Jul 022013

It looks like the developers have released a brand new dragon into Dragon Story Isles, the Triceratops Dragon. This Triceratops Dragon is a Dino-type dragon in the game and is available in the market for purchase or for breeding.

Dino-Type Dragons

Dragon Story Dino Element

Dino-type dragons were made available to us on June 27th 2013 as they released their very first Dino-type dragon, the Dino Dragon. This dragon required two specific colors to create, which is the Red and Green colors in the game. Now they’ve released and update to the line of Dinosaur type dragons with this Triceratops Dragon.

Dino-type dragons generally has one symbol, with a bone representing that it is part of the line of dinosaur dragons. That means players will not be able to guess what will create the dragon without knowing specifically what is required in the combination.

Triceratops Dragon

Dragon Story Triceratops Dragon

The Triceratops Dragon is a green and yellow colored dragon that looks very similar to the general Triceratops known to people that knows Dinosaurs. The biggest difference is that this creature has wings, and that Dinosaur Triceratops does not.

1,600 Gold is required for purchase when wanting to buy this dragon for your game. You can also breed one but you will need the Dino Dragon first because the Dino Dragon is required to obtain this dragon. You may find the breeding combination to obtaining this dragon on the Triceratops Dragon page here.

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