Dragon Story: About Breeding Dragons


This breeding guide is used to explain the breeding process in Dragon Story and in theory happens when you breed two dragons together to breed for a new dragon. It helps you understand multiple myths and tricks that are proven to be false as it is most likely technically not possible. This explains why some people can get it while some cannot, what works for other may or may not work for you.

Dragon Story App Breeding

The Breeding Process

You can breed two dragons together using the Breeding Den which will allow you to create a brand new dragon in your Dragon Story Isle. To breed you must unlock the Breeding Den, learn more on how to unlock it on their page respectively.

How Breeding Works in Dragon Story

Dragon Story Breeding den Screen shot

When you select two dragons in Dragon Story and press the breed button. It sends a message to the server/or game that Player A has bred a Fire Dragon and a Forest Dragon.

The game will determine what you have breeding by saying Red Element + Green Element, what Dragon can this make?

For example
Life Dragon | Common Dragons – 65%
Wild Dragon | Rare Dragons – 30%
Forestfire Dragon | ULTRA RARE Dragons – 5%

They will then give you a selection from that circle of possibilities. Keep in mind these percentages do not represent the actual numbers, they are just used to illustrate how it works.

Myths and Common Mistakes

Breeding Left or Right
As noted above, it pulls the results from a pool of Dragons. Breeding left or right does not matter.

Breeding Level
Breeding level does not matter because its based on elements.

Unless stated, there is no effects from decorations.

  192 Responses to “Dragon Story: About Breeding Dragons”

  1. Gameteep: I’m curious how you know this information? I had a feeling breeding was purely elemental, but wasn’t sure. I know it’s a numbers/gamblers game really! Did you find this info directly from Team Lava?

    • right now on my kindle i am breeding a life dragon with an air dragon and i am trying to get a diamomond dragon… Will it work or will i get a whole different type??? 🙁

      • no u r wrong u breed serpent dragon and charm dragon then u i will get it because i have done it

      • Breed firestorm and serpent

      • Breed winter and mirage in that order you will get diamond

      • I think i got the diamond by breeding a epic forest and level 7 mirage…

        • I haven’t gotten one yet but the game is odd like that and you can get anything by breeding anything basically, I wish that it was different when breeding air and forest all I ever get if fruitfull it annoys the hell outta me, and what is with that boosted breeder thing I used it once and I got the same result if I didn’t use it, silly thing

          • Some dragons you have to breed the right combinations. BUT however breeding a DIAMOND DRAGON is based on just pure luck I have heard of over 100 different random combinations that have made diamond dragons, and I know plays who are in low levels who have obtained a diamond dragon out of some random combination, and on the other hand I know players who are level 100+ and have tried every possible combination and they still have not obtained a diamond dragon, I’m still trying to get mine after almost 1 year of playing, haven’t been lucky yet but I will keep trying.. Good luck to those who are trying as we’ll

          • I bread a water and air dragon and got GEMSTONE

          • Yes u are totally right., I have breeded so many different dragons and some dont even go according to the colors:however I do want to get a diamond dragon :(it does get annoying to get the same dragons over and over

      • You will not

      • you can breed a diamond with any different 4 colors and all of those work:)

      • all u need is four elements.. blue+green+red+pink .. keep trying u ll get the diamond dragon.. 😉

    • I’m wondering why breeding White and Black gives random combinations e.g. Mistmoth. It’s just strange.

    • I dislike the fact that u can only gift 3 golds a day!! U should be able to send gold to all neighbors once per day or until that person reaches a max amount, just like do in all other games!! This needs to be changed!!

      • my daughter said its because they wont you to pay for the gold bars! its such an expencivee game to play ! but i wont pay for the bars! and we should be allowed to send more than three!

    • Actually I breed a 3rd evalution water dragon and a 2nd evolution air dragon and got a GEM DRAGON!

    • I bred a forest and water and I got a gemstone dragon!!!!!!

  2. That is normal developer knowledge and its the same for all breeding games. Which looks like the same thing here.


  3. why is it so much easier to get super rare dragons than the rare ones?

  4. I can’t get a super rare dragon to save my life. I get rare dragons after a handful of tries, like for example : I bred magic and water 15 times. I got a coral dragon the first 3 tries then a wizard (rare) on the 4th which I was excited about. I kept breeding aiming for an Aether dragon and all I got were stupid coral dragons until the 12th time I got another wizard.. bred 3 more times and got more corals. I gave up on the 15th try.

  5. THIS IS SO ANNOYING I keep get stupid charm dragons when I want a planet dragon D:<


    • no stupdiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddd ddddddddddrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaagggggggooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ggggggggggggggggggooooooooooooooootttttttttttttttttttttt
      ppppppppppplllllllllaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeetttttttttt dddddddddrrrrrraaaagggggggggooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnn dddddddddddrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggoooooooonnnnnnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaa fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn fffffffffffffffrrrrrrrrroooooommmmmmmm Pugsly

    • I know right its soo aggravating!!!!!!!!!!!!>:(

  6. I received a planet dragon on my first try, and another later by breeding a charm and fire! 🙂

  7. I just got a fireworks dragon. I’m going to get a diamond dragon, then i’m working on feeding, evolving, and expansion.

    I just got a dragon with a breeding time of 12 hours. Does anyone know which dragon it is?

  8. I’ve heard that if you breed firestorm and island you get a diamond dragon I’ve tried 23 Times and I haven’t got one. either I’m having bad luck or its not true please help. and I also want a pink dragon to!

    • To get a pink dragon try a love dragon with a fire.

    • try super and fairy for diamond, got 1st try, so lucky. Also passed tip onto neighbours and both got diamonds after several tries, good luck.

      • On 32nd try of this combo… only common ones so far….. may give up now:(

      • Diamond dragons need the 4 core elements and magic (fire, air,water, and forast + a magic) I got a diamond dragon on my 165th try. I used a mirage dragon and a familiar. Also if you are an android user (like I am) you will not be able to get any of the gem dragons cause we do not have the proper facilities.

        • So if i breed a rose dragon and a fairy dragon, then the dragon from the two with a magic dragon i possibly could get a diamond dragon?

        • I just try breeding all types of dragons together than looking to see what makes what and I’ve had better luck . I have two Diamond dragons and a whole bunch of rare dragons I couldn’t imagine trying for 165 times to get a dragon . Maybe I’m lucky but I just pick what I think and that’s how I do it .

    • got my diamond dragon from a life+mist dragon. Tried the combo to see what I could get. Really surprised me.

    • breed red and white until it takes two days to breed and hatch

    • Try it one more time. Your chances with that combo are one in 24.

    • You should try Charm Dragon and Fruitful Dragon or Dream Dragon and Fairy Dragon to get a Diamond Dragon.

    • I have bred the firestorm and the island dragon it seem like 28 to 34 times I think don’t take my word it happening before 30 or right after 30 x’s but I only played 9 times when I was trying to get the diamond dragon and I got it I was so excited it really was only the 8th or 9th x’th breeding them to try to get the diamond dragon

    • I breed virtue level 4 and level 7 forest and i get naga dragon add me drockvin106 🙂

  9. Add Hegnasty

  10. How do u get diamond cuz island and firestorm doesn’t work

  11. I can’t get fairy dragon, I try to breed a forest dragon and air dragon many time but i always get a fruit dragon…anyone can help me?

  12. How do you get the Justice Dragon I know virtue and fire I’ve tried exactly twenty times I’m have such bad luck

  13. Could be Virtue, Crusader or Angel.

  14. How do u get a right side dragon

  15. How do you breed 3 dragons. I am trying for aurora.

    • You don’t. You breed a dragon with two of those types and the second dragon has the third type. Ex. An Island Dragon is Green + Blue and a Magic Dragon is Purple; there’s your three elements right there. 🙂

  16. U can’t breed 3…u breed 2 with the 3 color combination…for example you would breed a poison and water for an Aurora. With the Aurora one dragon must be a hybrid. Using a hybrid for this dragon means that in ur dragon combo u need to use either the forest dragon or the water dragon. There are other combos such as mistmoth and forest…any combo with green blue & purple. Do y’all know there is an egg chart just Google dragon story breeding egg chart.there is a chart on gameteep as well….so when u breed a dragon look at ur breeding time then go look at the eggs time and I can always figure out what’s being bred in my den! The chart I found I saved to my pictures on my phone and I just check it everytime I breedbreed.

    • I just got an Aurora on the third try of Night and Fairy… it is lovely. It was a pair of dumb old Genies before that. LOL

      Add JewelyaZ if you like.

  17. OK running out of time here to get cupid Dragon, tried fire and magic several times. Got a planet, Titan, Charm, dragon and now all I’m geting is charm dragons. I’ve tried several other combos too with the fire/magic elements still only Charm Dragons. With the one I’m just about to hatch plus the beed time on the dragons currently in the den suggests will have another to follow this one. All together excluding the one I kept I’ve had about 17 to 18 give or take a few all Charm Dragons. Any sugestions would be a great help maybe it missed a combo somewhere.

  18. Its important to breed with dicteren levels a dragon level 10 wil givea different dragon when bereiding on level 8,this is hooi got genie dragons,because if i breed on level 8 i never gotgeenie

  19. Add me justeray ,plz

  20. let’s be neighbors! ashleyu8

  21. I’m breeding Forest Dragon(Magnolia) and Diamond Dragon(Lucifer) trying to breed Quetzal Dragon but it turned out to be INFINITY DRAGON.. and now tryna breed it again but i think it turned out to be INFINITY DRAGON again -40hours.. Add me- peauxtassium



    • I bred fire and water and got magic first try. Then i bred fire and fruitful and got magic first try again!!! Can anyone tell me how to breed diamond and serpent and any other rare dragons? I already have fire water life fruitful magic parrot this brown fluffy one and air.

  24. I’m currently breeding a rightheart dragon and a fairy dragon.. does anybody know what is will make?
    I also am trying to get a diamond. Do dragons HAVE to be a higher level to get different types of dragons?.

  25. I’ve gotten like 20 island dragons just on accident. What I can’t seem to get is a magic one. In monster story I bred sea buffalo and palmwing a million times to get shell lizard and I did finally get it. So never give up!!!

  26. I bred red and blue and it’s 11 hours any idea what it could be?

  27. My husband bred an island with a rose and it’s 20 hours we can’t find what it could be.

  28. I bred a Wild and Water dragon, guess what, I got a life dragon!!! How can it be possible? Where the blue element go? Unless there are some other dragons takes 3 hours to breed, anyone else had this before?

  29. Yes I’ve had it,when one colour just seems to melt away. But does anybody know the como for cosmic dragon? And if so, what is it? Oh, P.S. if anybody needs the combo for pink, I’ll tell you. It’s white+red.

  30. I got two cosmic dragons by trying for a genie (magic and air) but the cosmic habitat cost 6 million. Took me a week to save up for it lol add me radleyrhy

  31. Hey, I bred a red and a magic and it is taking two WHOLE days and it is not in any wiki and takes 32 gold to Finnish, does anyone know what it is, PLEASE ANSWER !?

    And storm ID Is: FireSpod and I need ACTIVE friends

  32. I’m trying to breed black and red dragons, but I receive or coral or charm dragons each time. I tried many many times. All combinations with night dragons gives me previous dragons. What to do, how can I increase a chans to receive rear dragons?

  33. Anything I bread with black makes that element purple…any idea why or how to fix it…can not get anything I need using black

    • I’ve got the same problem with black. They only have blue powers. So annoying. Trying so long foe a dark angel!!!

  34. what dragons take 2 days to be bred ?

  35. Please add pepper2621

  36. It’s hard to get rare, super rare & ESP ultra rare dragons. Trying for something I don’t have & always end up with Corals, Mist, etc; because colors split. It seems you have to spend $ and then you may get something ‘unique’ every now & again. It’s a fun game but also can be quite frustrating. This makes people not want to play it unfortunately!!!

    • It is the notthe not knowing what you will recivereceive that makes it fun. If you ccannot make the dragon you want there is the option to buy it with gold. But why would you want to spend real money for virtual gold?

      • Exactly, i am at level 10 but i just started out so i am not in the league with you guys. But getting farther into the game i am irritated because basically everything revolves around gold so, it is hard to play the game without spending real money!!!!!

  37. Omg! I went to breed a charm dragon (purple and red) and got a fairy dragon! How is this even possible!?! I’ve been trying to get one for months with green and yellow, but I kept getting fruitful. I am sooo confused!

  38. So I am on my second account (this time for android) if you need help or gold add me my android id voltro

  39. Anyone figured out how to get the stone dragon yet??

  40. I keep trying for an island dragon, but I keep getting serpent. Aren’t they more rare than island?

  41. What is the most common egg to get from a magic dragon and A water dragon breeding?

  42. I try my 16th try to get diamond then I got it but it was annoying because I got to cosmic and I sell it because the habitat is too much coins

  43. Guys lucky when I was trying to get diamond dragon I got treasure dragon but the habitat is expensive I did that with fireworks and super dragon to get treasure dragon HINT:use fire,air,magic,water,forest to get a treasure dragon but if doest work try again until u get one but make sure got 8,000,000 coins for the habitat 😀

  44. I bred serpent and magic, 20 hours, anything eøse than stupid island dragon pn that tile for breeding?

    • Your grammar sucks, and be patient or use gold to speed up the breeding process. Thats what I did haha I went from 55 gold to 4 gold in 1 day

  45. hey every1 my storm8 account is ScalierMantis9 im a frequent user and im looking for neighbors. ill check ur islands if u check out mine.

  46. if i breed a rainbow dragon with another what can it be???


    After nigth dragon, more than 10 tries to breed and nothing new!!
    and breeding guide not helpful at all.

    • Me too! So frustrated! I want to get rare dragons such as rainbow fairy diamond mermaid etc.. but I can only get “rare” and “common” dragons. I WANT “SUPER RARE”

  48. what do I mix to get a black dragon

  49. I’m breeding fire and night and I’m wondering what will it make? Thank you if u answer my question

  50. How do you get a Rainbow Dragon?

  51. I am breeding island and air what will I get?

  52. To get new dragons remember to activate them when it comes up new in your book at top left I always do one of the tasks ie visit 10 community or pay so much coins I found it help me a lot also wait a few days when new dragons or don’t spend all your gold like I have learned over the 1yr I have been doing the game hope my thoughts help some of you please add me cianna02 and eternal light or sparkle Last 2 are my daughter they love the game thank you .

  53. Very frustrated!! The only thing I can seem to breed is the planet dragon no matter what combo I am putting in the den. Even have different breeding times? ???

  54. I bred a Forest Dragon with a Water Dragon and got a Gemstone Dragon! How is that even possible?

  55. I got Diamond dragon by breeding Charm and Mist…

  56. I would breed a life dragon and an air dragon.
    What do you think what happened?
    It will be red, green and yellow? 🙂

  57. Here what worked for me!


    Have ~

    Life + Water = Magic
    Fruitful + Eagle = Wild
    Air + Forrest = Mist
    Air + Water = Rainbow
    Magic + Forrest = Poison
    Fire + Magic = Charm
    Poison + Magic = Familiar
    Poison + Coral = Island
    Water + Magic = Night
    Charm + Eagle = Gem

  58. i breed gemstone with magic, after 19 hours i got an unfamiliar egg. It is dark in colour with an earth in the middle. Can someone tell me what it is.

    • Go here:


      But remember, even if it IS here, it has to be in the Market, or its unavailable.

    • ?? Atlas probably… Has earth like thing connected to its back so thats my guess… Only available around level 40 or 42 I believe. Chk the breeding guide to be sure

      ¡os Account
      Add: sNooGiViLLe


      android account
      Add: 6withmex3

  59. Still no diamond dragon…how do I get it 🙁

    Add me if you want…id I’d me_neha2k2

  60. Hello, I accidentally breed a diamond dragon and have no money to buy the habitat. What should I do? I really do not want to sell it its so rare.

  61. I breed the eagle dragon and the magic dragon and I saw the time,it took 2 days to get the breeding done and the egg done

  62. I have just hatched a diamond dragon by breeding a Leo dragon and a summer dragon both level 4

    People who DON’T have iPhones do NOT have the same capabilities of people w/ Droids. U don’t have the opportunity to have all the floating bridges, floating dragon balloon, or the worse is NOT being able to have Arctic access!!! WHY can u not make the gaming experience equal for all players??? EVERYONE WHO PLAYS DRAGON STORY SHOULD HAVE SAME OPPORTUNITIES & SHOULD NOT BE BASED OFF WHAT KIND OF PHONE U HAVE!!!!

    • team lava are assholes that don’t care. I was at level 150 and had a stalker. Because I was venting to my sister the stalker took a screen shot of it and Team Lava banned my island saying they won’t allow threatening when it wasn’t even to her. So that island that has 1500 gold is locked up. So please be careful they will follow your posts. I don’t recommend people spend real money on this game because TL does what they want and you can’t appeal it. So I’ve started on a new island and that stalker has followed me there too. So don’t expect to be protected by TL like their rules state they do. It doesn’t matter that you have complained to TL about the stalker or not. And there is absolutely no compassion when you try to see there logic and promise to do what they say. You will not get a proper appeal process or your island back.

      • That’s not fair! Neither is waiting several days for breeding and an egg to hatch that you already have. You can’t even get rid of it, you HAVE to let it hatch, wasting valuable time. I play every day yet average only one new dragon every one to two weeks. It definitely is frustrating making me wonder why I play.

      • Team lava should have given you a new account I know someone else who had a stalker and she got a new account

        • If you post on a review about a stalker will they shut down the stalkers account? I don’t want to have to redo everything, I just want my stalker to go away…

          • I play DS and RS and BS and all three I’ve seen players caught up in drama. Seriously? It’s a GAME and unless you are putting personal info out there just ignore stupidity and delete their posts. They will get bored after a while from not getting a reaction. Don’t feed into it. Good luck.

  64. I’ve been trying for ages..but the virtue dragon doesn’t get anything new…it’s just same old same old..it’s getting boring 🙁 add me if you like – sandstream28

  65. I wanted to try to get wild dragon but got a landworm

  66. Diamond dragon come to me…….

  67. How to breed diamond

  68. I’m trying to breed a ceasar dragon since 3months and I don’t arrive to get it ! I’m level 53,and I tried with all dragons air, light and forest. How can I doing ???

  69. I have a diamond dragon, i breeded scarecrow and coral to get diamond, it took me 1st try. You can’t use firestorm and island i have tried it for 121256 tries! Btw

  70. FYI: Daughter got a topaz by breeding a gemstone with a solid yellow

  71. Off the subject on a Kindle how can you trade a dragon?
    Can it be done?
    What level do you have to be at?

  72. Hey i think i have a diamond dragon, it says 2 Days to breed i speed up with 44 gold cause i have 112 …..than after that i breed planet and island = 15 hours = 16 gold to speed up . What egg is it?
    … Btw i breed fruitful level 10 and athletic level 5
    To get diamond dragon but remember highest level FIRST

  73. Guys i accidentally breed charm and island and got 2 days to breed 44 gold to speed up .. What is it??

  74. For those u r trying yo breed diamond dragon u must
    Mix 4 elements red green yellow etc u can Get it with a lot
    Of combinations I have two diamond one serpent vs island and
    The other was super vs fairy add me starfirexxxx

  75. What does fire dragon and rainbow dragon equal

  76. If you are an ios user you can trade, but if you are an Android user you can’t trade. I’m an Android user so I can’t trade.

  77. What do you get when you breed gemstone and magic?

  78. I have a question for iPhone users..I have been trying for a diamond for almost a year I have tried every combo I have read that others have used to get one.. I’m thinking android and iphone users get different results.. Will iphone users please help me out and tell me what they used to breed the diamond, moon, I can’t get anythg black and white my stormid is tessamc22 I’ve tried for all the newer dragons and the ones I have are the only ones I can breed! Nothing new anymore! And diamonds aren’t new but I can’t breed it to save my freaking life!

    • I will be grateful for any helps or suggestions. Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to help me. There are about 4-5 dragons I’ve tried breeding for ever
      Anythg pink besides the virtue
      There a few more I can’t think of right off but I wld love any help possible!

    • I too, am quite frustrated with trying to breed a diamond, and MANY of my friends that play have had multiple successes! I don’t get it…I’ve tried everything they’ve used with NO success, as well as BOTH of my black dragons not breeding ANYTHING properly. I swear they are duds and useless! Am about ready to give up on them all. I had one friend tell me to use my rare/super-rare double rainbow (containing 3 colors total) with another dragon containing 3 different colors – not contained in the first dragon’s colors (i e: 6 colors total). I don’t know if it will work for you, but if you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot…I seem to be the only one it hasn’t worked for yet! Good luck friend!

    • I’m an iPhone user & I bred
      Island & Firestorm got
      It takes many tries & you get
      Lots of fails.
      You have to keep trying ok?
      I did & it paid off!

  79. I breed Island and Forest to get Aurora in accordance with breeding guide but to my joy I ve got Gemstone ! Just nice!

  80. I mixed my planet and my island and got a diamond but it has only happened once so i think it is just a random thing but who knows

  81. I have been doing a lot of research concerning certain dragons and also different operating systems. I’ve emailed TL about some problems with getting wrong dragon egg for the time frame. As it turns out by ny own findings, the time frames and combos are very different for Android and IOS. Not only did it take weeks for TL to respond but they failed to tell me the truth and they won’t . As it would greatly hurt their image and appears to be doing just that !! A friend of mine was breeding for 4 leaf & Celtic. She took the combo used for 4 leaf and reversed it to get Celtic. Then she gave me the combi, however I had to use differen

  82. What’s the best combo to get an element dragon i tried wild + water and that didn’t work so them i tried life+ water and that didn’t work either so what can I do.

  83. When you breed dragons do you lose the dragons that you use?it happened to me soo many times.i end up using 5k food for super rare dragons then I try breeding.i don’t get my original two dragons back.is this supposed to happen?

  84. I am breeding a fire and rainbow dragon with a breeding time of 13 hrs what kind of dragon will I get. I’m trying to just get anything just about for my goals.

  85. How do I breed 3 dragons when it only let’s me pick 2?

    • You need to breed a dragon with two elements with a dragon with one element to get a dragon with three elements if that’s what you mean.
      For example, if you were trying to breed a super dragon, you might want to try an aether dragon and a fire dragon to get the three elemets.

  86. How can you breed a moon and sun dragon

  87. What do you get when you breed aether and life?

  88. How do I get the fairy Dragon? I have breed forest and air at least 5 or more times!! Help!!

  89. How to breed a tie dye dragon?

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