Jun 042013

Dragon Story players are probably delighted to hear that the there is a new dragon and on top of that, the release of a new feature in the game.

The new dragon that was recently released is the Kitsune dragon, a pink looking dragon that most female players will love. In epic form, she looks similar to the Mist Dragon and the Night Elf Dragon but in pink coloring. If we look at the line of “mist” type dragons you’ll notice that most of it’s structures are similar but have different coloring or different elements but the structure is still the same.

dragon story kitsune dragon night elf mist

This Kitsune Dragon is a single element dragon in the game with the elements of Pink. You can see that in the game when you login. So how do you breed for the Kitsune Dragon? Well the dragon is actually the elements of Pink and Red. That means you need to use the Fire Dragon and the Virtue Dragon. More information on the Kitsune Dragon here.

 Battle Arena

Dragon Story Battle Arena Full

Players that have known about the Battle Arena is probably excited about the official release of the Arena in most player’s game. The Arena has been known to players for at least a month now with top players/testers/game admins having access to the feature. Now even more players have access to the Arena in their game. Not everyone has this feature enabled but it’s a start, Android players may not see this feature yet.

When you begin the game you may be asked to check out the Battle Arena with a pop-up quest. Complete it and you will have access to the arena in your game. You can then battle against other dragons in the game and win precious Leviathan Pearls for creating the dragon.

 Healing Spring

Dragon Story Healing Spring

The Healing Spring is used to heal dragons that have lost during battles in the Battle Arena. You will not lose your dragons but your dragons will be unable to battle again.


  7 Responses to “Dragon Story: Kitsune Dragon, Battle Arena, and more!”

  1. They need to hurry up and make this available for android users really soon!!!!

    • Yeah, i am so jealous when i look at my friends i-pad that he battle his dragons together… while i can’t cause i use android:( add me if u want Caren018

  2. nana e koko

  3. Pls TL let android users have dragon story version that contains features like iOS users

  4. The battle arena is fun, but what’s the deal with level 14 deagons when epic form stops at level 10. Another question, pink and dark hybrids when breeding these it is too unpredictable to figure out the eggs when the parents are included in the outcomes.
    Example=purple+blue is dark
    Dark + yellow is a mix of any combo of purple, blue and yellow.
    So the egg charts dont match.

  5. This is getting beyond a joke!!! They need to start dping things for android users!!!!

  6. Why on android not available anything??

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