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The Dragon Story app which is very similar to DragonVale is yet another dragon breeding game but from TeamLava. TeamLava is actually Storm8, or part of them that’s why you will notice they require you to have a storm8 ID and their logo is on the top right corner if you want to try out their other games.
Dragon Story App Breeding

If you are here then chances are you probably play DragonVale, if not then maybe another breeding game. Dragon Story brings an entirely new art work with similar game play to DragonVale. If you are trying this because you want to learn more about Dragon Story and haven’t played DragonVale by Backflip Studios then we highly recommend you play DragonVale first. They are the original creators of these creature breeding games with habitats, the least we can do is recommend them.

We will soon bring strategies and documents of all you need to know about the Dragon Story app. Some of the stuff we will be covering.

In order to serve you better, we have moved all the dragons into their own wiki list for your review. This helps expand the list of dragons as it is increase by week, as a result it could no longer be updated here but now it will be updated in the dragon wiki page found below.

Dragon Story Habitats

Dragon Story Big Habitats

Dragon Story Special Habiats

Dragon Story Buildings

  1. Dragon Story: Breeding Den
  2. Dragon Story: Evolution Temple
  3. Dragon Story: Nest
  4. Dragon Story: Farm
  5. Dragon Story: Large Farm 

Dragon Story Decorations (Decor)




You can expand in Dragon Story by tapping the expansion icon in your island. You need to be at least level 5 to expand in dragon story. To expand you need to pay coins but as you expand you need mystic maps from friends in order to expand into larger areas.


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      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately Dragon Story is currently adjusting their prices.

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    Dragon story; breeding times 2 long, 3 gold gifts a day come on; dragonvale gives more ways 2 earn (not buy) gems. Dragons are very cartoonish, & pretty much a guessing game; that is old!! Dragonvale how ever blogs & even the owners website will give u the speciality dragon combo! Sorry Dragon story make sum improvements or I’m just going 2 delete ur game!!

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