Dragon Story: Chart & Egg

 Cosmic DragonDragon Story Cosmic Dragon Cosmic Buying Price: 500Dragon Story Gold Icon  8 Hours  Dragon Story Cosmic Dragon egg
 Saturn DragonDragon Story Saturn Dragon  Cosmic Buying Price: 1,100Dragon Story Gold Icon 16 Hours  Dragon Story Saturn Dragon egg
 Eclipse DragonDragon Story Eclipse Dragon  Cosmic Buying Price: 1,600Dragon Story Gold Icon 15 Hours  Dragon Story Eclipse Dragon egg
 Treasure DragonDragon Story Treasure Dragon Treasure Buying Price: 800Dragon Story Gold Icon  19 Hours | Purchase only  Dragon Story Treasure Dragon Egg
 Samurai DragonDragon Story Samurai Dragon Purple/Yellow/Red Buying Price: 1,700Dragon Story Gold Icon 25 Hours || Outpost only  Dragon Story Samurai Dragon Egg
 Quartz DragonDragon Story Quartz Dragon  Pink Buying Price: 1900Dragon Story Gold Icon 22 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Quartz Dragon egg
 Leviathan DragonDragon Story Leviathan Dragon Red/Blue Buying Price: 1,400Dragon Story Gold Icon 22 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Leviathan Dragon egg
 Naga DragonDragon Story Naga Dragon  Pink Buying Price: 1600Dragon Story Gold Icon 9 Hours  Dragon Story Naga Dragon egg
 Lotus DragonDragon Story Lotus Dragon  Black Buying Price:2000 Dragon Story Gold Icon 23 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Lotus Dragon egg
 Night Elf DragonDragon Story Night Elf Dragon  Black Buying Price: 2000Dragon Story Gold Icon  14 Hours  Dragon Story Night Elf Dragon egg
 Black Swan DragonDragon Story Black Swan Dragon Pink Buying Price: 1600Dragon Story Gold Icon 17 Hours  Dragon Story Black Swan Dragon egg
 Hammerhead DragonDragon Story Hammerhead Dragon  Blue Buying Price: CANNOT BE PURCHASED 20 Hours || Spinning Award  Dragon Story Hammerhead Dragon egg
 Onyx DragonDragon Story Onyx Dragon Black Buying Price: 2000Dragon Story Gold Icon 21 Hours || Craft Only  Dragon Story Onyx Dragon Egg
  • Luzclarita

    Someone know how to breed the double rainbow?

    • Mongoo Island

      a rainbow and poison dragon

    • trixiedeval

      Its rainbow,green and purple to get a double rainbow dragon

    • katsumi

      to breed the double rainbow you need a rainbow and poison. and i think you get the rainbow by air and water. please add mary12love

      • jeffrey

        i get rainbow with aether and scorpion dragon

    • Trollvill

      good luck I did the rainbow & posion .. got islander, its just luck when you breed to what youl get

    • Joshua

      Breed two rainbow dragons it only makes sense.

    • ColorfulCorina

      I just tried to breed an elements dragon, I bred a water dragon and a life dragon and it needs 20 hours to finish breeding I just hope its not a magic dragon cuse I already have one add me ColorfulCorina

  • The dragon

    I think u hav to breed rainbow and fire.

    • Elizabeth Piekarski

      Can you please follow me I am faily new but have some very rare and cool dragons!


  • Sam

    30 hours with magic and fire. Anyone know?

    • uta

      I didn´t found a result…what is your result?

  • Anonymous

    Nope I got a diamond from an Eagle & Island, and double rainbow from a Familiar and Rainbow

  • Brady

    I bred a level 5 Holly Dragon with a level 4 Mist Dragon and got 20 hours. Any ideas on what it might be?

    • uta

      fireworks, island, magic, summer or turtle
      and? whats your result? 🙂

      • Brady

        Magic 🙂

    • yaris

      Is island dragon

    • candyhat75

      magic dragon

  • Pauline Powell

    Thought we could get ruby and the others by crafting only,i got them without crafting,and i didnt buy them either

    • Kami

      Did you breed your gemstone? That’s a way to get gem dragons without breeding. Now if I could only manage to get a quartz or tigers eye that way 🙂

  • Kball

    Add me kball1013. Will try and visit as much as I can

  • Kim

    Hi all its been over a year still no Diamond WOW!!!!!!!!

    • Smartieisdebeste

      Haha, i’m finally somewhere near level 100 and i still don’t have it 😉 keep trying, it will come out eventually

      • Kami

        Yep, I’m at 100. Still no diamond, and wasted my money on the stupid diamond Thingy because I didn’t know the thing is only charged for a week. I asked another caretaker who’s somewhere in the 120s how he got his. He laughed and said he gave up and bought a diamond dragon out of frustration. Take our advise and just keep trying!!

        • Robin

          I just got the diamond dragon using the island dragon and the eagle dragon. Try that it may help.

        • Rascht Hayden Deocaded

          You need air and forest to breed an eagle and water and forest to breed an island and if you breed eagle and island you will get diamond
          Remember it depends on luck

          • Isabella

            I have 4 Diamond Dragons right now (level 100) but I got my first by dumb luck in my earlier levels months ago, then Mercury, then two more diamonds. I wasn’t even trying for them and unfortunately I can’t remember the breeding combos-but I honestly think it doesn’t even matter. It’s all up to luck and chance unfortunately rather than other games where you have a better chance calculating breeding combos, but in a way I soppose the surprise element is never lost-though its frustrating trying and trying for the same dragon with no luck. My advice: when I least expected it I ended up breeding the ultra/super rare cool dragons I wasn’t trying for so just experiment, don’t sweat it, and have fun. Bonus: you can trade all the multiple dragon breeds you obtain along the way and make gem dragons-I have 4 just because I’ve gotten so many duplicates haha good luck and have a great day!

          • tommy barre

            it took me 4 months before I got mine [diamond] now I have 4 diamonds and im level maxed 150 add me TDOGG1000us

        • angela

          I used level 9 atlantis and level 9 honeybee dragon. First time i got a tropic dragon,second time i got the dragon. Im only on level 61.

          • angela

            I meant second time i got the diamond ^^

      • Level 41

        Well I’m lvl 41 and am getting diamond dragon I bred poisen and eagle

      • aly akbar

        I’m level 28 and I have a diamond lol

    • Karenkos

      Hey guys I’ve only been playing two weeks and bred the diamond!! It’s hatching now

    • Smaug9999

      I got a diamond by breeding night+ mirage, first try.

      • $now leopard

        How do you get mirage???

    • Morrigaine

      Hi! I’m so excited-I just got my diamond egg @ lvl 55 I believe. I bred lvl 9 Lily dragon (white,purple & green) to lvl 7 Easter Egg dragon (white,blue & yellow). 44 hr breeding time & 44 hr incubation time but in not quite 2days I’ll have it. So if u have those dragons or ones with those colors it might be worth a try. Feel free to add me S8 ID: Sanguine_Malady Thx

    • Connie. cherry_berryzz

      I got my diamond
      Took a year but I did Elements @ epic level and metal at level 8 was 40 hrs
      I have been trying for gem Dragon
      Still no luck ..
      My son has android ad well and got 2 diamond and gem
      Like in 3 weeks
      Go figure !!! 🙂
      Any one that’s gifts daily plz add me cherry_berryzz

  • Me

    I got the daimond dragon with only commons!!!! yahoo!!!! Im new to the game to. Don’t believe me? Im christineponys or Dragons dream

  • Handz dragon

    How do I get a Fairy Dragon

    • Tina Nabue

      Yellow and green, or two yellow and green combinations, hope this helps!

  • Sarah

    2 days on a light and red? Anybody?

    • Ikbendebeste

      Virtue, if it would cost 30 gold to finish

    • Jacobi

      Virtue maybe

  • Tessla

    I have an egg, it’s gold and covered in multi-coloured gems. I have a picture of it. Doesn’t seem like gameteep has it on file. Anyone see this egg before?

    • April

      The yellow egg w/gemstones all over it, it’s a jewlery….

    • April

      Tessla, Sry I didn’t realize it was back in February when u asked that question.

  • DreamDark

    What’s a 26 hour breeding I used my laser light and fairy tale.

  • Tank’s nurse

    I can’t remember which dragons I bred, I believe it was athletic and majic but the egg I got was dark blue with yellow cresent moon and yellow star, hatching time I believe 22 hours, anybody know what it is? I don’t want to spend any gold to see it, and I can’t find any info except one place had picture with rare under it, thank you for any info, if you are looking for neighbors I play daily, tanks_nurse, tanks_nurse2, and finally tanks_nurse3 yes im hooked, but I also have a stressful job, the game helps me unwind 🙂

    • Jacobi


    • candyhat75

      mindvolt or wizard

      • Trollvill

        I mixed water & genie to get mindvolt

    • Rose F

      I think it’s magic

    • Trollvill

      lol .. I got mindvolt when I did that

  • Land Of Dragons

    Life and water dragon, 20 hours, whats it gonna be?

    • samer

      It’s either Magic or Island for ( Life + Water )

  • alex

    Damn it!!! I tried to get magiic but I got athletic! !!!!!

    • Angel

      Try water and air

  • Kayleigh

    Mismoth dragon and tropic dragon. (Breeding time 11 hours) what kind of dragon will it be

    • candyhat75


  • Maya

    I got 6 hours breeding from air and forest dragon.. Can’t find any that match. Any help?

    • Jacobi


  • Rinks

    Mine is rainbow n familiar, 8 hours… Any idea what that cud be? Can we breed Mardi Gras? Any confirm combo?
    Visit me at rinks73

  • Joy

    Hi I just tried island dragon and eagle dragon this is the fourth time using it. This time it gave me 44 hours can this be the diamond dragon

    • 1ladyharry

      Was it a diamond thanx

  • Carriepax

    Does anyone know what kind of habitat to buy for the egyptian dragons

  • manta_mania_x

    Level 115, 18 months on and no Diamond!
    Most common outcome from breeding 4 colours seems to be island dragon, had hundreds!

    mantamaniax and manta_mania_x

    • Joy

      Hi did the island and eagle dragon and took about 4 times it gave me 44 hrs it was the diamond dragon I tried different ways nothing worked

    • Joanna

      I bred a night with a mirage and got the diamond

    • angela

      Im level 61 and bred honeybee and atlantis and got a diamond second try.

  • Melody

    I bred a winter and a magic. I got a gray egg with one swirl. It’s 8 hours. Any ideas?

    • STACY

      Metal dragon

  • wigglypenguin

    My I’d is waddlypengy I been thew every egg chart and I can’t find out what my egg is its got a gem in the middle and yellow wings please help me????

  • heather

    Anyone wants neighbors lol my id is darklonelywolf23

  • Jacobi

    Help! Who knows of any 4 hour breeding times for dragons?

    • Roxie

      I have that to Hun any ideas what it is ? Magic and winter I breed really confused no 4 hour dragons on the chart :/? Lol xx
      Add me designerbarbiedoll 🙂

  • wizard1200

    Which dragons do I breed to get a Royal dragon?

    • Koco14

      I breed a fruitfull dragon and a coral dragon

  • wigglypenguin

    My egg was a carnival

  • Dragon ville

    How long dose it take for a ruby dragon to hatch ?

  • mackenzie

    Mines not up there.

  • Amiri

    I bred blue moon and athletic any ideas on the result? I’m going for the Goodwitch.

  • Dragon ville

    How long dose a fire mane dragon take to hatch?

  • Lovena Luck

    Got diamond by breeding firestorm lv.10 and island lv.9

    • Robin

      Got diamond by breeding island lvl 10 and eagle lvl 9

  • Angel

    I wanted a tropic dragon by breeding firestorm +fruitful but gess what happened.Lucky on the first try I got a diamond dragon and on my second try I got a tropic dragon and I’m only on level 35

  • Robin

    Can someone tell me how to get a light and a white dragon plz.

  • sarena…

    How do I hatch a rainbow dragon? Not double. Just regular

    • Robin

      I just got my rainbow using Air lvl 10 and water lvl 9.

  • zaehanz

    tested leo + aether twice & both got diamond..3rd attemp fail..

    • zaehanz

      playing for 2 yrs already

    • zaehanz

      it’s leo + aurora..not aether..sorry..

      • $now leopard

        How do you get leo

  • Louise voelpert


  • Rose F

    I somehow breed a pink dragon … but when I breed it .. the dragons I get are ones that require a red drah on and whatever other color I use .. what is wrong?
    Anyone wishing to add me my ID is. Rosearms. And myppet. … yes two accounts both send maps daily

  • Dragon land

    How do I get an athlantis dragon ??

    • jeff

      All u have to do is breed a green dragon and a blue dragon together

    • Jessie123

      I have a Atlantis dragon.it’s just hard.

  • Christian_DeFoe

    I have a water and a forest dragon breeding for 12 hours. I tried looking it up but the closest I got was the mermaid dragon, and that’s expired. Any suggestions??

  • Sarah

    Please get all of the dragon eggs

  • Trollvill

    I have a rare egg on my page, and its not listed .. what is it .. add Trollvill and visit me ..

  • Reizvoll

    I have an egg not on the egg chart. I bred night and air, breeding time and egg time is 9 hours.

    • Reizvoll

      It was the equinox dragon

  • ajendas

    Trying to get this social butterfly quest for months now, is it just blue and yellow??? Or does it matter when it’s yellow and blue? Does it matter what colour is left or right???

  • Hank the tank

    How do u get poison dragon

  • danny

    I got the diamond dragon with the easter egg dragon and the scarecrow dragon its 44 hours

  • Rqya

    i have been tryimg for a diamond dragon for SO long its so frustrating. any tips on combinations to have with firestorm?

  • Cathy

    Howww do I breed a Night Dragon. I’ve tried and tried all different combinations.

    • Quizang

      I just did charm and fruitful boosted breed for the diamond dragon and on my fifth time 44 hrs

  • Hifzah Nadeem

    Do anyone know that how do i breed a diamond dragon and a peacock dragon? Add me my id is pinkfrozer

    • angela

      I used level 9 honeybee and level 9 atlantis and got a tropic then a diamond second try.

  • Cathy

    I put a fire mane and a charm together 12 hrs. Anyone know what it might be if I get one more island or mist dragon I’m going to cry

  • Koco14

    How do u get a celestial dragon? I’ve dried and dried and still nothing I beginning to give up. ID: EbonyandCoco

    • Dustin Cook

      Hey what did this turn out to be?

  • Jessica

    How do you get a white and a pink dragon????? Please help! Thank you

  • jay

    I bred a plaid egg??? (Blue background light blue stripes and yellow&green patches) but I can’t find it on here? Anyone have a clue?

  • ana

    I bred a diamond and night dragon. Result has 12 hour breeding time. Can anybody tell me what dragon am I getting?

  • bronzia

    I just bred white and black and got a strange egg. It’s not anywhere in this guide!

  • MickyD

    Similar question to someone previously but slightly different timings

    Lvl 7 fire Lvl 7 Magic
    31 hours breeding

    What could it be???

    • MickyD

      That should be 32 hours

    • Jenn

      Only 2 dragons I know for 31hrs is a ying yang or a moon dragon

  • princecharminggreatd

    Does anyone know how to get the pride dragon.

  • Angell

    I just got a rainbow please add me id boogerlickins

  • Angell

    White and black yeng yang

  • Jessica

    What do you get when you do green, yellow, red? I bred a life dragon and an air dragon and I have no idea what I’m getting

  • Whitney

    I got a social dragon by actually trying to get a doamond! I did firestorm and island dragon to get it! Cool right?

  • Tiana

    Can’t remember which two dragons I bred, but I haven’t been able to find what kind of egg it is. It’s a green egg w/blue, yellow, & green feathers with like a yellow belt w/a blue gem on the bottom. No idea what egg it is. Can someone help me?

    • Tiana

      I figured it out!

  • BamBam75320


  • id: star340

    How do you breed a diamond dragon????????????? ive been trying foreverrrrrrrrrr

    • Headward84

      You need to breed the a combo of air, fire, water and forest. I got mine breeding Atlantis and firestorm took a while though you just need to keep going with it

  • Denise

    I got an Olympus dragon..Can’t find it on the charts…how many hours to evolve?

  • Sugababy22

    My egg is not in the charts!

  • Renee

    I bred virtue & independence 25 hrs, I think it is a justice dragon. Any one get Dionysus dragon yet?

    • jon


  • ColorfulCorina

    I have bred my Fire Dragon With my Magic Dragon and the breeding time is 2 days. Does anyone know what I will get? Cause I had been trying to get a charm dragon but I dont know what im getting from 2 days it must be a pretty good dragon.

  • id: star340

    Mines not on there i bred metal and landworm got 25 hours the egg has a pair of wings anyone know what it is?

  • Grace

    This is very helpful. I think I might have a Tiatan Dragon

  • Emily

    To get diamond you Breed a planet dragon with magic (in that order ) twenty times in a row. No joke it’s how I got mine.

  • leepea86

    I have no idea what I have. bread blue and purple(water and magic) so frustrated cause I cant figure it out. 20 hours breeding. purple egg covered in blue stars and half moons??? any ideas. my id is leepea86 come check it out and help a girl would you.

    • Jaki

      wizard dragon

    • Arlene Acquasanta

      Wizard dragon

  • Colorful Corina

    I have a strange egg on mh island its taking 2 days to hatch and its not anywhere on these charts. Check it out my storm8ID is Colorful_Corina

  • Angell

    Always looking for neighbors Id boogerlickins
    My dog died in our house fire his name was boogerlickins in memory of my doggie his name my I’d

  • MY ID IS krisss16

    I need a lot of neibors please add me my id is krisss16

  • Braelyn Fetrow

    Dang!!! I bred a Firestorm Dragon with an Island Dragon ( those are the required parents ) and got an unknown egg. Saw the egg here and it was a dang Scorpion Dragon. I’m going to keep trying 🙂

    • jon

      u pt 🙂 shdnt u pt 🙁

    • shin j.

      Are trying to get a diamond dragon? If so, try mythic and aurora. I got mine on the first try.

    • Roni Kasper

      Great battler

  • Lady_Hiroko

    I’m confused. I was trying to get crusader dragon. The calculator showed that if I breed fire and diamond, I would get either fire or crusader as a result. After about 30+ fire dragons I got one but it was 40 hours. Not 44 hours that is the crusader dragon. So what is it? I can’t find anything else that it could be.

    • Dustin Cook

      What did this turn out to be?

  • Prince Hatter

    I used an elf dragon and an athletic and I got a diamond dragon but elf dragons are at Christmas

  • Charles Kidd

    how you get the black dragon

  • Emily Phillips

    Can anyone help me identify the egg I currently have? I bred water and air and ended up getting an egg that is blue with yellow lines in the shape of a tribal dragon head. There’s also a white bit at the top with a small weird pink E on.
    Breeding time was something like 14/15 hours. Check it out on my island: Pharaoh_Imilee