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Update August 18 2012: I was asked to update the review with a more recent evaluation of the game. Dragon Story is the absolute best builder/breeding app game for Android devices. The fine details in development and gaming experience are simply amazing!

Dragon Story brings an amazing new adventure for breeders of animals, dragons, and/or monsters alike. Players will be placed onto an island above water where you are able to build and breed amazing new dragons using various color elements. You will use a number of colors that represents the elemental natures of the world like Red (Fire), Blue (Water), Green (Plant), and onwards.

Gameteep 4.5 star ratingDragon Story App BreedingApp Name: Dragon Story
Seller: TeamLavaGenre: Breeding/Builder
Gameteep Rating: 4.5/5


iOS: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Android: 2.1 and up

Rated Version: 1.0
Rated Device
iOS: The new iPad
Android: Google Nexus 7

If you are a breeder veteran like me (long history in DragonVale), then you will fit right at home with Dragon Story. You will have many of the breeding tools like, Breeding Den, Evolution Temple, Habitats, and decorations to make one of the coolest Dragon Story Island ever.

Dragon Story Gameplay

Dragon Story players will find that it plays very similar to other breeding games. If you haven’t played any breeding games before then let me give you a short walkthrough.

When you begin the game you will be able to purchase a few dragons and then place them into a habitat. Once you have done this you will begin earning coins in the game to further develop your island. At about level 4 you will unlock the breeding den which will allow you to breed amazing new dragons through combining them.

As a breeder you want to collect them all and breed the rarest of the rare in Dragon Story. It’s kind of like Pokemon, Gotta Collect ‘em all!

Dragon Story Breeding den Screen shot

Dragon Story Graphics

The graphics for the Dragon Story app by Storm8 is remarkably beautiful. I was astonished by the graphics and how fast the game ran even on my 3rd Gen iPod Touch. It does definitely look better on my iPhone 4S and there are animations on the newer devices but graphics for the Dragon Story dragons? It’s definitely a winner.

Dragon Story User Experience & Sound

This section was asked to be about sounds but I think adding user experience is a much better portion to talk about. Dragon Story is simply amazing, it captures the style of the best dragon breeding games and even on old devices it runs flawlessly.

You will notice that when you start Dragon Story that everything is smooth, including the music and drag-flow (on older devices or newer ones). The tunes in Dragon Story are also extremely catching and well developed.

Dragon Story Final thoughts and should you get?

Dragon Story by Storm8 is well polished game that anyone would love.  As a long time player of dragon breeding games, Dragon Story has made its way onto one of my top 5 daily apps list. There are however some points I must recommend on improving because it would definitely improve the experience of the game.

The first recommendation is to remove the in-dragon-app-recommendation-advertising, whichever it would like to be called, this shouldn’t in the game. When I first played the game, I fell in love with the amazing interface and design (and how well it was developed). When I saw one of my dragons with a bone icon, I tapped on it like all caring breeders but it was an advertising to install another app…

Second recommendation is to please put a confirm button on the purchase menu for dragons. I tapped on one of them in hopes to review the dragon description and I purchased him with my precise precise gold! Players would definitely want to continue to enjoy the game if the game can minimize their mistakes.

Other than that Dragon Story is an amazing new breeding game that should definitely be played or at least try if you love breeding or just seeing cool amazing new dragons. If you think DragonVale is epic, then Dragon Story is just as epic.

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Bottom line: Dragon Story is the absolute best builder/breeding app game for Android devices

*About Gameteep Network ratings: Please note that due to the nature of app games, we will update ratings according to the update for some games. 

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  1. If you have a samsung galaxy tablet as I do you will not get to do/have what ios users can. I have 8gb free space and the processor of a laptop but I dont get what apple users have? Does apple own own teamlava or something? Dont play this game if you dont have ios you’ll feel discriminated against.

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