 days from this time of writing (Oct. 11 2012, 7PM EST). If that is correct then somewhere on Monday or Tuesday (Oct 15-16) the dragon will no longer be available.

Dragon Story Witch Dragon, Limited Time to BreedDragon Story Witch Dragon Splash screen

On top of being an limited edition dragon, this dragon is also SUPER RARE. Which makes it quite hard. However, we’ll let you know the best combination below.

How to breed Witch Dragon (Learn More)

Dragon Story Witch Dragon

The Witch Dragon is a hybrid dragon, the good news is that this dragon isn’t a Diamond Hybrid. The bad news is that it’s a super rare dragon, and we all know what that means.

It’s elements are Green and Purple, which means it is a nature type dragon combined with magical traits to create this mysterious witch dragon for Dragon Story Isles.

To breed the Witch Dragon, it is recommended that you use a Magic Dragon and a Forest Dragon in the breeding den. Any other combination with a Green and Purple colors can make the witch dragon but this gives you the best opportunity. There are only two other dragons you will get if you don’t get this witch dragon. They are the Familiar Dragon and the Poison dragon. The breeding time you are looking for to get this Witch Dragon is 9 hours.

The breeding order of left or right in the breeding den does not matter. The Level of your breeding dragon also do not matter.

Read more on specific details about the Witch Dragon on the page below.


  22 Responses to “Dragon Story: How to breed Witch Dragon”

  1. got it. hahah…

    DvSK2507 storm8

  2. YES! GOT ONE on my first try!

  3. When I first got a magic dragon, it was to get this one dragon. But you know what? This game sucks ASS. I have now tried 32 times to get this dragon- but all I've been able to get are POISON DRAGONS. This game has made me despise dragons, and I used to love them. Gamers, don't even try to get one, this game will crush your dreams. I hate this game, I'm about to give up on it. I've spent 40$ trying to get ONE DRAGON. Don't let this game kill you. Best thing to do is just delete it off your phone and go on a brighter path.

  4. Hey Ellen I got one and I only spent $5 and I still love dragon!

  5. I got one! Currently evolving it, but check back at my island! My ID is duraeejay

  6. till when exactly are we able to get this dragon?

  7. Dunno why y’all are wasting actual money on a pixelated creature. Got one here without spending any actual money. Sheesh. It’s a random game of chance, folks–a RANDOM game of chance.

  8. I got one by forest 10 and magic 10!

  9. 2 nd try and I got nine hours! Forest 9 fauno magic 4 wonk

  10. this game is really sucks……i have try many time to get this dragon also, but it made me disapoint…haiz.

  11. I breed mo volcano dragon.

  12. I was away from my iphone for some time is there anyway that the witch dragon will come back to us….atleast till day / days before Halloween DAY ??
    I’d love the opportunity to try and breed it.

    Sign Off: Not so happy about it not being available so early before the actual Halloween Day!!

  13. Very Sad that this offer is gone now.
    I have been away from my game and would have loved to try and breed this dragon,
    Is there any chance that it will return again BEFORE Halloween DAY ??

    SIGN OFF: Sad One:(

  14. I got it in my first try ( ^ o ^ )/.

  15. Yes, I got one in my breeding dem! 9 hours! 😀

    Add me: Maridolly
    And on my iPhone: (I have 2 pumpkin dragon on this user!!!) Dollymari

  16. Yes! Just breed one Witch! After 3 Poisons and next will be also a poison…all this trying to get a [email protected]@ Keep trying…

  17. I have all 4 halloweens dragons))) my storm ID: ARTI025 add me if you want to see all dragons)

  18. I got it on my first try….im thrilled.

  19. Add me ID: firestart3r

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