Aug 132013

It is the beginning of the week and Dragon Story has released two brand new dragons for your Dragon Story Isles, one in the original isles, and the other in the Arctic Isles section. One of the dragon is named the Jade Dragon which can be obtained through breeding – or crafting for the Apple iOS-users. The other dragon is found in the arctic section of the game and can only be obtained in the arctic section, and it’s called the Cave Dragon.

Jade Dragon

Dragon Story Jade Dragon

The Jade Dragon is a three color dragon with the colors of green, gemstone, and black. For Apple iOS players, you can craft the dragon using the materials that make up the Jade Dragon or you can breed one. Android players will only have the options of breeding one using the breeding den.

Regardless, both operating systems should follow the same color breeding combinations of using a Gemstone Dragon and a Black/Green dragon like the Hunter Dragon.

Cave Dragon

Dragon Story Cave Dragon

The Cave Dragon was surely a surprise for most players because the developers just released over 10 new dragons and now they’re adding even more! Only available to Apple iOS players, the Cave dragon is available in the Arctic Section of the game. Android players do not yet have access to this section of the game.

To breed the cave dragon you can use the Meteor Dragon and the Ice Age Dragon for a random chance to get the Cave Dragon.

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  1. Breeded cave first try then breeded jade second try first was troll then was jade dragon

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