Dragon Story: Chart & Egg

 Cosmic DragonDragon Story Cosmic Dragon Cosmic Buying Price: 500Dragon Story Gold Icon  8 Hours  Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon egg
 Saturn DragonDragon Story Saturn Dragon  Cosmic Buying Price: 1,100Dragon Story Gold Icon 16 Hours  Dragon Story Saturn Dragon egg
 Eclipse DragonDragon Story Eclipse Dragon  Cosmic Buying Price: 1,600Dragon Story Gold Icon 15 Hours  Dragon Story Eclipse Dragon egg
 Treasure DragonDragon Story Treasure Dragon Treasure Buying Price: 800Dragon Story Gold Icon  19 Hours | Purchase only  Dragon Story Treasure Dragon Egg
 Samurai DragonDragon Story Samurai Dragon Purple/Yellow/Red Buying Price: 1,700Dragon Story Gold Icon 25 Hours || Outpost only  Dragon Story Samurai Dragon Egg
 Quartz DragonDragon Story Quartz Dragon  Pink Buying Price: 1900Dragon Story Gold Icon 22 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Quartz Dragon egg
 Leviathan DragonDragon Story Leviathan Dragon Red/Blue Buying Price: 1,400Dragon Story Gold Icon 22 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Leviathan Dragon egg
 Naga DragonDragon Story Naga Dragon  Pink Buying Price: 1600Dragon Story Gold Icon 9 Hours  Dragon Story Naga Dragon egg
 Lotus DragonDragon Story Lotus Dragon  Black Buying Price:2000 Dragon Story Gold Icon 23 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Lotus Dragon egg
 Night Elf DragonDragon Story Night Elf Dragon  Black Buying Price: 2000Dragon Story Gold Icon  14 Hours  Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon egg
 Black Swan DragonDragon Story Black Swan Dragon Pink Buying Price: 1600Dragon Story Gold Icon 17 Hours  Dragon Story Black Swan Dragon egg
 Hammerhead DragonDragon Story Hammerhead Dragon  Blue Buying Price: CANNOT BE PURCHASED 20 Hours || Spinning Award  Dragon Story Hammerhead Dragon egg
 Onyx DragonDragon Story Onyx Dragon Black Buying Price: 2000Dragon Story Gold Icon 21 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Onyx Dragon Egg

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  1,467 Responses to “Dragon Story: Chart & Egg”

  1. Someone know how to breed the double rainbow?

  2. I think u hav to breed rainbow and fire.

  3. 30 hours with magic and fire. Anyone know?

  4. Nope I got a diamond from an Eagle & Island, and double rainbow from a Familiar and Rainbow

  5. I bred a level 5 Holly Dragon with a level 4 Mist Dragon and got 20 hours. Any ideas on what it might be?

  6. Thought we could get ruby and the others by crafting only,i got them without crafting,and i didnt buy them either

  7. Add me kball1013. Will try and visit as much as I can

  8. Hi all its been over a year still no Diamond WOW!!!!!!!!

    • Haha, i’m finally somewhere near level 100 and i still don’t have it ;) keep trying, it will come out eventually

  9. I got the daimond dragon with only commons!!!! yahoo!!!! Im new to the game to. Don’t believe me? Im christineponys or Dragons dream

  10. How do I get a Fairy Dragon

  11. 2 days on a light and red? Anybody?

  12. I have an egg, it’s gold and covered in multi-coloured gems. I have a picture of it. Doesn’t seem like gameteep has it on file. Anyone see this egg before?

  13. What’s a 26 hour breeding I used my laser light and fairy tale.

  14. I can’t remember which dragons I bred, I believe it was athletic and majic but the egg I got was dark blue with yellow cresent moon and yellow star, hatching time I believe 22 hours, anybody know what it is? I don’t want to spend any gold to see it, and I can’t find any info except one place had picture with rare under it, thank you for any info, if you are looking for neighbors I play daily, tanks_nurse, tanks_nurse2, and finally tanks_nurse3 yes im hooked, but I also have a stressful job, the game helps me unwind :-)

  15. Life and water dragon, 20 hours, whats it gonna be?

  16. Damn it!!! I tried to get magiic but I got athletic! !!!!!

  17. Mismoth dragon and tropic dragon. (Breeding time 11 hours) what kind of dragon will it be

  18. I got 6 hours breeding from air and forest dragon.. Can’t find any that match. Any help?

  19. Level 115, 18 months on and no Diamond!
    Most common outcome from breeding 4 colours seems to be island dragon, had hundreds!

    mantamaniax and manta_mania_x

  20. Got diamond by breeding firestorm lv.10 and island lv.9

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