Nov 212012

Dragon Story players are in for a surprise! The Turkey Dragon has turned into a contest for Thanksgiving. It’s certainly the time to be thankful because Dragon Story developers are offering players 5,00 Gold for 10 players to win! The gold are in-game gold for your Dragon Story game but one can only dream of them sending 5,000 oz of real gold.

Dragon Story App Breeding

The contest starts from November Wed. 21 2012 – Mon. 26, 2012 and it’s certainly an amazing event for players to gain a bit of extra gold if they win.

The Rules

  • Breed or buy 1 turkey dragon in Dragon Story for 1 entry.
  • Evolve your Turkey Dragon into a Level 10 Turkey Dragon for 10 Entries.  <—- Best solution!


10 players will win 5,000 Gold Each! (In game gold but real gold is good too!)

Essentially, the more you breed for a Turkey Dragon and evolve him to level 10 the better your chance at winning this event. The breeding time is 9 hours and so are the evolution times so be sure to jump into the holiday spirit today!

The breeding combination

Learn more about the Turkey Dragon from the Turkey Dragon page here

Dragon Story Thanksgiving Turkey dragon sweetstake contest

  13 Responses to “Dragon Story: Thanksgiving Contest, Win 5,000 Gold!”

  1. What if you already had a level 10 turkey dragon before this started??

  2. my turkey dragon is already level 10 but it was on tuesday

  3. I had 3 turkey.. get nothing T_T.

  4. is the real? cause I had about 8 and didn’t get anything.

  5. When and how do we know who have won the gold??

  6. well it doesn’t work but i will still try.

  7. Hello, I have 9 level ten turkeys, tried very hard for contest, come see, my ID is Sheris1987

  8. You can also see me on Monsterstory with 5 Turkey monsters,thanks

  9. i only got an egg when the time is over

  10. curses why did i only got an egg when it is over it needs 5 minutes and ended

  11. Would be nice to know who the Ten winners are, or when they will be announcing the winners. Without this information It sounds like a trick/scam to get you to waste real money.

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