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The Sapphire dragon was just released into Dragon Story player’s game this week and well it’s another new gemstone dragon for players to get. The developers gave us a sneak preview earlier Wednesday and used the word “Breed” but unfortunately no one is able to confirm how to breed for one of these dragons. However, we do know you can craft one.

dragon story sapphire dragon epic

That’s right, we suspect that you can only craft this dragon like all other gemstone dragons in the game. That means you need to use the spell shop, collect materials and so forth to create this dragon. There has been no confirmed combination to getting this dragon so don’t try breeding for it.

How to Get the Sapphire Dragon

Like we’ve noted, you cannot breed for this dragon or there’s no confirmed combination. There is however, two ways to getting this dragon. Which ways? Well you can either buy it from the market for 1600 gold or collect enough materials to craft this dragon in the spell shop.

If you’ve chosen to craft the dragon then we’ll let you know what you need.

Dragon Story Sapphire Dragon Crafting

The items you’ll need are:

  • 2X Large Sapphire
  • 1X Nether Dust
  • 1X Spell Scroll
Once you have these materials, select the craft button (which should be enabled). The crafting time is 1 day and you will have a brand new dragon egg waiting for you to hatch. The hatching time is 20 hours.
Enjoy your brand new Sapphire Dragon!


  28 Responses to “Dragon Story: How to Get Sapphire Dragon”

  1. Question.. I do not see this dragon in the spellshop..? Is it coming later in there or is my game messed up? And with which dragons (to trade) do i get nether dust?

    • You can get nether dust when the dragon that you trade in when it tells you what you can get for it. If it tells you u can get and there should be a box with a question mark you might get nether dust if you trade that dragon in.

    • I’m not sure but I think you get the nether dust from the nether portal that’s locked by goal and if I’m wrong than I am preeettttyyy sure I am ssscccrreewwweeeddd

      P.S. add me:Ho-HoLv.Ex or Ho HoLv.Ex eather way add me pls pls pretty pretty pls

    • Try redownloadjng the app. I have to do that to get the big updates like new items and dragons and such; for instance, currently I have the valentines dragon story for the new right heart and left heart dragons. And no, redownloading the game will no delete your saved data or whatever you choose to call it. It does however allow you to get your new dragons and buildings.

  2. Mee too. I dont have this dragon in the spellshop and I just updated the game but nothing has changed. And also, I have to evolve all my dragons at levels 3, 6 and 9, most people just al 6 and 9, why? 🙁 Thanks!

  3. You can get nether dust when you trade in a dragon that has the question mark with a box under the question mark. when you trade that dragon in you might get the nether dust.

  4. But the sapphire dragon is not in the spell shop for some reason?

    • what are you guys talking about. i have the latest update which is the rainbow edition. i have never seen or heard about this spell shop or crafting a dragon. someone please help so i can get more rare dragons

  5. I dnt have spell shop- do I need to up-grade dragon story?

  6. I traded a crusader for 2x nether dust + a ? which turned out to be a small sapphire. But……. Still no sapphire dragon in crafting!

  7. Still no sapphire dragon in my spell shop on iPhone
    Tuh fuq

  8. I have all required – large sapphires,nether dust & scrolls but still no sapphire to craft!?!? Help :-))

  9. Wth sia I waited so long but still no saphire dragon in the spell shop !!

  10. It is unfair that on android we can NOT have this dragon. But if Storm 8 wants it that way they can keep the I phone sepparate I find this profiling in the separation of all gamers.

  11. I play Dragon Story on my iPhone & I still don’t have sapphire dragon spell in my spell shop even though I appear to have all the required ingredients 🙁

  12. i have an andriod phone and I don’t have a spell shop at all! I want one

  13. I recomend that you read all of the following….Team lava is doing a week long experiment to determine how they will further develop the crafting and trading features. Half of iOS players will not see the large sapphire and sapphire dragon recipes in their spell shops. After a week all players should see the same things. It should be there soon probably when the other new dragons get in the game and the sapphire is not consider new anymore. Some people in android can’t even get the spell shop or the trading portal. They can’t get the pink dragons either so you should consider yourself lucky that you can get does dragons and the spell shop and trading portal.

    • I have ipad 2. And still not possible to breed sapphire dragon. I got everything i need. 2 big sapphires 1 nether dust and the scroll. Maybe it is 3 nether dust not 1?

  14. Ya im an Android player and not getting the new stuff really freaking blows
    Team 8 should really get on the ball and open this stuff all players not just to those ok apple products thats not fair to your players

  15. I am on an iPhone but still no sapphire even though I have enough for 3 of the dragons:(

  16. add iron_51 and iron_53

  17. I can’t get the sapphire on my iPad but have it on my iPhone. On my iPad I have both the ruby and emerald dragon so now just waiting. On my iPhone I have only crafted the sapphire as it was the easiest one to get with the dragons I had to trade. I found trading the mistmoth got me a large blue gem and dust. Atlantis gives you a large blue, large green and ? Parakeet gives you a large yellow, large green and ? Planet gives you a large purple, large red and ? Scorpion gives you a large yellow, large red and ? Seabreeze gives you a large blue, large yellow and ?

  18. Hey,I got note to get sapphire dragon from spell shop ^^. Add ID :bayu30

  19. Sapphire dragon does not appear in my crafting building. I tried deleting and redownloading the game an it’s still not there. Anyone knw what to do?
    Add andrew22g

    • I think everyone else is right, teamlava needs to update so players with android phones can have the same capabilities as apple, its unjust and profiling. Its saying that they prefer apple products over any other, is like them to explain that

  20. How can I trade? Where I can find the spellshop? 🙂

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