Dragon Story VS DragonVale Review


DragonVale has been available since September 2011, and it was the first dragon breeding game ever published in the App Store that really drawn players into the gameplay of breeding cool unique dragons. Dragon Story is a recently released app by TeamLava also known as Storm8 that players very similar to DragonVale.

Dragon Story App Breeding VS dragonvale_icon

Dragon Story VS DragonVale Graphics

The graphics for both games have their differences but is put together nicely so that players are drawn right into the game. Players can find that the dragon designs in both games are unique and colorful. Each dragon has their own special design that will make you want to collect them all.

Dragon Story VS DragonVale Dragons

The dragons in DragonVale are more similar to the ideology of dragons in a person’s imagination. The dragons in Dragon Story however are more tuned to different type of animals making their look truly unique to anyone’s island. Both dragons are amazingly designed.

Dragon Story VS DragonVale Sound

There isn’t a big difference between the music in DragonVale and Dragon Story they are both great!

Dragon Story VS DragonVale Gameplay

Dragon Story DragonVale
Habitats Yes Yes
Food/Farms Yes Yes
Evolving Yes (4 Forms) Yes [3 Forms]
Friends Yes Yes
Free Gems [through gameplay] Yes [Through quests & Friends] Yes [Yes Friends & Colosseum]
Breeding Yes Yes
Premium Currency Gold Gems
Requires Internet Yes Yes
Multiple Account Not Possible Possible
Advertisement Many  None


  98 Responses to “Dragon Story VS DragonVale Review”

  1. Dragonstory sucks. It’s just an imitation.

  2. Dragon story is literally 99.9% the same thing as dragonvale. CLEARLY ripped off. Dragonvale is the original and will always be the best <3

  3. Isn’t there copyright issues involved?

    • The thing with games is that unless its exactly copied it, there’s really no case. For example, Mario is a jumping game. That doesn’t mean no one can ever make jumping games from then on.

      Dragon Story and DragonVale are different. The game is similar but that doesn’t mean its the same and you can’t hold copyright for “the gameplay” then the person who first made building type of games can say they have copyright for all building games out there.

  4. Dragonvale sucks donkey balls, dragon story is the best game.

    • Well F U to

    • Fuk urself please, ur dragonstory COPIED and yes, im accusing em, and i mean COPIED dragonvale ur ‘best’ game has no originality, and ur ‘best game’ has a wtf dragon, seriously, a CHOCOLATE dragon? 0.o wow best ever alright *clap clap* dumbass dragon story suck monkey balls 😀

  5. hey danzaway dragonvale rocks my life dont be rude you butt dragonstory is just a cheap imitation

  6. Dragon vale is much better than dragon story bec. at dragonvale you don't need such adding friends and it came first. I do not play their DragonStory but do play DragonVale by BackFlip Studios which they ripped off.

  7. Dragon Story really bugs me because you can’t get gold near as easily as you can get gems in Dragonvale. Both in Dragon Story and Dragonvale you need gold or gems to get extra nests and whatnot, but you can actually afford them in Dragonvale. And in Dragon Story, you can’t claim all the gold you got from your friends. It lags too much for you to get it immediately, so by the time you see the notice, it’s expired. And with the new update (New Dawn), you can only goft three gold a day (at least that’s what mine said). What crap!

    • Dragon story is the best it’s better then new dawn and dragonsvale. They’re just competitors pick what you want I say dragon story.

  8. What’s the color of the sky in your world?

  9. Go, Dragonvale!!!!!!

  10. Both Games have their advantages.

    Dragon Story has more realistic, more breeds, and easier load.
    Dragonvale has full credit, easier gems, and no ads.

    It is really up to you. I chose dragon Story.

    (Go ahead, choose the opposite)

    • Actually, all Zynga™ game have multiple ads, and I’m a victim because of their game “Night Club Story”. DragonVale has better graphics, more addicting, and no ads at all.
      BACKFLIP™ have really hit it off with DragonVale leaving Dragon Story, a fraud, in the dust. Oh, and say what you want. I don’t care if you get crazy over my opinion.

    • U forgot one more advantage of dragonvale though, its ORGINALITY, unlike tht bullShit dragon story crap u like better than the original one, im soryy to piss u off, but Dragon story COPIED dragonvale, now go cry 🙂

      • Mabye DragonStory was MADE first but not published first. That happens. SO STOP BEING SO F*CKIN RUDE AND SHUT THE HELL UP

      • Shut up!DS is the best game ever!!!!!!!Play it on iPhone there is another isle,a place from where you can send dragons to quests,craft dragons etc.nothing like that in DragonVale.Dragon Story,well it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  11. DragonVale is so much better because its the original. I started playing DragonVale just a week ago and I was fascinated and interested on how fast it loads; more dragons – different types; normal, rare dragons. Dragon Story is just the imitation of DragonVale which means, Dragon Story is the copycat.

    I’m currently on lvl 14 and I’m really addicted to DragonVale; It doesn’t get boring like ALL OTHER games. I’ve played alot of games on my iPad and once I got bot bored and sick of it I just delete the app but, DragonVale gives you the realistic view of what gaming is actually about (;

    Btw, please send me gems! I’ll send you back! Add me on game centre so we could send gems to each other like everyday (: [email protected] – thanks very much (;


  13. dragonvale is so much better!!!!!dragonstory bad

  14. Sorry guys dragon story is better in many ways. Dragon story had a bad start but now they have perfected the game play. Dragonvale has absolutely no challenge. I played it for a year and you can literally breed every dragon within 10 attempts. Dragon story on the other hand has dragons that can take 2 months of constant breeding before you actually get it. Dragonvale is obviously made for children that do not have the patience to get the dragon they want.

    Dragon story comes out with a new dragon every week. Every week! Sometimes they have 2-3 new dragons a week. Dragonvale comes out with something new at a very slow pace. Even though dragonvale came out in 2011, dragon story almost has more dragons than they do after less than a year. Not only that but the creativity in dragon story’s dragons leaves future dragons limitless. Dragonvale bases their dragons on a more realistic looking dragon. Some might say that’s a good thing but that leaves their future dragons at a stand still. They can’t keep making dragons that look realistic.

    graphics are dry on dragonvale. The pixels are very fuzzy compared to dragon story’s clear cut graphics. It’s obvious that dragonvale doesn’t have a very good graphic designing team. Dragon story is run by several makers that also update their other growing apps. Dragon story makers are much more proficient and on time with ALL of their apps. I would give dragon story one more year before it passes up dragon vale in popularity. Dragon story has way more updates and new dragons than dragon vale could ever keep up with.

    • i agree ^^ plus dragon story has WAY more dragons and has a better social feature

    • I agree so much with you

    • If it’s like that, dragon story will not be fun.

    • It doesnt change the fact that dragon story copied drgonvale, Dragonvale can improve, and excuse me, ur dragon story has fucking ads, which is annoying, and it lags, and it has shitty dragons (ice cream dragon, wtf) ur game lacks originality, its a RIP OFF, and btw, they also copy dragonvale dragons too, the breeding time is also challenging it can take Three months >:3 i have proof (check DV wiki biotch) wanna hear more that can give u a heart attack? DRAGON CITY AND DRAGON STORY COPIEDD DV, DV is the best ther is, how matter the two other dragon crap game is better, DV is the FIRST, ORIGINAL, so STFU cux in this poll, dragonvale wins >:) , now go cry

      • My opinoin is that both Dragonvale and Dragon City is good (I know you said dragon city copied, but there are some originality in DC), and Dragon story is Shitty. Here is the whole gameplay of dragon story: You start off like the other games, but with a bunch of useless paths that take up sapce. You get two dragons, and then you waste your time clearing area and selling all the useless paths that you started off with… Then you buy an evolution temple and you evolve your dragons and blah blah blah. Then, you waste even more time clearing more paths and obstacles and you buy a thrid habitat and ano a breeding thing because you need to evolve your stupid dragons through the evolution temple to breed and after that you breed and YOU FIND OUT YOU NEED TO PAY TO BREED! Dragon stoey is a stupid game!

    • You could never be more right. Your actually HAVE SENSE because you like Dragon Story better.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, but………..OBJECTION! No challenge? Dragonvale is always a big pain in the rump to breed rare and epic dragons! Also, up to 2 months for a rare dragon? What retard would try to breed 1 out of 220 dragons in 2 months?

      New dragons every week? Just a more ways to shell out their uncreative, stolen, and mediocre designs for a outrageous price! Unless you were playing on God’s iPad or had impossible luck, you would NEVER finish the dragon collection. Dragonvale has realistic dragons, so what? Better than a dragon based on a FROZEN DESSERT!

      In Dragonvale, the colors are very vibrant and beautiful. In Dragon Story, it looks like an infant slathered paint all over a canvas and was sold as “art”. Anyways, I hope Dragon Story will be abandoned and forgotten FOREVER for making such an abominable rip-off.

  15. Hotly dragonvale

  16. I like dragonvale more b/c it’s original. Dragon story copied the rose dragon and a bunch of others too. Also it is actually really hard to breed the limited dragons. But dragon story looks good also except for the ads. Don’t be haters people!

    • It is a copy cat game but why would that make it less of a great game? At this point we have to look at who’s designers are more efficient. Dragon story has top notch designers and are starting to kick dragon vale’s butt on the playing field. If dragon story wasn’t a great game there wouldn’t be a blog on it comparing the two.

      • Personally, I like the style of graphics on Dragonvale better. I agree that the earliest graphics are notably fuzzy (especially dragons at high levels and increased sizes), though.

        Here are some favorable Dragonvale game mechanics that I did not see while playing Dragon Story (note: it’s possible a few of these appear in Dragon Story after a certain level, as I was nowhere near max):
        1) Paths are easily removed in Dragonvale, for a full refund of their cost. This is extremely useful while decorating, because I can put a large structure in top of a path and immediately sell the covered section. I disliked that I had to click on and sell each path piece individually in Dragon Story.
        2) The Stadium in Dragonvale awards an average of 2-5 gems (special currency) a day, just by locking a dragon to the event for 24 hours. This is useful for solitary play, and limits reliance on friends and aquaintances for special currency. (Dragonvale also has features for gaining special currency from friends, goals, and gemstone dragons, but I’m pretty sure Dragon Story also has those features.)
        3) Kairos, the legendary time dragon. I can speed up everything in my Dragonvale park, excluding the stadium, by 6 hours every four days.
        4) In Dragonvale, I also have the ability to store excess dragons and decorations in specialized buildings. Are those features also available in Dragon Story at higher levels?

        That’s it for now. I recall finding Dragonvale’s basic interface slightly easier to navigate, but that’s as subjective as graphics preferences.

        • Addendum to my previous reply: Limited time dragon acquisition is largely based on the luck of the breeder. E.g., with consistent breeding, each gemstone dragon takes me roughly a month to obtain, and the Panlong dragon took me about half a year to obtain.

          In addition, both games are deemed suitable for ages “4+.” This means there are more than likely impatient children playing both games (have you ever known a four year old to have a surplus of patience?), but that has nothing to do with the rate of dragon acquisition. I also think the average age range of both games’ players is quite a bit higher, but without hard data to back that up, that’s just speculative.

  17. I downloaded dragonvale and it is possibly the worst game I’ve ever played in my life. GO DRAGON STORY!!!!!!!!!! Wanna diss agree go ahead but once you’ve leveled up to lv 10 in dragon story you’ll see it’s true magic

    • YEAH I AGREE I DONT CARE IF U SAY “oh I’m an idiot so I like dragon vale” BECAUSE PEOPLE who like dragon story actually have SENSE so if u like dragon story ur a boss and if u like dragon vale ur a cruddy idiot.

  18. And who gives if dragonvale is original? I bet u would like dragon story more if it was original too. Dragon story has better graphics, dragons, and creativity. They come out with new dragons all the time and if you guys think that it’s too hard to breed a dragon then you’re an impatient freak. Settle down and accept the challenge. Also, if u want gold then complete the app quests then a new quest that gives you up to 30 gold will come along. All you have to do is place a decoration! Buy a flower bed for gods sake! Also, dragon story’s expansions are way less confusing than dragonvale. Also the social feature is way simpler to use. Dragon story all the way

  19. I think dragon story should add lv 20 dragons without shrines, because it was very annoying to get 50 Dragons to lv ten with jailbreaking so plz dragonstory add lv 20 dragons

  20. I’ve never played Dragonvale, but dragon story is amazing. Truly addicting, and everything people have said sounds about right. It may be a copy, but it’s better quality. Teamlava may be a bunch of money grubbers, but they produce high quality games

  21. Dragn story is absolutely a imitation game and it sucks!!!!!!!

    • Can anyone give a good reason why dragonvale is better? I keep seeing responses that might as well have come from a 4th grader. I have given a well thought out reason to why I think dragon story is superior but can anyone challenge this?

  22. I can’t even get on dragonvale it keeps saying I can’t log into the game. But I am playing dragon story for a while andi think its an amazing game . So must be dragonvale . Stop being mean like a bunch of angry kids. Just say your opinion . 🙂 No H8

  23. Ive only tried dragonvale and its great, but im sort of leaning toward trying dragon story too, only because they are constantly getting new dragons. U guys can persuade me one way or another but heres the bottom line: I AM (maybe) GOING TO LIKE THEM BOTH.

    • Ok I recommend you try dragon story. Just give it a shot. Ok so Dragon story might’ve copied dragon ale but DRAGON CITY COPIED DRAGON STORY and dragon vale.

  24. Dragonvale is way better I used to love dragon story and thought I would never like dragonvale but I gave it a try and loved how you could actually do something with the dragons (racing) I soon got a lot of rare dragons and got bored with dragon story

  25. Reading all those comments about dragonvale and dragonstory is really interesting.

    And to be honest… I think its rather childish that some comments aside from giving an opposite opinion, vulgarity is used.

    I play both DV & DS and I find that both games has its pros and cons. I come from a design background and personally i find the graphics and character elements put into a dragon for DS is much more refined. Most new dragons released don’t look like the previous one, which makes it more exciting to see the new release.

    As for DV, i find the design of the characters drawn to be something made by a child. Not too diversed. Most design is still within the same dragon shape. But this also means the designers would have to have a more realistic imagination to relate the various elements into that dragon shape.

    In terms of gameplay, DS is a real challenge. To breed the dragons uses lots of patience and perseverance. Sometimes you could try for weeks, months for a certain breed. This isn’t a bad thing. Cos in the process of trying, chances are you get others that you don’t have as well. I got a Crusader after almost 600 tries. The feeling of finally getting it was sooooo good.

    DV is easier to get the dragons you want. My hardest dragon was a Sakura and that only took 7 tries. My latest dragon is a Motley and i got it in 2 tries. Didn’t have to put much effort into getting it. Hence the feeling of getting the dragon (even as the first among my friends) was just like getting any other dragon.

    When it comes to loading the game, DV is a turn off. My game will always hang when its being loaded and goes straight back to home. After the recent update which is suppose to fix this problem, it is a little better but this is still happening. Anytime the game needs to load it takes ages even if its just to visit a friend. There’s also a problem with network connection during gameplay. It prompts me that i lost my connection and takes hours to connect back to the game. All this time… i can still use other apps which requires internet.

    DS is very quick in loading. Has never hang or crashed on me and has never lagged. In fact, it will efficiently reload for me very quickly when ever needed. Never had any connection error caused by the game. Only error I have gotten was once when i forgot i didn’t have internet and was trying to play. (yes this is just my own sillyness).

    DV has done very good planning in terms of land expansion. I like the fact that each expansion is by islands. So you don’t really need to keep expanding all the time. And a special island just for the gemstone dragon to really show off your hard work is a nice touch.

    DS expansion makes me puke sometimes. I have to request for up to 60+ maps and then wait for another 3 days before getting a such a small plot which can only fit 1 habitat. And what happens if we are done with all the land expansion? is that the end? I guess we won’t know yet.

    With all this, what I’m trying to say is that everyone has their own preference and what works better for them. In my case i like both DS & DV regardless of who started first and who copied who. Because what i dislike in DS, DV makes up for it and vice versa.

    I don’t see a need to take sides. And that is why i maintain both games to enjoy the best of both dragon worlds.

    Give the developers time to iron out any of their own issues and it will make each game better in their own way.

    I do hope that whatever I have said doesn’t offend anyone as this is just my humble opinion and experience from playing both games.

    Thank you 🙂

    • LOL you realize that there is no challenge in Dragon Story when the developers change the cost of everything. For example, all the expansions, price of trees, dragons, etc changed because they felt like it.

      It has nothing to do with challenge, but more like cash grab. Challenge is when you set a rule that makes it difficult for players. Note the rule is set. Now you change the rule it’s not about difficulty.

  26. For example, a race has rules. A start and an end. However, because you are winning the race verses your opponent they say you can’t run at that speed and limit you. Now if they are winning then they say it’s alright…

  27. No contest. Dragonvale is so much better!

    I actually started with Dragon Story and found it needlessly long and frustrating.
    The crappy habitat cash caps make it impossible to advance unless you collect hourly.
    I wanted to play casually, collecting 2-3 times a day wasn’t enough.
    Even with 40 friends on my list and most gifting daily, I was still getting nowhere.
    The cost to expand and cut down Trees gets ridiculous. Load times are terrible.
    Constant advertising and “quests” to play other crappy Team Lava games.
    Chance to breed anything relevant using rare lvl 10 Dragons is so frustrating.
    And after all that (playing into level 40) there’s nothing to do with your Dragons…
    Even selling-off the MANY useless breeding results yields no more than 100 coins.

    After only a dozen levels or so in DragonVale, I was having 5x more fun. There’s a Coliseum, Race Track and Kairo’s Quest’s, making Dragon breeding relevant.
    Load times are Much quicker, and no dumb advertising. Costs to expand are High but reasonably achievable thanks to most Habitats having a Higher cash cap.
    Farming and Cross-breeding seemed much less frustrating as well.
    I’d also have to say the variations and animation of Dragons is much nicer in Dragonvale.

    DragonVale wins Hands-down! (from a converted Dragon Story player)

  28. honestly i have played both and dragon story sucks butt dragonvale is way mire fun dragon story us just a copy

  29. Let me put it this way: DragonVale is a single most epic awesome game I have ever played!!!

  30. i like dragonvale better. if u don’t agree i respect your opinion.(thinks to myself) if they hate on it they can play magic 2013 in a corner.

  31. Dragonvale is original and looks more realistic. It was the first dragon breeding game with ad on games like the races and collusiums. Every few seconds when I go onto Dragon Story, it pops up with an ad like play Fruit Mania Try our newest game Bubble Pop Seasons. On DragonVale, sure it takes a while to load at first but it does not need any game ads. It is also nearly impossible to get any gold unless through friends of if you buy their games. I enjoy both games but DragonVale is truly the right dragon game.

  32. It’s funny, people say that dragon story takes more time and that dragonvale is a game for impatient people. On the other hand, pepole say that dragonvale is more fun because it is easyer and requires less patience. So I think that if you are patient and have beat dark souls you should play dragon story, everybody else should play dragonvale. This is my opinion so don’t hate!

  33. dragonvale

  34. All of you shiuld stop dissing on both games. Dragonvale may be the game that came out first but that doesnt mean that team lava also had the idea at the time backflip published the app. They both have awesome ideas. One of the only bad things i see with dragon story is that you must buy the gold making dragon you cant breed it. I play both and im addicted to both. I think that the dragons in dragon story are more realistic and life connecting. Dragonvale on the other hand have dragons named after iyems and not holidays. There dragons comemorate specific holidays. For example the bone dragon comemorates halloween. In the end they are both reallyfun apps

  35. Dragonvale is waaaaaaaaay better
    wtf Teamlava, u copiers!! i dont care if dragon story has more pro designers, theyre like bullies on dragonvale!! i played dragon story, i can see they copied some dragonvale dragons, like the rose an topaz dragon, the dragons on dragon story might look clear, but dragonvale looks cuter, and its smoother, in dragonstory its soooo laggy, i know dragon story has dragons every week but they are so shitty, FUK TEAMLAVA, i hope ur game company has a karma for doing this to BFS, i will always love DV since it the first who came out with this great game!! (which eventually many ppl copied the game then the players of the game hates on the game who started it all) FUK PPL WHO PLAYS DRAGON STORY (yes i know im fuked up) I HOPE DRAGON STORY GETS BAN BY APPSTORE FOR COPYING!!

    • I researched the release dates and Im sorry to say, but DC came first. I dont care what came first, but I only care about good care about good game play, and DV and DC has them, while DS is a…. what is it agian…. a cash cow!

  36. Ok, Dragon story is wayyyyyyyy better 1. The graphics are better in Dragon Story 2. The dragons are better (I think) 3. Who the heck cares if it is easier to get gems/gold in Dragon Vale it makes it more fun and challenging 4. And DRAGON STORY DID NOT FRICKIN COPY DRAGON VALE THEY ARE BOTH THERE OWN GAMES!!! Yeah I said that now go ahead and argue But let me tell you this Dragon Story Is B.E.T.T.E.R!

  37. Losers…just play and shut up. You didn’t make the game, so y u mad?

  38. Here is my opinion:DS is extremely better!
    Many of u call it a copy.So that’s why i think you are droid users.I recommend using DS on iPhone.so many differences if u play on iPhone.Music of DS is much better.and by the way Dragon Story has introduced a totally new form in the game.The Epic form.In DV when u evolve a dragon to it’s last form,their stomach grow or their lenght grow.In DS well,they totally change!They introduce a cool way in dragon breeding games to add friends.Plus u can ask other people for a combo to breed a dragon.So,you can get the specific combo to breed an ultra rare dragon.
    My vote:Dragon Story

    • Right, because I’ll just rush right out and throw $400 away on a Crapple iPhone when I already have a perfectly serviceable Android. That is food and textbook money.

      I tried Dragon Story, and between the inordinately long times to wait (15 hours to breed, then another 15 to HATCH an egg?), the constant grubbing for money, the fact that android users were left in the dust when it came to features (iOS users get arenas, arctic isles/dragons, crafting, and we get…a decorative sun), I got sick of it and looked for alternatives. Dragonvale’s art is a little more dated/simple, yes, but at least they look a bit more like real dragons instead of candy-coated Neopets, and at least the game itself is calm and playable and I don’t feel obligated to have my friends grind for me. Not to mention Dragonvale has a ton of fandom nods in it with some of its dragons – like Doctor Who, the Incredible Hulk, and the like.

      So if you need me, I’m hanging out with the wizards. Dragonvale all the way.

  39. i like the way it is private in dragon story without people stomping through constantly and frightening my dragons.

  40. so far the score is,
    Dragon Story: 27

    personaly om a DS fan

  41. Dragonvale is better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Dragon story rocks bec,there is tons of dragons
    That you can get and I HAVE A DARKSTEEL
    DRAGON.add me for dragon story:ID,aqiyr

  43. What Dragonvale needs is RL purchases… of their dragons!
    I mean, no need to go all out and get the super-detailed Safari Ltd. style and make them insanely priced, but like cheezy little stuffed animal or rubber toys, perhaps even some akin to those stress-relief novelties.

  44. Also, you don’t see many people complaining about Minecraft’s graphics, do you?

  45. Nah, DS is way better.
    1 by looking at the app icon, the picture looks… Just rushed. *Drawn by a 5 yr old*
    2 Dragonvale… With all my friends, it took ages to load and when it finished, it crashed.
    3 dragonvale is too cartoony and a piece of s***


    • I have a riddle for you people

      Which one of these games is better
      A. Dragonvale
      B. Dragonstory

      Answer, A&B!!!, get it guy’s (Dragonstory copied Dragonvale so they are both the same) hahahahaha……… NO WAY, DRAGONVALE IS MUCH BETTER THAN DRAGONSTORY, DRAGONSTORY IS JUST A CRAPPY IMMITATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Stop fighting ppl , if someone asked me , i’d say that both games are amazing, i mean, just because teamlava made a game about dragons, doesnt mean its copying dragonvale, personally , i think both games are good i’d vote 50/50

    So please stop calling each other bad things and just think..

  48. But my fav dragon is ….. GODZILLA!!!!!
    Ps: i know godzilla is more like a dino , but i still like him 😉

  49. I agree with the comments that they are pretty much exactly the same game. Dragon Story is much better executed. Gems and such aside, the game looks and feels more realistic on DS. If DS did copy DV, so be it, the execution of it is the principle. Why couldn’t DV hire quality graphics designers to design the overall look of the game. Would have been so much better. I play both but this is a big downside in my eyes.

    From a fan of both~

  50. DS fans. Name me at least ONE dragon from your little game that’s more BADASS then the Apocalypes Dragon.

  51. Dragonvale is fuckin crap. I played dragon story first when i saw it on the top games and when i saw dragonvale at first, that horrible looking dragon on it already turned me off.i tried playing it and after ten minutes, i already deleted the app. It has poor graphics with horrible dragon sounds and designs. Dragon story has bette graphics and better dragon designs. Dragonvale lovers should just go to fuckin hell

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