Aug 092013

One of the biggest update for Dragon Story has hit the market! Dragon Story has updated their addictive dragon breeding game with an Arctic Isles that allows players to in order to get exclusive Arctic Isles Dragons made specifically to appear in the Arctic section of the game.


Dragon Story NEW Arctic Isles, Ice Age Dragons

To get to the Arctic Isles section of the game you need to breed a dragon called the Ice Age Dragon. To obtain this dragon you need to use  a Winter Dragon and a Magic Dragon and look for a breeding time is 8 hours and it should cost 16 gold to fast forward. Once you have obtained the Ice Age Dragon you will be brought into the Arctic Section of the game.


Dragon Story Ice Age Dragon

There are a total of 10 new Arctic Dragons including the Ice Age Dragon in the new section. These new dragons can only be obtained in the Arctic section of the game and requires brand new food.


New Arctic Stuff are not the only new things available in Dragon Story’s new update, two new dragon has appeared and it’s important that you get the Phoenix Dragon from the battle arena of the game before it’s gone!


  • Blizzard elementDragon Story Blizzard Element
  • Dragon WindsDragon Story Dragon Winds
  • AbominableDragon Story Abominable element
  • Flammable FurDragon Story Flammable Furs
  • Ancient OilDragon Story Ancient Oils
  • Frozen FoodDragon Story Arctic Food
  • Ice AgeDragon Story Ice Age Element

  54 Responses to “Dragon Story: NEW Arctic Isles, Ice Age Dragons”

  1. Here’s the list of dragons in the Arctic Isles and their breeding combos.

    Ice Age = Magic + Winter. 8 hours
    Meteor = Ice Age + Firestorm. 6 flames – 4 hrs evolution
    Fossil = Ice Age + Meteor. 24 flames – 4 hrs evolution
    Abominable = Ice Age + Fuzzy. 32 flames – 8 hrs evolution
    Sasquatch = Ice Age + Abominable. 60 flames – 8 hrs evolution
    Yeti = Abominable + Sasquatch. 60 flames – 8 hrs evolution
    Blizzard = Abominable + Fossil. 70 flames – 12 hrs evolution
    Snowflake = Blizzard +Ice Age. 144 flames – 12 hrs evolution
    Alpine = Diamond + Snowflake. 160 flames – 12 hrs evolution

    I wish all you iOS users a happy breeding in the Arctic Isles! And I hope this helps! 🙂

    xoxox Chantal

  2. Of course trying for “common” ice age with winter and magic I have gotten a wizard and a freaking night dragon u have got to be kidding me

    • You need to use Magic dragon on the left and Winter Dragon on the Right to breed the Ice Age Dragon = 8 hours to breed. I did this and got it first try.


    • Ya! Make it for the android too!

      • I personally don’t want this for android and im an android player. Lol iOS has wayyyyy more goals 2 complete than we do. A bit too much if you ask me. I like it this way . Wud like to see sumthing exclusive for android tho. Dat wud b nice.

        • I think so too, make something that will help android players of at least level 42+ get more gold since ios has more features than us, and maybehalve the food costs of dragons since AMEX doesnt work for google play credit, and I cant even use paypal on google play. Maybe paypal is on iOS.

          • You can use your paypal account ANYWHERE if you request the debit card they have available. Then you can use the money in your paypal account just like a checking account. I use it all the time.

    • I totally agree this is tots unfair

  4. I agree with Chantel, we Android users don’t need anymore new updates at the moment. I’m still trying, over and over, to get the zodiac. Plus I have a long list of dragons I have yet to obtain. I wish team lava would realize they are releasing these new dragons too quickly for me to keep up with, and making them way to hard to obtain, and their habitats way to expensive. Give us a break and let us have a chance to get the dragons we’re still trying to breed.

  5. Team lava hate android? lol XD sr if said sumthing wrong

  6. team lava please add this for android

  7. Can i get artic isles on mobile too???

  8. Hi! Great info:) but why is it so important to get the Phoenix dragon? Im stuck at lightening (no.24 in tournament) and can’t seem to beat it:( also dont have Diamond so have small hopes of defeating the remaining six within 16 hours:(

  9. Hey
    Are there anymore updatates?

  10. How do we get the cave dragon?

    • I got one useing ice and dino:) at least i think thats what i used, was trying for fossil and just guessing the combo. But now thanks to Chantals info i dont have to guess anymore

  11. well…it is not for android players..again..and there are so many dragons in this Arctics series..i will not getting any of sad..

  12. I’m wondering about the cave dragon as well, anyone who knows? And I must say that as much as i love the arctic isles update, the fruits are tio expensive:( i find the regular Crona are top few, expensive and slow (compare to dragon vale) or these dragons all dragons are way to hungry. I’ve played for six months and still havent raised even half of my dragons to level 10

  13. Ok so when I gt ice age dragon it was 12 hours breeding time not 8. I was thinking I was getting another winter

  14. What’s the use of the dragon egg i found in the storage.Can somebody help ?

  15. I think I’m going to have to install dragonvale. I love dragon story but the difference between the aisles in the Android is just too much its not fair I want to go play games that cares about me and how I play Thanks

  16. Breed abominable & meteor and got blizzard……70 flames

  17. How do I get back to my regular island. I’m stuck here

  18. Can someone help me? I have this egg in the nest for the arctic isles. It was already there when I started yet I can’t hatch it or sell it. It won’t show me a picture for it so I have no idea what it is. Every time I try to sell it my game shuts down. Idk if it’s just me or if other users are having a similar problem

  19. can you come out sith a three headed rainbow dragon

  20. When team lava realizes that most ppl now own a Samsung Galaxy hopefully they will get with it!!! Come on with this favoritism shit already. Aren’t you game developers?? How about developing a dragon story equivalent to the ios one for Android players. Yes the game is super addictive but I’m sick of this already. We get a stupid dragon sun thingy and a android with a birthday hat on!!! Seriously??? When ios users get an update they get like 30 new dragons so unfair!!!!! Android players can’t even get an exclusive dragon. Smh. Ios has way better Island decorations too!!!!!! Steve Jobs must’ve paid them of before he died cause they are surely only catering to ios!!!!

  21. I still have tons of dragons to get, I’m happy I’m an Android player and can’t get this bunch of dragons to Add to the list. Btw, Add me. I’M lilmamalinds. I need people to send gold to.

  22. I have an egg in the nest in Artic Isles. It was there when I got my Ice Age dragon. I can not hatch it – not even using gold – shows coins needed as 999,999 and flames as 99,999. Help.

  23. I am having the same problem. I have an egg stuck that I can’t hatch
    I’m getting very frustrated and would like a solution on how to hatch this egg.

  24. I am level 96 and I can not hatch anymore eggs on my artic island, because I can only have 6 habitats.. Which level you can get more than 6? (I am an ios player)

    • Does anyone know why we can only have 6 habitats?
      I’m stuck with 2 eggs ready to put in another habitat as well.
      I’m level 136 and have been trying to get another habitat since level 124.
      Extremely frustrating cos I can’t go any further in arctic isles now 🙁

  25. Maybe a silly question but in the artic world i cannot breed my normal dragons, and in the normal world i cant use the ice age dragon. How do i breed the fuzzy dragon with my ice age dragon? If it makes a difference… I play on iOS

  26. anybody pls help.. i can’t get out from Arctic Isles..i just click the travel icon , it always tell me to breed ice age dragon to get out. But I already have 3 of it. I’ve try delete the game and install it again, kill the process, also restart my phone.It didn’t work.. I can’t back to the normal world…

  27. Anybody know how to breed an ice age dragon??

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